Day after day, two bosom friends were linked again and again because of that Alan thrush, but they didn’t get closer.

Many young people who listen to the breeze are thankful for this, and they are really afraid that the guest wants to see everyone. Although they all think that the drama of becoming attached to music will be very touching, anyone who has seen Shang everyone and the guest with their own eyes knows how ridiculous it is …
If the guest really likes Shang everyone, then the guest will be miserable. When he sees Shang everyone, he will definitely feel the feeling that "you were born before I was born, and I was born old". It’s very simple. Everyone is already a big age. Although she doesn’t look that old, she’s still pretty, but compared with that guest, she’s too big after all, and she’s enough to be the mother …
Besides, everyone may not want that guest. It is said that although Shang everyone only plays the zither and fiddles every day, he is actually a super master. It’s just that I’ve never done it in recent years.
Half a year passed in a blink of an eye, and the guest still came every day, or only loved that piece of Alan Thrushcross. The guys who are in charge of serving tea and water are almost able to talk to the guest. And those men and women who study rhythm in our workshop are more interested in that guest. You know, this is a bosom friend, and if you can get the recognition of this guest, you will definitely have a sense of accomplishment.
More and more people are learning Alan Thrushcross. During the free time, more and more people begin to play this piece, hoping to get the attention of the guest.
However, it is a pity. That guest is actually quite picky, and other people’s Alan thrush can’t attract him at all.
Finally, the atmosphere in the breeze listening heart gradually changed. Especially when that guest shows up. This place is no longer suitable for listening to music quietly, even if it is still played behind the veil.
On this day, just before everyone finished playing a piece of Alan thrush, the guest grew up. A "Yi" towards the figure behind the gauze curtain. Turned and walked to the gate.
This is the first time that this guest has saluted Shang everyone. Some people thought there was a story to happen, but only some people who observed it carefully could see the decision in the guest’s eyes. He was leaving and never came back!
Xiao Wen returned to the inn and decided to stay here for the last night and then left, but there was nothing to give up in his heart.
Late at night, he almost fell asleep. Suddenly there was a Zheng sound in my ear.
"Huh?" Xiao asked was startled and sat up from the bed.
"Disturb the guests. It’s rude to be old. " A soft voice sounded in Xiao Wen’s ear, and it was an old woman.
"And you are?" Xiao asked don’t know how the voice came from, so he asked warily in the dark.
The other party obviously heard his words, but didn’t answer, but let the piano sound float directly.
With such a familiar melody, Xiao asked at once, "Is everyone respected?"
"Hmm …" When the piano stopped, everyone asked curiously, "Has the guest been confused for the past six months?"
"Yes, let everyone laugh." Xiao asked wry smile way. Although he was shocked by everyone’s methods, after listening to people’s music for half a year, he intuitively felt that everyone was definitely not a bad person.
"Have you ever untied it?" Still, everyone didn’t mean to make fun of Xiao Wen at all, and asked softly directly. Her voice sounded like it was in the room. If Xiao Wen was not sure that there was no one in the room, he must turn on the light to see what everyone looks like.
"The old woman will play the last song for the guests, hoping to help them."
"Uh …"
"It’s hard to find a bosom friend, and lunch is an old body to thank the guests for their recognition in the past six months."
Everyone smiled kindly, and then the piano sounded again.
Or Alan thrush, seems to be completely the same as before.
However, Xiao Wen was still very grateful and listened carefully.
However, Xiao Wen immediately changed his face. The first few syllables were just ringing in his ear. After ten syllables, the voice had reached the depths of his ear. By the twentieth syllable, the voice even passed through his ear and reached the depths of his soul!
Hear the sound directly with the soul?
But soon it changed again!
Xiao Wenming could feel that Alan thrush was still playing, but no matter his ears or soul could hear any sound, he entered absolute silence!
Xiao Wen only feels that this life has never been so quiet, just like returning to nothingness, just like there is no sound in this world.
Then, he seemed to see the silent melody, the silent Alan thrush.
The silent music began to comb his thoughts, soothe his soul, and make his gv 10 more and more clear …
Xiao Wen entered a magical state, as if his soul was sublimating!
What kind of sublimation does an ordinary soul have to go through to reach the height of a saint?
Xiao Wen’s soul sublimation is not so exaggerated, but it is indeed sublimation!
It’s like his physical state was influenced by in the heart of the sea, which is much higher than his real state. Now his soul has been forcibly elevated, reaching a state that he should not have reached.
In this state, his soul perception is unprecedentedly acute, his judgment is unprecedentedly clear, and his thinking runs like electricity! (To be continued. . )

Chapter five hundred and sixty-three Life
This song, Alan thrush with sound first and then silence, is simply trying to enhance the spiritual realm of people. This means is completely unheard of for Xiao Wen to travel to the three realms of fairy, demon and demon.
However, at this time, his thinking was unprecedentedly clear, and his first reaction was not to wonder who the famous people who played this piece of music were, but to wonder why this piece of music could be like this.
Even more amazing is that Xiao Wen really found the doorway!
The silent sound wave that ups and downs in his mind is clearly the closest part to the soul in many temperament laws in this world!
Music is easy to infect people’s emotions. If we get to the bottom of it further, won’t it reach the level of law? Feelings, this is still a sub-god, and 80% of them enter the Tao with sound, and they have mastered the situation of influencing people’s souls with sound waves. Xiao Wen is not unheard of entering the Tao with sound. The technique of sound killing and the technique of sound illusion are the most common, but Xiao Wen always thinks that they are trails, not avenues of practice. And this is no doubt that everyone will bring another great function of entering the Tao with sound to Xiao Wen’s eyes. Secular people cultivate their sentiments with sound, while Asian gods like everyone directly sublimate people’s souls with sound!
That kind of feeling, as if there were many doors in the dark, and now suddenly a new door has been opened, allowing him to see a different world behind the door. The world was completely unknown to him before, so just standing at the door, he took the heart of awe.
Unconsciously, the song ended, and Xiao Wen’s soul was ethereal, obviously temporarily fixed in a higher realm.
"Cough … cough …"
Two obviously insufficient coughs brought Xiao Wen’s thoughts back to reality. Xiao Wen quickly said, "Is everyone still welcome?" Are you all right? "
"Cough … ha ha …" Everyone smiled kindly. Then very sigh with emotion tunnel, "I haven’t played this awakening song for a long time, but I’m a little rusty …"
Xiao asked tut tongue in my heart. If you are unfamiliar, you can play like this. If you are the most skilled, how far can you reach?
In any case, Xie is definitely important. Xiao asked immediately solemnly, "Thank you for your kindness."
"It’s just to temporarily improve your soul and mood for about three days. Only these three days will help you figure out what’s in your heart." It is everyone with a smile.
Before Xiao asked, I felt that this spiritual realm should not be permanently promoted. Therefore, it is not surprising to get such an answer. It is still a way: "Three days is enough!"
"That’s good. I won’t bother you if I’m old. "
The next moment, Xiao Wen felt that the surrounding space suddenly changed. All kinds of fine sounds at night came to my ears, including his own breathing. Xiao asked this before he realized that he was already in a special sound barrier from the moment everyone’s voice rang in his ears. It’s just that his perception was not sharp enough at that time. I just didn’t notice it. In other words, if the other party wanted to attack him, he probably wouldn’t have noticed!
In a quiet room where the breeze is listening to the heart, the lights are dim, and the room is full of faint fragrance floating from the brown incense burner.
If there is an expert who enters the Tao with sound here, when he sees the three columns of black incense in the incense burner, his eyes will surely stare round and his chin will be shocked!
The soul is right!

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