Fairy wind and cloud vitality can be combined with almost all the postures. Chen Shaobai now combines all the postures into one furnace, which matches them. With his physical quality, he can perfectly play three times the speed of sound. Even in the face of quenching gas, he has the power to protect himself. It is not too easy to bully these monty who have refined their own realm.

"This human speed is too fast, let’s go together!" Although shouting like this, after paying […]

Seeing this disciple Shijie pouting, Qing Ye said, "These days, I heard that hurricanes are always popping up in Qinglian Lingshan, and some small demons are crying!" When Qing Ye gave this disciple a banana fan, he didn’t want her to have nothing to do every day, so he took it out and fanned a few fans at the demons, euphemistically called it: Blowing your wind.

After listening to this, Shijie saw everyone laughing at himself and blushed and said, "It’s […]

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