Two people also talking.

Lin Yi thanked Du You for sending him an antidote in the dark, so that he could get out of the prison alive …
Lin Yi talked about hijacking Lin Er.
Lin Yi said, "One of the women who robbed Lin’s son was called Sister Qing. She was instructed by the centipede fairy. Do you know the centipede fairy?"
Du You hated that it was a human being who hijacked her daughter. She was still confused. After hearing what Lin Yi said, she knew it was a centipede fairy.
Du you hate way "turned out to be her! I will never let her go! "
Lin Yi said, "This centipede fairy is still hurting me. Who is she?"
Du You hated Lin Yi for cleaning up the wound, saying, "Centipede Fairy is a disciple of a psychic Taoist, and I have dealt with her twice because they are all poisoned by people. She is not a Jianghu person. She worked for Dali Temple and helped Dali Temple to solve several major poisoning cases, but she left Dali Temple five years ago and three years ago, she sent a message to see me, but I didn’t promise and I haven’t heard from her since."
Lin Yi said, "Have you ever seen her?"
Du You hated, "The two times we met were veils covering each other’s faces. The terrible thing about poison is that it is difficult to guard against it. It would be dangerous to expose our true colors."
Lin Yi certainly understands this truth.
Lin Yi said, "So when I was in the magic prison, I lost my soul and she had it?"
Du You hates "there must be"
Lin Yi thought that in this case, the people who wanted to poison others in those days are now behind the mysterious forces.
This centipede fairy has been working for this man.
And this man is a big shot in the DPRK.
Who could it be?
Du You hated, "How dare she support Liner? I won’t let her go!"
Lin Yi said, "If you find her, don’t start work, let me know first."
Du You hated, "What?"
Lin Yi said, "She must work for a big shot in the DPRK, and that big shot really tried his best to kill me. I want to find out who is behind her."
Du You hates, "If I find her, I will definitely inform you, and you will also inform me if you find her."
Lin Yi said, "You should be careful after that."
Du You hated to clean Lin Yi’s wounds, then went to rotten meat and took medicine, and then bandaged them all.
She gave Lin Yi two bottles of good medicine to cure injuries and trauma and told him how to eat them.
Du Youhen added, "I brought you a shirt. It’s a hand. He’s clean and ready to replace it. You can throw it away."
Lin Yi took a few replacement shirts without them, so he brought Du Youhen clothes to wear.
Lin Yi wore a shirt and a cotton gown.
Du You said bitterly, "I heard that Miss Su didn’t float to the island but disappeared. Did you find her?"
Lin Yi said, "I found her."
Du you hate to listen to the heart surges indescribable emotions.
Du deep and remote hate way "since found what also don’t take her away? It’s a miracle to be alive after so much experience, but one’s good luck is to retreat while he can. "
Lin Yi said, "I also want to return it, but I can’t return it now because I have to do a few things. I will leave immediately after these things are done. I won’t stay in the rivers and lakes for another day."
Du You hates, "Then I can wish you well."
At this moment, knocking at the door sounded at the same time, and Lin Er sounded delicate and excited.
"Mom … mom …"
Du Youhen hurried to the door.
The door Du Yuan holding wrapped Lin Er.
It turned out that Liner woke up to urinate Du Yuan told her that her mother had come back and had previously entered the house to kiss her. Liner knew that she was coming, so she wouldn’t sleep and would come to see her.
Du Yuan came to this house with her in her arms.
Du Youhen hurriedly took her daughter in her arms.
Hold tight
This incident really scared her.
Lin Er also hugged Du You and hated her. "My uncle saved my life, but he was also very kind to me. He took me to find my mother to buy me delicious food, accompanied me to play at night, washed my feet, hugged me to sleep and told me stories …"
Du you hate to hear these in the mind instead of the taste.
Because she knew what Lin Yi had done was what Lin Yi should have done.
Even if Lin Yilin gave her life, it is only natural.
But I don’t know anything about Lin Yi, and I don’t know about children.
She can’t say either.
Du You hates "Mom knows that my uncle is good to you, and you should remember that you can’t forget it."
Lin Er said, "Lin Er doesn’t forget Uncle Niang … Let’s take my uncle home and let him accompany me every day to protect me …"
Du You hated hearing the child’s words, and her heart suddenly felt sour. She said, "Uncle can’t go home with us."
Liner said, "What?"
Du you hate "because my uncle has his uncle and his children’s uncle’s wife and children waiting for him to go home …"
Liner was very disappointed and her expression became dim.
Lin Yi teased her and said, "My dear uncle Lin will go to see you later, and I will buy you a lot of candy. By the way, you promised to give me a turtle."
Liner said, "You must come to see me later. I will give my uncle a turtle."
Lin Yi said, "When the time comes, my uncle will take your sister Xiaofu to see you. You will like her very much …"
Lin Er said, "Are you good to my little sister Fu? Still good for me? "
It’s hard for Lin Er to answer the question of innocence and evil Lin Yi. Du You hates her more and more. She said to Lin Er, "My uncle is injured, let him rest early, and my mother is tired. Let’s go to bed."
Du Youhen wrapped her daughter’s head and then went out with her in her arms.
As soon as I left the house, a blizzard beat Du You’s face.
Tears welled up in Du You’s hate eyes.
She cried in her heart, I’m sorry your mother can’t give you a father …

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