Sneer at the cold body movement, suddenly appeared behind Chengtian, ignoring his overwhelming gun shadow, and all the attacks were nullified.

Barely moved less than thirty percent of the immortal strength to meet him, and Chengtian’s whole body was blown red all over the sky, and his flesh was almost completely destroyed.
Unfortunately, it is still less than a breath time, including Yuan Ying, who was blown to pieces, and all recovered as if they had never been injured. On the other hand, the horse training all over the sky also directly hit Chen’s cold body, and his whole body bones were instantly fractured, and the meridians were almost broken. However, when the tricolor Ziying was swallowed in his mouth, the injury was restored to 90% in a short time.
Three-color Ziying is far less than the fruit of Nine Ganoderma lucidum, which has no lasting therapeutic effect and can’t treat the injury at the level of Yuan Shen.
However, with the help of Chen Han’s physical defense and fairy devices, even if the attack of Chengtian hits the body, it is difficult to cause heavy damage to the deepest Yuan Shen and Yuan Ying.
Three colors of purple and English are enough to cope with the trauma on the body level alone, and this is not a treasure like immortal fruit, but it is also a lot of income in the underground veins.
Knife light and gun shadow Qi Fei.
Blood is murderous.
God knows how many treasures there are in Chen Han’s body. The battle between the two men has been going on. Every time he is hit hard, he will take out all kinds of fairy medicinal materials such as three-color purple English, inch-heart algae and exquisite fairy lotus, but the injury will be restored in an instant. It is true that the value of these treasures is far less than that of nine ganoderma lucidum fruits. It is not noticeable to get one or two strains, but when he took dozens of strains, everyone’s look became a horror.
Are these treasures Chinese cabbages on the market? Can you buy a lot of them for a hundred dollars?
Or his back garden is full of fairy medicinal materials, otherwise where did he get so many treasures and eat them as snacks?
Chengtian is an endless holy product of healing, so he will never want to kill Chen Han. Once the effect of nine ganoderma lucidum fruits disappears, will he still be Chen Han’s opponent?
In fact, Chen’s cold heart has long wanted to cry.
Indeed, it’s nothing to get the treasure from the underground vein. Before leaving the core area, Xingtian Xuan gave him a huge number of natural materials and treasures.
Even if the effect of nine ganoderma lucidum fruits can last for ten days and ten nights, he has enough medicinal materials to support him. The key ones are all the capital for his future development. For a trivial inheritance, so many precious medicinal materials have been wasted. If these medicinal materials are refined and turned into more Dan medicines with the same effect, it can no longer be described as priceless, and Jinshan Yinshan can’t be so ruined, can it?
No way!
How many treasures will be consumed in this way for two hours? It’s absolutely not worth it for a gift. We must find a way to end the battle as soon as possible!
But what should we do?
The top grade fairy armor on him alone, even if he directly hits the body, it is impossible to completely annihilate him. As long as he is alive, he can recover in an instant with the help of the magical effect of nine ganoderma lucidum fruits.
In other words, even if Chengtian stood there and didn’t resist, Chen Han had almost no possibility of killing him, and he had to wait until the efficacy of Jiu Lingzhi fruit disappeared to kill him.
"That’s right! Witchcraft … I learned several kinds of witchcraft that didn’t need witchcraft. How could I forget this? Just try this son of a bitch Chengtian! "
He is not worried about being discovered that he has practiced witchcraft. The wars of the Witch clan in those days were mainly in the celestial world, and only immortals have such a long time. Those who fix the truth are usually either soaring or killed. How can they survive thousands of years? Even the classics in the field of fix true will not record things thousands of years ago. Many histories are either lost in the long river of time or limited to uncertain legends.
With a wave of his hand, Zhenyuan wrapped up the blood that splashed in the air on Chengtian, and Chen Han’s hand was out of thin air with a osteotome that was two feet long, full-bodied and dark, and was refined from some kind of bone.
Witchcraft is mostly driven by witchcraft, especially those in conan the destroyer. Without witchcraft, it is impossible to display it.
However, there are also very few witchcraft that do not need witchcraft. This kind of witchcraft usually does not have a majestic external appearance, but is a sinister and despicable assassination and sneak attack.
Chapter 390 Witch curse from the soul
A few drops of deep red blood were wrapped by Zhenyuan, flying in front of Chenhan, with a mysterious stone knife in their hands, and murmured at the same time.
The cadence sounds are floating in the void, and the profound, boundless and timeless notes make everyone unknown so.
Tearing the wind gun swept across the sky and nullified it. Chen Han’s legs kicked in the air, and his left hand slashed with a knife, and then he was seriously injured and inverted again. However, his spell did not stop, and the blood was still under the control of Zhenyuan, floating in front of him and flying out together.
The osteotome flashed black as ink, and there was a faint sound of ghosts crying and wolves howling, and countless green symbols emerged, and the surrounding area suddenly became ghostly.
Poof … poof …
Chen’s cold was hit hard again, and the blood gushed out just fell on the osteotome. The osteotome seemed to be hungry for a few days and saw the meat steamed stuffed bun, and even sucked all the blood in.
Then, the black light on the osteotome became more vigorous, but the blood from Chengtian did not produce the final change.
