"As long as I am a brother, Chen always regards him as a brother. Only a brother betrays me, and Chen will never betray his brother first!"

Yan Tianqi plopped down on his knees and swore by the sky: "I said that from today on, I will regard Chen Han as my brother for life. If I betray him, I hope that heaven will send thunder and fire to destroy the world and let me die!"
This time, it is not a Covenant made in the name of the infinite temple, but an oath between real brothers.
Chen Han didn’t give him any benefits before, but Chen Han had a Covenant with him privately. As long as Shenjiange exploited the vein under his name, Jing Yun would surely make up the resources produced by the vein on time in the future. Therefore, the benefits given by Chen Han before, in his view, are deserved according to the Covenant. It can only be said that Chen Han did not break his promise by observing the Covenant, and he did not dare to break his promise with blood oath before.
Every thousand years as a resource replenishment period, how long has it been?
It’s still far from the next supply. He personally ventured to the hinterland of the enemy, which can be used to arm the shocking clouds and make our strength soar again. However, he actually gave himself immortal resources that are far more than once every thousand years, and I don’t know how many times. This is not to fulfill the Covenant.
Human feelings!
This is really a big favor!
He said that plough is not a witch beast with low spiritual intelligence. He also knows gratitude and what kind of people can make friends. Chen Han is undoubtedly such a person.
Chen Han quickly helped him up, ha ha smiled and said, "Brothers are not talking about vows. If they are kept by vows, what is brotherly love?"
Seeing this scene, Huan Sheng felt ripples in his heart. He only knew that Shen Jiange and Jing Yun would be allies.
However, the reason why the allies formed entirely from interests eventually mixed with emotional factors is thought-provoking.
Three days passed in a blink of an eye, and on the appointed day, Chen Han and Yi Hao left the command center of the Jing Yun Club unnoticed, and soon they went beyond the lines set by the Jing Yun Club and appeared in front of the enemy’s lines …
Chapter 477 feint agreement
Millions of magic repairs and ghost repairs are driving magic weapons, forming a huge encirclement without friends, and together with the amazing beasts mixed among them, Chen Han and Yi Hao are surrounded in the center.
Endless monstrous murderous look, gathered into a frenzy coming from all directions, the target is only two people.
Chen Han looked at the other party’s performance quietly and said lightly, "Is this how you entertain guests?" It’ s not as famous as meeting. "
"Aren’t you afraid that I’ll wait for an order, and even if you cultivate high skills, you’ll have to lose your temper on the spot?" In the cold voice, a total of more than 20 men and women, as well as the size reduced by ten thousand times, suddenly appeared in front of the crowd not far away, and it was the holy ghost house that spoke for him.
"Do you think I should be afraid?"
Indifferent laughter floated out of his nostrils, and Chen Leng said in a cold voice, "I came here with the purpose of peace talks, and the inferior party is you, not Jingyunhui." In my capacity, it is impossible for you to capture them alive, and the Jingyun Club has now taken shape. If I die, I won’t be in chaos, but I will attack with the anger of rushing to the crown, and then … "
The next words didn’t go on, but I can guess the result with my toes. With the strength of today’s Jing Yun, other super powers will surely cooperate with each other, and the mysterious magic holy wall will never exist again.
"It’s worthy of being the Lord of the newly rising first big power, and it’s worthy of being the master with the strongest combat power in the field of repairing truth. Your mind is more terrible than repairing!" Shirley day heartfelt admiration.
"I’m flattered. You are not going to stand here all the time, are you?"
Shirley day sideways made a gesture, please, peers of those humanoid and beast bosses, have also been removed from the flank, the other party has enough chips to negotiate with them.
As Chen Han said, they are at a disadvantage. If Jing Yun will choose to attack on a large scale, hundreds of millions of troops on the defense line of more than 300 million miles will move in, and the tug-of-war for many years will become a one-sided repressive attack. The rest of the more than three months, even if they can’t be completely destroyed, can also make their strength big loss, let the xuan magic holy wall to their side to advance hundreds of millions of miles.
In a palace covering an extremely wide area, there is a huge long case.
Chen Han and Yi Hao are sitting on the right side. There are only two of them in the whole column, but the left column is full of people. Of course, there are those wild beasts who have been forced to shrink countless times, tens of thousands of meters in size have become similar to ordinary beasts, sitting in chairs with strange postures.
Except that they can’t be transformed into human beings, they have the same profound wisdom as the race with human appearance. Although they can’t speak, they can communicate with each other by means of mental thoughts, which will not affect their communication.
"Go ahead, what do you want to talk about?" Shirley day cut to the chase said.
"No wine, no tea, no food. Are you too poor, or is there something wrong with your hospitality?" Chen cold lightly say with smile.
"Now that you are in our army, don’t be too arrogant!" A wild boar-shaped wild beast, whose sound echoed in the hall, was obviously full of endless anger.
"Go back to your pigsty and stay." Yi Hao gaga strange laugh.
"Looking for death!"
The wild beast flew into a rage, and it is taboo for all wild beasts to be unable to turn into human beings. The word pig is even more taboo for the head of the beast who swallowed the sky.
Seeing that he was about to get angry on the spot, Li Tian frowned and waved and said, "Wine! The best fragrance, the best food, all sent to our seat, don’t be said that we don’t know how to entertain guests! "

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