In this way, we can not only declare our prestige, but also show some truth to Tianshi’s brothers, who understand it.

It was just when he arrived at the door that he met Zhang Yuanqing and his behavior made him feel unhappy.
But it’s just that one’s own eyes are impure, and besides, there is no loss and people are seriously injured
Plus, at that time, Zhang Hongzhi’s propriety increased, so he didn’t care too much
As the old saying goes, wealth is not three generations.
Practicing spiritual practice is also a common sect. There are always some dandies when there are many younger brothers.
In particular, it is normal for the Tianshifu family to be so unscrupulous.
But that doesn’t mean everyone does.
So did what he saw later.
Accompanied by Zhang Hongdao, the wizards who received themselves not only cultivated good manners, but also had many statutes.
And most of them know how to look at each other, and they can see the depth and strength of people.
You can tell at a glance whether a person has repaired or not.
Naturally, I can know that he has made peace, so I have always been courteous to him and have never neglected him.
In particular, Zhang Hongdao’s eyesight will never be cultivated by himself, and he will feel so much when he first enters the fairy.
As a result, although it is not as famous as expected,
However, it has not been looked down upon by the colleagues in Tianshifu, and this goal has been achieved.
Now Zhang Hongdao has offered to help Laoshan make a name for himself, which is a helping hand. Therefore, Lingqing sincerely handed over and said, "Thank you for your understanding."
"Where’s the word?" Zhang Hongdao held Lingqing up and said with a smile. "Besides, there are many kindred spirits in Laoshan, so naturally we should help each other."
Help should help each other, but how much help depends on the meaning of each family.
This stepping stone is famous by others, but Zhang Danlong doesn’t want it.
Therefore, he had previously made a resolution to send Lingqing away diffusely.
However, since he is now his father, he has no intention of refuting the decision.
When I got up and said to Zhang Yuan Xie, "Now that your grandfather has agreed, tell the situation to the two senior officials in Laoshan."
"Grandpa, I can’t put water on it." Zhang Yuan Yi smell speech felt something was wrong and hurriedly said.
"Ha, ha, ha, no one asked you to drain the water. You just try your best.
If you lose, just don’t cry. "Zhang Hongdao smell speech ha ha a smile.
"Grandpa, don’t be ambitious and destroy yourself." Zhang Yuan looked at him with round eyes.
Zhang Hongdao didn’t mean to turn to Lingqing’s way. "Let’s watch a lively event today and let the children have a competition?"
Lingqing heard this and handed it to him. "That’s what I want!"
"Well, you children will discuss it yourself." Zhang Hongdao nodded and waved Zhang Yuan Yi and others said.
"Yes!" Zhang Yuan Xie, Zhang Yuanqing and others should be present.
A brainwave and Wen Jun took one look at Lingqing and followed after he nodded slightly.
Then Zhang Yuan couldn’t help pointing to a brainwave and saying, "Let’s do this, junior."
Just as a brainwave was about to take a step, Wen Jun stepped forward and looked at her and said, "Let me have a competition with the teacher elder sister."
Zhang Yuan Yi looked at Wen Jun with some surprise.
Wen Jun’s practice is a kung fu "spirit" in the Law of Merit and Spirit.
Therefore, not only does the body look weak, but also the mana is not strong.
It looks like a beginner’s practice
Although Zhang Yuan is angry, it is not regardless of sex. At that time, I can’t help but worry that it will hurt her.
"The teacher elder sister don’t have to worry about you and me." Wen Jun saw that she was worried and explained.
Zhang Yuan Yi smell speech raised his eyebrows and raised his hand to shoot a flame. He shouted, "Then be careful."
She also deliberately collected some strength from the flame to beat her as soon as possible.

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