Zhou Jia didn’t say anything because the other party could no longer hear the slightest sound. He only bowed his head to express his silence.

Ying Chao was in ruins after the war.
The listless people carried the bodies in the ruins, registered them and incinerated them to prevent any change.
"Tongtian instrument is broken!"
"I don’t know if the heavy artillery can be repaired. Even if it can, we are afraid of it."
"Liang is dead."
"Chang Ming is in a coma and I don’t know if I can make it."
"Luo Xiuying’s left arm was smashed by a stone …"
Covered in blood, Hsuan Yang’s mouth kept whispering, and his voice fluctuated like a dead pool, and his eyes became dull and confused
"Your silver is either dead or injured."
"You …"
"How about it?"
He looked up at Zhou Jia’s eyes and showed concern.
the other/opposite side
However, there must be nothing wrong with Ying Chao, but the situation looks extremely bad
At this time, Zhou Jia seems to have suddenly aged for decades, with gray hair and long hair and wrinkles.
Zhou Jia gently waved his hand.
"You can’t die without some life."
Sanctuary is an artifact in the hands of the god of light. For him, it is impossible to drive without paying the price, but the price is life.
Just a moment
There are enough 200 years of life to burn out
Fortunately, the result is still satisfactory. The archangel Bailie, who is suspected to be sixth-order silver and has magical ability, was completely killed.
Yu zhoujia
After advanced silver, he lived 600 years.
Although it has consumed a lot today, there are still more than 200 years to live.
In a short time, he has entered middle-aged and elderly people from the age of silver, which not only means that his life expectancy is getting shorter, but also means that he lacks energy.
Young people are energetic, but old people can’t even maintain their essence.
It becomes more and more difficult to make progress later.
He has other gains.
The rolling source force poured into the body, and the spirit also rose with the rising tide, reaching the second-order peak, and the spirit element broke through the third order one after another.
Jingyuan is becoming more and more abundant.
Fine fourth order
Gas third order
Name Zhou Jia
Gender: male
Repair silver (fourth order of essence, third order of vitality and third order of spirit)
Yuanxing Tianyingxing (special command), Tianhuixing (special enlightenment), Tianweixing (special cycle damage state), Tianpingxing (special good and evil dirty state), Earth-yin Star (special Xuanzang), Earth-brave Star (special five thunder), Earth-prisoner Star (special fog-driving), Earth-star (special Daoguo) and Earth-positive Star (special truth)
The achievement method is brilliant, and dzogchen and plough are perfect and skillful.
Dzogchen (including Yang Wu Lei, Tian Gang Ba Lie, Hundred Wars Tian Luo …), Tian Peng and dzogchen.
The secret method of Gankun, Sanbao Zunbao, the spirit rain and the gold swallowing.
Knowing the sea, a brand-new star shines brightly.
Terrestrial celestial sound
Say what you say!
A complex description of other source stars in the mind is only four words to follow.
Open your eyes, Zhou Jia thoughtfully, and then your mouth starts to drink low.
It seems that the virtual lag will stop there.
This is what you say.
With the sound of blurting out the world, everything is set in the same place, and even the ups and downs of ideas can’t afford to rise.
This is a kind of …
Ability to distort rules from the root

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