The ghostly fire thought it was an opportunity, and it seemed to have lost the patience to continue dealing with Xiao Lingyu, and didn’t realize how strong the eight-legged Taiji tripod was, so it descended right now.

Just then, the Eight-legged Taiji Ding suddenly turned into an eight-legged monster covered in * *, and its own strength rapidly converged.
The strength of the Eight-legged Monster declined, and the brilliant white flame broke out with power, releasing white salamanders.
Xiao Lingyu is ready for this, and has been hiding in the tubular hallows.
In an instant, the dazzling white fire snake surrounded the shadowy fire, while Xiao Lingyu contacted the eight-legged monster with his mind, so that it could slowly improve its strength.
The strength of the eight-legged monster is slowly improving, and the power of the bright white flame is naturally declining.
When the power of the bright white flame dropped to the point where it was almost impossible to trap the ghostly fire, Xiao Lingyu stopped the eight-legged monster and he walked out of the tubular hallows.
At this time, the eight-legged monster, the bright white flame and the ghostly fire form a special state of balance. They get together and seem to suppress and fight each other, but they can’t show too much momentum.
Xiao Lingyu came to this step, in fact, he was about to achieve his goal. According to the original plan, he could cast spells on the spot to refine the ghostly fire, but thinking of those ginger gods, he gave up the original plan.
Although the king of the ginger family has been rid of by him now, but God knows when they will find here, if they come, Xiao Lingyu is at the critical moment of refining the ghostly fire, so he not only plans to be completely ruined, but even loses his life.
So Xiao Lingyu, as before, began to sacrifice the bright white flame.
In the past ten days, the bright white flame, as before, gave up suppressing the eight-legged monster and the ghostly fire and pounced on Xiao Lingyu.
However, just as the bright white flame was in action, the eight-legged monster turned into the body of the eight-legged Taiji tripod, and with the strong suction of the tripod mouth, the bright white flame and the ghostly fire that had no time to escape were put into the tripod belly.
"You’re done!"
Xiao Lingyu’s heart suddenly relaxed a lot. After putting away the eight-legged Tai Chi Ding, he walked some distance outside the cave, and then sat cross-legged.
Every time he tries to refine the dazzling white flame on airs, Xiao Lingyu will lose a lot of JingXie and soul power. In this dangerous place, he must always be in his heyday.
Fortunately, during the ten days when he was refining the brilliant white flame on airs, the king of the ginger family did not find him. Unfortunately, he only recovered from meditation in less than two days, and those kings of the ginger family came to you again.
Xiao Lingyu naturally won’t give people a chance to block themselves in the cave. He rushed out of the cave decisively, then spread the wings of speed and hid at full speed.
"Brother Mao Zheng, his condition seems to be not very good. Do you want to act?" A king of the ginger family asked.
Situ Maozheng hesitated, saying, "Now is not the best time. He hasn’t encountered the ghost fire yet. It is estimated that he has just fought with the monster beast of the God King here before he is in a bad state."
This group of kings of the ginger family is headed by Situ Maozheng, so everyone did not rush to start work after listening to his advice.
Stuart Maozheng, the king of the ginger family, would never have thought that Xiao Lingyu had won the ghostly fire.
Xiao Lingyu can actually think of some way to get rid of these kings of the ginger family again, and then offer the hallows far away. However, these kings of the ginger family tracked him adamant4, which made Xiao Lingyu very angry. He just didn’t listen to the command, and he didn’t commit any heinous crimes. Is it worthwhile for the ginger family to come after himself so enraged?
Moreover, the SiTuMaoZheng also let Xiao Lingyu feel very hateful, so he decided not to escape, be sure to give Jiang Guhe SiTuMaoZheng a little bitter taste.
Chapter 763 Flying God Pig
? Don’t give them some pain, they don’t know the pain, and will they take the initiative to give up the pursuit of me?
Lao Tzu returned the ghost of the God Emperor to their Jiang family, and they came after me, which was really cruel!
Xiao Lingyu sprinted quickly, while taking all kinds of high-order Dan medicine and materials prepared before to restore strength. In fact, he was able to guess that these ginger kings were mostly prepared to make moves when they were dealing with the ghostly fire, so he didn’t leave this dangerous mountain forest, giving each other the illusion that he was still looking for the ghostly fire. Friendly reminder: This book is the first website to be updated. Baidu please search 151+ Reading Network.
Xiao Lingyu’s focus at this time has shifted from looking for the ghost fire to dealing with this group of ginger family gods, so he is also waiting for the opportunity like these ginger family gods.
Positive recklessly, is certainly not enough, to deal with these ginger god king, Xiao Lingyu can only use divide-and-conquer tactics.
In other words, Xiao Lingyu has to wait for these kings of the ginger family to spread out before he can start.
But these ginger kings seem to know that they are no match for Xiao Lingyu alone, and they don’t take the initiative to disperse. Even if they are separated occasionally, they won’t be too far away.