Chen Han couldn’t help but frown, took out a medicinal material for refining Shengxue Dan, and stuffed it into his mouth together with the fairy medicinal material for treating the injury. He secretly sighed helplessly: "Although you don’t need witchcraft to urge you, you have to sacrifice your own Jingxue. The witchcraft method really hurts the enemy by 1,000 and damages yourself by 800. Besides, Chengtian’s realm is much higher than mine, and this soul-leaving spell can’t kill him. It can only be used as an attempt, and I have a bottom in my heart. "
More primitive painstaking efforts poured out constantly, and the brilliance on the osteotome became more and more rich. When Chen Han blocked Chengtian’s attacks several times and sprayed more than 20 primitive painstaking efforts, the black brilliance was like essence.
Chi …
The few drops of blood that he controlled from Chengtian changed from deep red to purple-black, and finally became as black as a bone knife.
Right now!
The blood turns into a strange black character seal, and Chen Han shines at the moment, waving the osteotome with black mans, and ruthlessly cutting it on the character seal.
Operator of immediately broken into nothing, is driving a tear wind gun attack to heaven, all of a sudden the whole body stiff, whole body veins stood out and blood boiling, eyeballs almost jumped out of her eyes, as if a mortal could burst at any time under extremely high pressure, driving a pike fairy force crashing to pieces.
There is no energy attack at all. That’s the terrible thing about witchcraft. Killing people without shadow and invisibility is beyond the understanding of those who fix the truth.
Cheng Tian’s whole body blood turned from red to purple, and it also turned into a strange paint black. They haven’t figured out what’s going on yet. His body exploded dozens of blood holes from the inside out. A large number of foul blood, which smells fishy, soared out of those blood holes, still polluted the whole body by the strange ability of witchcraft, and somehow the toxins spread rapidly.
A pair of eyeballs really jumped out and directly exploded into a dark red liquid, followed by muscles, bones, meridians and internal organs bursting in succession.
The strangest thing is that witchcraft contains a toxin that pollutes his body and constantly consumes the efficacy of the fruit of Ganoderma lucidum.
"Little brat, die!"
Chen Han didn’t attack immediately, anyway, it’s hard to kill each other by his own strength, so he just wrapped up a mass of dirty blood in real yuan again and continued to cast witchcraft. Shengxue Dan gave birth to primitive painstaking efforts, which also has a certain time-lasting effect. Under normal circumstances, primitive painstaking efforts have little effect on his combat power, but at this moment, it can be used to cast witchcraft. Why not use this method to deal with Chengtian?
It is not voodoo in the true sense, but the poison from the spell, which constantly erodes the aura of the nine ganoderma lucidum fruits, so that the recovery speed of Chengtian has dropped significantly.
His almost completely destroyed body just recovered, and the second wave of the curse of leaving the soul was launched, and his body was blown into blood rain all over the sky again.
Along the way, although it is impossible to kill Chengtian within the efficacy of nine Ganoderma lucidum fruits, it can make him too busy to attack. Once it is delayed for two hours, how can he be a cold opponent?
"Chen Han, stop!"
Chengjia family Chengqi’s face suddenly changed, and he realized that Chengtian was going to face a crisis. At this time, he had to come forward to stop it. It was impossible to watch the genius of Chengtian’s younger generation fall. However, it was not convenient for him to make a move at the moment, so he could only sink a voice and drink: "You are both disciples of Taiyi Xianmen, and it’s just a moment of emotional struggle. How can you really fight for life and death? Doesn’t this mean that the outside door is cheap?"
Chen Han didn’t bother to talk to him. He didn’t come forward when he was in charge of the mountain breeze. Now, seeing his grandson dying, he even used this excuse to stop fighting.
Seeing that Sun Tzu’s body burst in the air again, Cheng Qi snapped, "No matter you are Qin Yang or Chen Han, I command you as the elder of the Ethereum Immortal Gate to stop fighting immediately or the gate rules will punish you. Then don’t blame us for bullying the small!"
Before Chen Han could speak, Bing Gan said indifferently, "Isn’t Brother Cheng bullying the small with the big now? When Chengtian wants to kill Chenhan, why not care about the friendship of his classmates? Since Chengtian can kill Chenhan, why can’t Chenhan kill him? How did it become what Brother Cheng called disobeying orders? Maybe, the rules of this door are for the benefit of Senior Brother Cheng, and all disobeying your orders is against the rules? "
"Brother Bing, what do you mean?"
"What do you mean? Brother Cheng knows for himself."
"You …"
Cheng Qi’s face suddenly turned ugly, and he snapped, "The ice is dry, and the wise don’t talk in secret. Do you want to win this son over to the ice house and treat us as fools?"
Now there are some things that can’t be kept secret. The storage ring he gave Chen Han alone contains 53 scattered spirits to return to Xu Dan, which means that the relationship between the two sides has long existed.
There is no point in hiding it. Bing Gan sneered coldly: "So what? Is it because of this that Brother Cheng is going to burn the ice house with me? Let the whole Taiyi Xianmen suffer disaster and completely fall, and let this gate become the first superpower to fall due to infighting? "
In order to compete for the fate of Uber, conflicts between the same people are inevitable, but when it comes to fighting, it’s turned upside down. Isn’t that creating opportunities for other forces?
Qi Jianqiu raised his eyebrows and shouted in a heavy voice, "This matter can be discussed later, and people in this gate must not fight against each other because of it, or we will be the first to let him go!"
There is nothing wrong with the idea of infighting to make your family strong, but these families must first be a whole and belong to the same immortal gate. If the struggle leads to the fall of our master, not only the sinner of our master in name, but also the loss of our foothold.
"Obey the edict, but nothing can happen to our grandchild, or we will be killed, and no one will try to stop it!" There is no doubt about the tone of Chengqi.
"Chen Han, stop quickly!" JiJianQiu urgent voice to stop.

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