Su Wei gently rang a bell.

A moment later
A tall girl with beautiful hair and shawl came in.
I don’t know if I’ve been hurt, so my legs are limp, and I don’t pay attention to being slender, and I can hold my waist with one hand, but I don’t consciously twist when I walk, but I don’t show idleness, but I feel a little pure amorous feelings.
Huang Yuan eyes suddenly weird.
The girl respectfully asked, "Master, did you call me?"
Su Wei nodded. "Well, I have something to leave. Please put this money in the safe."
You have to leave some cash.
It’s not just the girls around you who get paid. You can’t always get paid by others in the daily street, can you?
Su Wei felt it necessary to be generous once in a while.
Maiding ying
The first two steps are clumsily wrapped away.
Now that we have come to the real world, it is natural to blend in with this era …
It was butterfly who found Su Wei and took the initiative to take care of the secret work. Every day, she helped Su Wei to do odd jobs and deal with some trivial matters-it was really clumsy, but the teaching base was already very skilled in Su Wei these days.
Su Wei got up and noticed Huang Yuan’s smile while covering her mouth. "What are you thinking? That’s the seventh step of Medusa’s own sister. Who dares to hit her sister without her permission? "
"Yes, yes, yes"
Huang Yuanxin said, it doesn’t seem difficult for you to ask for permission. Guess you want too many talents and are stuck here?
Together, the two men flew away from Taiping Island in the direction of the capital in an exclusive jet airship.
half an hour later
Two people into the hospital again.
At this time, Huang Guozhi, a single ward, is resting peacefully.
It looks like ordinary people fall asleep, especially in these two or three months, when the wound base has healed, which looks no different from normal sleep.
But after sleeping for a few months …
In fact, Huang Guozhi’s blood has been pumped a lot in the quartermaster hospital during this period. He really wants to find out his state at the moment.
Especially Su Wei, come here and there. Almost all the old doctors with profound medical skills in the whole hospital came running.
They are all curious about how he is going to bring this almost incurable patient back to life.
"It’s time to wake up after sleeping for so long."
Su Wei raised his hand
It was only when he had a lock demon tower that he came up with the rescue method.
Red snow and beads
Shushan sacred object
It is said that the drug effect can be automatically adjusted according to the human body. It is the only way to treat Huang Guozhi that traumatic injuries, toxic injuries and sword injuries can be easily cured by biting injuries.
As early as more than two months ago, Su Wei came up with the idea, and now it is Huang Yuan’s own choice …
The patient’s family members don’t want their old father to get up too early. There is no reason why Su Wei, who is filial, can’t do this.
【 Red Snow Flowing Pearl Dan with Present Target 】
[5 points of truth required]
Sure enough, but anything that has something to do with Xiandao is extremely expensive.
But thinking about its effect, he suddenly felt that it was a good deal.
Especially Su Wei was already planning to bear the loss alone. I didn’t expect Huang Yuan to be more sensible than I thought to make up for the loss.
A nod Su Wei will not be stingy.
He didn’t hesitate to show up directly.
A moment later, I took it out of my pocket and had a white pill in my hand.
As soon as Dan medicine comes out …
Ward suddenly filled with rich fragrance.
Those old doctors’ eyes changed one by one, and they looked at Dan Yao with their breath desperately, and their expressions were all straight. If there was not an empire lying in front of them, if there were no family members of the patients and the owner of Dan Yao was there, they had to yell, don’t feed us for a year and a half.
Unfortunately, they dare not say anything.
Can watch Huang Yuan take the Dan medicine and then carefully feed it into Huang Guozhi’s mouth.
Dan medicine mouth contact saliva immediately melts and flows into the abdomen.
Just counting the interest …

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