And because of her, he changed the course of his life. First, he regarded her as an idol, then as a master, then as a secret lover, and then they became real friends again …

The relationship between two people is not clear at all in a few words.
Xiao Wen only knows that at this moment, as he calls over and over again in his mind, his dim, timid and hidden deep love for Nan Yunqing has revived …
Every time he calls, he misses her more.
Every time he calls, he likes her more.
Every time he calls, he loves her more … (to be continued. . )

Chapter six hundred and fourteen Reproduce
Xiao asked completely shouted in my mind, even if Nan Yunqing was still conscious, it was impossible to hear.
However, with Xiao Wen’s call over and over again, the initial boundary element and the golden light in it really changed, which brought Xiao Wen great hope!
The initial boundary element is getting thinner and thinner, but the golden light is getting more and more solid, and gradually gathers into the shape of a small mirror!
Look at that momentum, before the initial boundary element disappears completely, the ground mirror can be reunited and formed! And Nan Yunqing’s human weapon entered the mirror of Fengtian Lock. If the mirror of Fengtian Lock is successfully restored, she also has a great chance to save her life!
Xiao Wen watched the initial boundary element decrease little by little, until it was about to disappear, and the mirror finally reappeared!
However, the condition of this small mirror can be described as terrible. It is only generally circular, and it is full of large and small cracks. Even the biggest cracks have been transparent, and the scenery behind can be seen completely from the front.
However, the last point of the initial boundary element is still seeping into the mirror, and it can already be seen clearly at this time that the initial boundary element is completely seeping into those cracks!
Xiao Wen’s heart has been mentioned in his throat. He can feel that the mirror has restored some aura, but he can’t feel the breath of Yunqing in the middle and south.
Silently, the last initial boundary element also disappeared in the sealed mirror.
The little mirror hangs in the air and turns slowly, giving people a feeling of dying.
Xiao asked the in the mind immediately "hitched", because the mirror is only the last breath, Nan Yunqing is even less likely to be alive.
The spirit and wisdom of the ground-sealing mirror, which has been sacrificed to the ninth floor, is already quite high, and the people next to it can even feel some of its ideas through its light.
It’s weak. Very sad, helpless and confused …
It has just recovered and hasn’t figured out what happened yet. At this time, it just wants to find its owner Nan Yunqing again.
Then, its brilliance suddenly lit up, as if it had found something!
The mirror that seals the sky and locks the ground is still floating in the air, but it is completely silent, obviously focusing on its own interior.
Xiao asked that it was urgent, but he didn’t wait for him to speak. Sealing the sky and locking the mirror is another bright.
A decisive emotion was released from the small mirror, and with a "crash", the mirror was broken without warning!
The golden fragments spread out. The final mood of the mirror was really felt by everyone: it was a little sad, but more gratifying.
When a virtual shadow of a human figure appeared in the air, everyone knew what the mirror had done, and it chose to give all its vitality to Nan Yunqing!
Golden mirror fragments scattered on the floor. In midair. The virtual shadow of the human figure is becoming more and more solid. Who is it not Nan Yunqing?
Xiao asked immediately stood up and threw the object on his right hand, without any attention because it was the soul of Xuanyuan emperor, and then stretched out his arms and held it under Nan Yunqing’s body.
When Nan Yunqing’s body reappears completely, he naturally falls down, falling in Xiao Wen’s arms.
Now she is in a coma. The whole body can hardly feel the aura that a cultivator should have. Everyone realized that Nan Yunqing was probably destroyed even if she survived …
But Xiao asked no matter these. As long as people are still there, they are better than anything!
"South girl?" Xiao asked Nan Yunqing in her arms and cried.
Unfortunately, Nan Yunqing has no response at all.
Xiao asked no longer to talk, and the five fingers of his right hand were opened and he took a photo with Daoli. All the fragments of the ground mirror flew and fell into his right hand.
At this point, Xiao asked that there was no concern in his heart, only that he had never been so relaxed in his life. He knew that Nan Yunqing would wake up again.
Xuanyuanhuang’s weak soul fell on the dust, and he saw Xiao Wen throw him out and catch Nan Yunqing.
He was completely ignored by Xiao Wen!
But it is more than that. Not only was he ignored by Xiao Wen, but none of the big shots nearby focused on him. They were all looking at Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing.
Here, he became an out-and-out marginal figure, even an invisible man.
He has never had such an experience in his life. There are many people who love him, respect him, fear him more and hate him. No matter what their feelings are, no one will ignore him.
Emperor Xuanyuan suddenly felt awake after being poured with a pot of cold water. He really realized that he had nothing left.
At this time, he is so weak, and his soul is about to evaporate under the scorching sun and yellow sand. He seems to have no strength to lift his feet into the shadows, and he is likely to be exhausted directly in the middle, not to mention exerting any magical powers …
At this time, he would rather die completely than experience the feeling of being ignored by so many former enemies and defeated men here; He would rather disappear and completely lose consciousness, and he doesn’t want to realize that it seems that even a real ant can’t beat it.
What to say, at this time, a lux ant really drilled under the sand dune. However, Xuanyuan Huang still looked at Xiao and asked, but he didn’t find it at all. The ant is slightly larger than the normal ant, but it can’t compare with the palm-sized Xuanyuan Emperor. It moves six small thin legs and shakes its tentacles, climbing in the direction of Xuanyuan Emperor. The big fight outside has stopped for a long time, and it has come out to feed.
It saw the Xuanyuan emperor of the soul body and bit it up without hesitation.
"ah!" With a scream, the palm-sized Emperor Xuanyuan suddenly jumped up, and I don’t know where his strength came from.
Then he saw that an ant was biting him. In an instant, he completely forgot his situation and lifted his foot and stepped on the little ant.
The ants in the desert are aggressive, and the little ant immediately looked up and bit back at Xuanyuan Emperor’s foot.
"ah! !” With a scream, Emperor Xuanyuan again. Not only did he not do anything about the little ant, but he was bitten again.
Emperor Xuanyuan quickly stepped back to stay away from the little ant.
Until I feel a safe distance. He just calmed down a little, and then he felt a little weird around him.
When he looked up, he saw Xiao Wen, Zi Yan, Hai Nong and Bei Huang …
Wait, wait, wait A series of people looked at him with an incredible expression, as if they had seen the most absurd thing in the world …
Xuanyuan emperor finally succeeded in attracting everyone’s attention, no longer being ignored, but in such a way …
He wished those people would continue to ignore him again.
Is this the price of becoming a world god, and the soul is so "tenacious" to live?
Many people seem to suddenly lose interest in the world god.

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