On the twenty-seventh day, I persevered in the operation of the five elements of mysterious qi according to the mental method, and suddenly realized that my mind touched a magical energy.
It is a spiritual force that does not have the attributes of five elements, but includes various attributes. It permeates the endless void and is emitted by countless stars.
Can’t see.
I can’t touch it.
I can’t smell it.
It contains the benefits of Geng Jin, the spirit of E-wood, the moistening of Gui Shui, the fierceness of C fire, the heaviness of E soil, the lightness of wind, the fierceness of thunder, etc. It is almost all-encompassing, but mixed with each other, forming a new form of energy, which is the power of stars described in the psychological method.
Chen Han danced excitedly and couldn’t help laughing. "Cheap master is amazing, and talent is rare in ten thousand years. Although we can only use it for twenty-seven days, we are more intelligent than half of him. That is rare than five thousand years, isn’t it?"
The excitement lasted for several minutes, and he finally calmed down, sitting in the void like a model, and began to enter the real practice.
Take the five elements of mysterious qi in the body as the source of guidance, and the spirit as the guiding rope, which affects the power of the surrounding stars.
Hoo …
The power of the stars is invisible to the naked eye, but it is only under normal circumstances, just like the aura of heaven and earth. Once it is condensed, it is different.
In this unfettered space, Chen’s cold consciousness is enough to extend hundreds of Wan Li.
Countless planets scattered in the area covered by consciousness, the power of the stars changed from a separate walk to a rolling torrent, all of which gathered on Chen Han. A huge amount of complicated force of the stars, gathered into a silver band of light, drilled down his nostrils, and injected into the meridians along the human point under his nose.
"Before Luo Jinxian condensed the original star power, he reached the limit and broke the original embryo, forming the star source of the small world in the body, and the five internal organs existed as planets."
"Planets are responsible for purity, and stars are responsible for storage and breeding. This is the most perfect form."
"But … why didn’t you say anything about the five elements of immortality in the art?"
"The center of the five internal organs is the site of immortal inflammation of the five elements. If the original embryo is also placed there, will it still overlap?"
"No matter! Cheap master doesn’t say anything, which means nothing. He will never be stupid enough to watch his only apprentice die. "
With doubts, he pulled the power of the stars and injected them into the five internal organs. The next moment, the five internal organs flashed with strong light. Here was originally the site of the five elements of Xuan Qi, and suddenly new energy entered, and the five elements of Xuan Qi were naturally unacceptable. This is the second step after the induction of the power of the stars-fusion.
If you disperse the five elements of Xuan Qi and empty the five internal organs, there will really be no process of two kinds of energy conflicts. However, how can you guide the power of stars into the body without the five elements of Xuan Qi?
In the initial period, the mysterious qi of the five elements was like honey that attracted ants and was essential.
It hurts!
Deep into the bone marrow pain, the five internal organs seem to be cut from the inside out by thousands of knives, and Chen Han can only grit his teeth and continue to operate the method.
He knows very well that if he wants to cultivate the emperor’s mind, he must go through this, even if he can’t help but give up now, he still has to face it.
The five elements of Xuan qi are huge and pure, but their quality is fundamentally lower by one level.
The power of the stars is thin and complicated, but it is stronger than the mysterious qi of the five elements in essence.
The two kinds of energy do not give in to each other and regard the five zang-organs as a war. If they want to be completely integrated, they must endure the pain and absorb more stars. When a large number of stars are absorbed, the quantity also has the upper hand, and the five elements of Xuan Qi can be forcibly merged to form the real original star power.
One day …
Two days …
All the time, I have to bear the pain of digging my heart and cutting my lungs. After half a month, the power of the stars has completely surpassed the amazing number of five elements of Xuan Qi.
Right now!
Chen cold suddenly opened his eyes with a low drink, and these days, the power of the stars is hoarding, as if a tiger had rolled over to the five elements of Xuan gas. Endured the cold of inhuman torture for half a month, and accumulated extremely sufficient power of stars, and the silver glow was like a bamboo, devouring all the mysterious qi in the five internal organs.
This process is equally painful, but for him who has long been numb with pain, there is no feeling, and the time is only a few seconds.
There is no shadow of the five elements of Xuan qi in the five internal organs, only the thick fog like mercury is left.

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