Anyway, his task has been completed, and Xiao Lingyu won’t be stupid enough to give the King of the Ginger Family a chance to camp out. He is happy to continue to consume with them here. After all, he has only one person, and his goal is small, so it is not easy to attract the attention of the monster beast strong or a large number of monster beasts. Nearly 20 people from the other side gather together and seem to be powerful and safe, but in fact they are more dangerous.
Sure enough, as Xiao Lingyu expected, he took these kings of the ginger family and wandered around in this mountain forest for nearly half a year. Finally, more than a dozen monsters of the king of the gods discovered him and those kings of the ginger family.
This group of monsters in the period of God King are generally the same, and they should be of the same kind. They are all covered with dark and thick hair, and all of them are fat. If they are like black hills, they will push together, which really gives people an unparalleled feeling.
The appearance of this group of monster beasts looks similar to that of wild boar, but it is obviously much bigger.
"These pig demons are estimated to be a milk compatriot. It’s amazing. More than a dozen pig demons can actually cultivate to the realm of the king of God, and the progress of cultivation is not bad at all."
Xiao Lingyu praised the sentence, and then decisively dodged to one side.
It’s still what Xiao Lingyu expected. Those black pig monsters will find him in trouble in the future. They chose the King of the Ginger Family, who seems to be more afraid of threats.
The kings of the ginger family also retreated decisively. Even if they retreated, their formation remained very good, and they did not panic or disperse.
What makes people even more surprised is that those pigs and monsters seem to be fat and bulky, but they can travel at a slow speed. Even after chasing for a while, they each grow a pair of black wings from their bellies.
Those pig demons flapped their wings and flew up, but their speed was improved, which was much faster than the overall moving speed of the King of the Ginger Family.
In this way, the kings of the ginger family will inevitably be caught up.
Looking at the pig demon flying in the sky, Xiao Lingyu suddenly thought of four words: flying pig!
Xiao Lingyu didn’t hide too far away. He followed the pigs and demons and chased the kings of the ginger family.
Among the King of God of the Ginger Family, there are many people who are extremely fast, and they can get rid of these pig demon attacks. But if they run fast first, their overall strength will drop a lot, and the rest of the King of God will be more dangerous.
At this critical moment, the king of the ginger family is still very United. They are still close together, knowing that they can’t escape, they finally stopped and attacked those pig demons who rushed brazenly.
The war immediately began, and fifteen black pig demons launched an extremely fierce attack on eighteen kings of the ginger family.
Although the number is not dominant, the fifteen black pig monsters are also aggregated together, and a circle of black energy masks emerged around them. No matter how the king of the ginger family attacked, it was impossible to break the black mask.
Even SiTuMaoZheng best artifact silver pike, after hitting the black mask will be directly bounce off far away.
Xiao Lingyu can see that the fifteen black pig monsters are good at combination, and it is estimated that they often practice together. Even the black energy mask is difficult to break through any gourmet artifact.
The defense force is so strong that it’s just that those black pig monsters can instantly gather together to form a black Changhong with great power.
Where the black Changhong passed, the solid space of the celestial world fluctuated violently, and its momentum was actually like the strong in the period of the Emperor of God.
Such an attack suddenly made the kings of the ginger family cool from the soles of their feet to the top of their heads, and also made Xiao Lingyu retreat to a distance.
Boom ! !
Under the joint efforts of the King of the Ginger Family, the black Changhong exploded a hundred feet away in front of them, immediately making the surrounding large space of the gods boil, and the strong momentum impact made several King of the Ginger Family in front of the team spray blood and retreat at the same time.
"Their combination is too strong to be matched. We must disperse and induce them to disperse!" Situ Maozheng said after reviewing the situation.
"What if they don’t disperse?" A king of the ginger family asked.
If those pigs and demons don’t disperse, they will definitely aim at one or several ginger gods to kill them. As a result, the ginger gods who were killed will be in danger, and the * * of ten will die in this forest.
"Then everyone depends on luck! If we don’t disperse, we will all die here! " Situmaozheng helpless tunnel.
The pig demon’s attack continues, and the situation here is critical. There is no room for the King of the Ginger Family to linger or think about countermeasures. After Stuart Maozheng confessed, he took the lead in flying away.
Originally, the kings of the ginger family gathered together and were able to resist for a while, but a few people flew away in an instant, which greatly reduced their defensive power. Just before Situ Maozheng flew away, two kings of the ginger family were hit by the black Changhong released by the pig monsters because of their slow reaction, and then fell on the spot.
The kings of the ginger family scattered and fled, but the pigs didn’t disperse and chase. They just aimed at one direction and flew together.
Xiao Lingyu didn’t have too much resentment for other kings of the ginger family, so he naturally chased Situ Maozheng at this time.
The kings of the ginger family knew that dispersion was extremely unfavorable to them, so Situ Maozheng saw that there was no pig demon chasing him here, so he took out the arraignment beads and summoned them to other kings of the gods to gather them together.
At this time, the kings of the ginger family have just dispersed soon, and it is very easy to gather again. Before Xiao Lingyu has made a move, there are already three kings of the ginger family around Situmaozheng.

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