"dimension?" Yuan Lie listen to some stunned.

"The world we live in is called the Lord, and the Lord did not succeed in one time. I don’t know how many times it has been condensed before, but it has all failed. Those who failed to attach themselves to the Lord have become dimensions running parallel to the Lord!"
"And where we are now is the first dimension formed by the first cohesion failure … You should be able to understand that?" Scattered refined fairy said with a smile
"Er … I still don’t understand!" Yuan Lie shook his head. He doesn’t know anything about force. It’s a problem to tell him what dimensions are primary and what he can understand.
"So … is this the structure?" Xiao Fan nodded thoughtfully, as if the immortal’s words had helped him a lot, which made his grasp faint and he had some high-tech insights!
"Of course, although there are many dimensions, not all of them can freely enter and exit this dimension. After all, this dimension is the first to give up failure when the main cohesion is held, and it is also the weakest one in all experiments!" The refined immortal continued, "It is said that the ancestors of Xiangang royal family can enter and exit three dimensions at will!"
"The ancestors of Zhong Zuxian and Zumo can freely shuttle through dozens of dimensions. After all, although these dimensions are abandoned, there are still some heavens and the earth in them and they have never been benefited!"
"But this dimension of heaven and earth has long been squandered by the Xiangang royal family, and it is precisely because of this that the Xiangang royal family will continue to produce several masters!"
"Oh, this time is really a long experience, but … are we safe here?" Xiao Fan some concerns said
"Don’t worry, although we can see the old man, it’s because he can see the main situation directly in all dimensions!" The Sanlian Immortal was quite proud and said, "But the master can’t feel people entering the dimension unless he is a fairy royal family, which means let’s stay here for the time being and let him find it!"
"This is really amazing. If you master this dimension, wouldn’t it be another means of escape?" Xiao Fan heart andao.
Sure enough, when the axe force dispersed, the old man’s figure was revealed again in the rolling smoke.
However, hundreds of thousands of miles of land in Fiona Fang have been completely destroyed, and part of the virtual surface has been completely destroyed. At this time, it is the magma layer tens of thousands of miles away!
"Hum, what a damn thing to let the old lady do this!" After a week’s patrol, the old man found that there was no more smell of Xiao Fan. Then he gnashed his teeth and said to himself, "The second young master … is dead, but … he has been beaten. Even if he is cured, he will be disabled for life and suffer for half his life. It is better to die!"
"It’s a pity that this holy temple city and the Lord’s arrangement of enchantment have also been ruined by the old man. Anyway, there is no place here for a long time. The old man should return to the Lord as soon as possible to confess his sins!" Soon he sighed, his face depressed, put away the axe and flew back to the horizon.
A few days later, Xiao Fan and others determined that the old man had gone far, and then he walked out of the first dimension and looked at it beyond recognition.
However, without the influence of the enchantment of St. Simon’s city, they have nothing to worry about and continue on their way in the direction of Xianhuang City.
Xiao Fan also turned Qin Miao into a 3,000-demon to kill a member of the dead in hell, and stripped off two kinds of immortal king soil to find the right person to give.
The man in the imperial palace of Xianhuang City, who was wearing a dragon robe, was walking back and forth uneasily.
"Are you always upset these days or is it because of that person?" The minister looks like the old man asked earnestly.
"Well, a few days ago, I felt the breath of that man in the depth dimension. It seems that … his strength has recovered a little, and even the dimension can come in and out again!" Dragon robe man nodded frowning way
"If you are so worried about that man, why don’t you send someone to solve him in secret?" The old man hurriedly said
"No, that man … can’t be killed because of this. Tens of millions of years ago, I closed him up in that way. He will be imprisoned!"
"But he later fled Xianhuang Prefecture. Otherwise, what storms can an old man who has lost his strength bring?"
"But … I was wrong. He came back again and … he must have come for revenge!" The man said, clutching his fist.
"Hey, the ancestors kept the rules, but they became a restrictive splint!" The old man sighed and shook his head. "It’s not good to kill. Why don’t you … send someone to be imprisoned again?"
"Well, it can be so for the time being. After all, if he is stunned by me, he can feel more at ease!" The man nodded and thought for a moment and said, "I’ll tell you what. I’ll send a secret master to arrest him. If he has an accomplice, he’ll be killed!"
