"The monster? I want to kill its sister for revenge. "

Khan can’t see that she has such courage at an early age. It seems that the two sisters have deep feelings for that monster, so they should never be killed.
"I beat the monster away and now I can’t find it."
"Thank you, big brother. I went back to the city to find my sister. She must be very sad to be killed by a monster."
Hey, hey, I thank myself for killing my sister. This world is really amazing. I accepted the little girl’s thanks with a smile, and I felt a little strange in my heart.
"Rose, go home by yourself. I’ll look for a monster here. Kill it. Take revenge on your sister. Take care of yourself with this umbrella."
The founder heard here out of the socket way
"Uncle, you also be careful not to be killed by a monster. The little girl is probably eager to find her sister and took the umbrella and trotted back.
Wu Chi watched the girl walk away with a flying sword, and his heart ached a little. That was a second-order flying sword that could sell a lot of silver, so the little girl took it away. It was really hard to bear the longer-term goal. He still resisted the idea of rushing to grab the sword.
The rain is getting smaller and the sky is clearing up.
In the misty, fine sunshine and rain, the two men held each other for half a ring without saying a word.
"Ya, you have a fart. Let it go. I’m gone. You can perform art here when I’m not here." Wu Chi finally couldn’t hold on and wanted to overwhelm each other in momentum, but this guy didn’t show weakness at all.
It’s no problem to consume each other like this, but Wu Chi can’t. Then MM, who is hanged in the cassock, may be correcting his troops and preparing for revenge. It’s more dangerous to stay here for half an hour.
"You said that monster was you?"
"Since you see also ask a bird how to want to hang up my beauty revenge? Still want to kill people for money? "
Wu Chi is going to cut the gordian knot and get rid of this guy before. If he wants money without killing himself or really starting work, it’s natural-you can’t stay long at the foot of your foot.
"There’s nothing I haven’t talked about to avenge someone else’s girlfriend, but I want to talk to you. I didn’t expect you to die that woman Shen Sanshao, a guy who didn’t even join the sect."
"If you want to talk, you can talk, but not here."
"Well, find a place."
Half an hour later, the two men appeared in a cave in the suburbs, where their owner, a spiny porcupine, has become the ghost of a shining golden rainbow sword.
"To be honest, brother Yin Song, how much benefit did you get from bursting the black lily and how much gold did you get? How much silver is there? Did you explode the equipment? The hostility along the way has been able to kill the black lily. It is by no means an amateur. I am not sure that I will take the risk of killing the black lily. I am very intimate with Wu Chi again.
"You bird matter? It took me a lot of effort to hang up, and it is also appropriate for her to have some hard work. "
"Yes, yes, yes, yes, it’s none of my business, but you don’t want to know what you did to this woman and the forces behind her. You’re the first person to hang up on her. You must hate your guts."
Is Shen Sanshao? The little jj player who got hit by himself? Wu Chi, who was awakened by Founder, suddenly recalled that there were many illegal organizers.
"Black lily that three call black lily? Her husband is Shen Sanshao? The force behind her is the illegal gang of’ Golden Wind and Rain House’? "
"Illegal? Er, it’s really an illegal gang. Black Lily was blown up by you. Strictly speaking, Shen Sanshao is not her husband, but she is a passionate suitor. But now there is no one. It is said that he is competing to chase her. Other losers have been killed by Shen Sanshao. "
"Is that one thousand people illegal organization I will be afraid? Laos, are you kidding? "Wu Chi said in his mouth that he was not afraid of his heart, but he really regretted that thousands of people were arrayed to surround and kill wooden dogs. He saw with his own eyes that although most wooden dogs were actually killed by himself, if there were no thousands of players, he could knock off a little finger of wooden dogs himself.
I don’t know how much gold and silver those three explosions have, but I didn’t count them myself just now, but it looks like a lot, so it should still be worth killing, right? Wu Chi now wants to take out Gan Kun and count the gold and silver carefully. It’s really uncomfortable to make a loss in business.
"Hey, hey, I know that you are a double magic weapon of ten thousand enemy swordsmanship, which onion is Shen Sanshao? You can put out the obscene songs with one hand, but I wake you up. The Golden Wind and Rain Building is not an illegal organization of thousands of people, but an illegal organization of nearly ten thousand people, one of the three most popular illegal gangs in Chengdu recently."
Ten thousand people? Wu Chi’s face is a little blue, but he hopes that Shen Sanshao is not too important, so that the pressure can be reduced.
"There are only three people in Shenyang, but it’s just a general manager." Founder’s understatement completely cut off someone’s hope
For the first time, morality is too mysterious.
For the first time, morality is too mysterious. "Do you think they will offer a reward to find someone to hang me?" After a moment of silence, Wu Chi suddenly asked such a question.
"This seems to be necessary, so they can hang you up several times. It is not easy for everyone to earn some copper coins at present if they want to offer a reward." Founder smoothly analyzed.
"Can you join their organization?"
"Their organization is illegal according to your statement. If someone introduces you, you can naturally join me. I have some friends in the golden breeze and drizzle building."
"Then you go and add it."
"If you kill me later, I will take off my clothes and let you hang up. After you hang up, let your friends continue to come. Afterwards, everyone will divide me into 70% and you will account for 30%."

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