Without causing too much pain, you may not even notice that you are dead.

Those faces with their heads cut off still have weird and relaxed smiles.
And they flew out and didn’t land.
But it’s like being caught in a silk thread and flying in the sky
"… I also come to help"
Lin Ling finally made up his mind.
Against the scattered crowd, she tried to push forward and came to Russell, who looked like another person.
Looking at the strange "ultramarine", she shouted "Let me come too! I have a share! "
"This matter and you"
Russell once again harvested a batch of heads, which stopped as efficient as harvesting wheat. The group killed indifference and turned around.
But Lin Ling grabbed Russell’s cuff.
Only then did Russell realize that she was in tears when she didn’t know it.
"What dusk … what extinction what hero I don’t understand!
"I don’t understand anything. Those things are too much and my roots are nothing …
"It’s like the elves discussing which school to dismantle and which factory to close … this big topic has nothing to do with ordinary people like me from the very beginning, but-
"-I can do it!
"It’s just killing people … I can do it. Let me do it!"
Her tears and rain mingled.
It’s more like yelling than talking, more like shouting than yelling.
It seems that there is no courage to continue the "Russell" dialogue without this.
She seemed to relax a little after shouting this sentence.
Russell also looked at Lin Ling with an expression on his face, making the saint behead at full power. The price was that his neck was bleeding, and his chest was soaked with his own blood.
Lin Ling grabbed Russell’s cuff and immersed it in the cuff, and the blood was wet by the rain, and she slowly grabbed it into her fingers.
"I … am an outcast, abandoned by my parents and abandoned by my island … I have no value at all, which is a failure …"
How did I live in the past?
How am I going to live in the future?
"Those terrible things … I don’t understand, but there is one thing I can do.
"Let me bear all this."
She said seriously and sincerely, "I don’t want to go back to Sun Island either …
"You said, you are a member of the Tower of Babel-
"It’s better to be a sinner-I want to join the Tower of Babel!"
Russell coldly asks, "Impulse? Or pity me? Or a moment of blood? "
"Because …"
Lin Ling was stumped by this rhetorical question.
She murmured
An idea came to mind for the first time.
-because she can’t turn a blind eye to it.
Watching "ultramarine" fall into the abyss, what … she can’t do it.
Qunqing is a dream, a group dream.
Even in the worst reality, we can chat with each other like children and dream happily about … a promising future.
It is not something that can be covered by the phrase "from the most sinner"
"-because you are a flag"
Lin Ling finally cleared up his confused thoughts.
She was trembling-her roots were numb and her fingers were numb.

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