"I’ll do it according to the imperial edict. If I send out the sky to destroy the stars, I think I’ll get it!" The old man hurriedly bowed down and hurried out …
Chapter 772 Qin home pitfalls
Fairy emperor state 36 surrounding forces a qin home.
Although Qin family is not too big relative to Xianhuang State, it is a horror than super for the whole celestial world.
Qin Hongchan, the owner of the Qin family, is an excellent master of Xuanxian!
What does Xuanxian represent? This is the most vivid expression.
Strength, Ligao!
Although the master of Xuanxian was not particularly rare in ancient times, Xuanxian is increasingly rare today.
For example, the bodhi old zu, who was nine years old in Xiangong Mountain, was the fifth terror of Xuanxian, and the companions who sealed the heart of Zumo together were all powerful Xuanxian.
But the era of Xuanxian’s prosperity is long gone.
Where you want to have Xuanxian now means where you will be destined to be transcendent!
Fairy emperor state 36 surrounding forces have a XuanXian householder in every big family.
But this is not the real horror of these big families.
Shou Yuan will live hundreds of millions of years longer than the long one, as is common practice.
If you don’t say goodbye, just one Qin family will have dozens of householders who are still alive.
These hundred million-year-old monsters have long lived in seclusion in the depths of the Qin family, and they will only show up to reverse Gan Kun unless the Qin family is wiped out!
Having these old monsters in town also makes Qin family firmly control its own territory, which has never been invaded by anyone for hundreds of millions of years.
Xuanxian is their home!
It’s like ZTE is among the top ninety-one fairy states because there are two mysterious old monsters, Jiuyang Xianjun and Jiuyin Xianjun, but they don’t seem to yearn for Xianhuang State and have some unknown mission.
When Qin Hongchan, the head of the Qin family, learned that his second son had perished together with Shengmiao City, his face became more gloomy, and he sat on the throne of the great master for a long time without saying a word.
Qin Hongchan is a middle-aged man with a rough appearance. Even his height is so much higher than that of ordinary people. He exudes momentum and makes people feel overwhelming pressure when they walk in front of him!
"Master, it’s my bad work that has led to such a result. I hope the master will punish me!" The old man armed with an axe scared Xiao Fan away. At this time, he was respectfully kneeling in front of Qin Hongchan.
"Qin Zhuang doesn’t blame you for this. You don’t have to worry too much. Qin Miao’s unfilial fall to such a field today is also to blame!" Qin Hongshan sighed faintly and said
"Thank you for your kindness!" Qin Zhuang hurriedly thanked him.
"But you said that the three masters … the old man is very interested!" Qin Hongchan frowning way
"Master will mean? Those three people have destroyed the power of my axe! "
"I’m afraid it’s not that simple!" Qin Hongchan shook his head and said, "Do you think the three of them can exert their strength?"
"It is! I wonder if the master has doubts? " Qin Zhuang wondered and asked
"Force …" Qin Hongchan slowly got up and walked back and forth with his hands behind his back. "Don’t you think of anyone who can make force?"
"Er … this I really didn’t think I had been mad at that time …" Qinzhuang’s eyes shrank slightly.
"Xiangang royal family and Shura protoss are the only ones that can exert their power now!"
"And even if the Shura protoss can disguise themselves to exert their immortal power, it won’t be much. According to your description, those three people are probably immortal royalty!" Qin Hongshan bit his teeth and said, "Qin Miao, a bastard, rushed to shoot without knowing who his opponent was!"
"What? Xiangang royal family … "Qin Zhuang gasped and said with some fear," Yes, I remember that they seem to be little affected by the prohibition of Xianhuang State. It must be because of the golden order! "
"If the royal family who killed Xiangang were known by the imperial city … our Qin family … would be in big trouble!" Qin Hongshan sighed.
"This … is that I am stupid and reckless, and the Qin family has attracted such a curse!" Qin Zhuang blamed himself. On second thought, there was a fierce flash in his eyes. "But, Master, I have killed them without leaving any evidence. Should it be okay?"
"Say you are too naive, you still don’t believe it!" Qin Hongchan shook his head. "If they are really immortal royalty, how could you kill them so easily? The Xiangang royal family is good at power and is said to be able to enter the plane depth. All attacks by the Lord will reach them! "
"What? So … they’re not dead? " Qin Zhuang was frightened to disgrace.

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