Zhou Yishou, these people are all elites. Zhou Yi knows that their execution ability is outstanding, but he gave them a few words to pay close attention to whether Masato entered Hangzhou. If Masato is aboveboard, it will be easy to find him. If he doesn’t want others to know, it will be difficult for these people to find Masato because of a martial arts master.

"Well, don’t take the initiative to attack Masato after you find him. This is a […]

For Qing Ye and his party, many forces have been staring at them with your eyes open. In fact, these forces have never broken the idea of receiving the ten billion gold coins from the Holy See. However, since Qing Ye entered the Mountain of Warcraft, Qing Ye cleared the tail of those who followed, and had to send people to keep the periphery of the Mountain of Warcraft.

Since the Holy See of Light suspended the reward for killing Qing Ye, even the […]

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