JR Smith took a quick stop jump shot. West didn’t take off, but he held out his hand to interfere with one.

Hit 3-2 in the middle range.
"Good shot!" It’s not easy for the Knicks to get a point from the bench. The 76ers’ defense seems to be suffocating
The 76ers missed the jump shot after attacking Tang Wenlong.
The rebound was grabbed by Iguodala and returned to the outside line. Louis reorganized haweis and Louis’ pick-and-roll attack. Louis dribbled and turned to the left, and the mid-range drift shot was still missed.
This time, the Knicks returned to rebound, and Shannon jumped high to pick up the rebound.
After a round of rest in positional warfare, Anthony challenged Igor Dalay Godala to defend with high arms. Anthony turned around and dribbled, relying on his strong back muscles to crush an Igor Dalla to the basket and dunked 3-22.
At this point, with the last 47 seconds left, the 76 ers made a mistake in attacking, and Iguodala’s ball flew directly out of the baseline.
While the ball was dead, the coach replaced Iguodala and Tang Wenlong, and replaced Meeks and playoff rookie Jimmy Butler!
The two sides played the last 47 seconds, and the 76 ers led by 9 points in the first quarter, 32 to 23.
Although it was suppressed, the Knicks still saw hope, and the difference was still very small, right? Wooderson encouraged the players to be aggressive during the interval!
On the other hand, Collins is to let the players rest quickly, and the substitutes are to ensure that the main points are not narrowed by the other side.
Butler slipped around in the first quarter and was completely released when he came back.
"The young man’s state adjustment is very good!" Iguodala praised Butler for being calm. He remembered that he was too nervous to breathe when he first played in the playoffs.
Butler smiled. "We can win if we can contain our opponents on the defensive end."
"It is impossible to turn over any tricks by suppressing the JR Knicks bench that can score the most points." On the other hand, Tang Wenlong emphasized that JRJR’s ventilation style is the biggest threat to the 76 ers
Butler nodded, and so did coach Collins. He was good at defending, and he was right opposite JR.
In the second quarter, the 76 ers sent Lewis, Meeks, Butler, Speights and haweis to make a one-man rotation, while the Knicks were Bibby, JR Smith, Fields, Novak and Stoudemire, who were also very confident in the nine-man rotation.
Haweis defended Stoudemire and Anthony was not in Stoudemire, so he had the idea of independent attack and asked for it after the second quarter.
After Stoudemire received the ball, he made a feint and shot sideways, and soon haweis made a clean and clean basket and made a strong basket.
Stoudemire hit another mid-range jumper and scored 4 points in a row.
Corinthians called a time-out. haweis was unable to cope with Stoudemire’s attack. Although Stoudemire slipped badly this year, he still had 17+ energy, including one-handed jump shot, which was also difficult to score compared with David West.
When Corinth was in trouble, did Iguodala or Tang Wenlong control the situation? That will be bad for the later games. Stoudemire’s advantage in attacking the 76ers will be eroded. He turned to look at the bench, and his eyes widened and he looked forward to looking at him.
Collins immediately thought of Whiteside’s wonderful defensive performance in the final stage of the regular season. He decided, "Hassan, why don’t you give it a try?" Contribute your defensive strength! "
Whiteside jumped from the bench in surprise and his lips trembled with excitement. This is not a garbage appearance. This is a playoff key stage!
"Good coach, I will finish it!" Whiteside quickly took off the outside training.
At this time, haweis was depressed and sat back on the bench. It wasn’t long before he came back from injury. It happened that Stoudemire’s mobility line was unstoppable. He might as well defend Novak simply like defending a high school student.
Tang Wenlong turned to Iguodala with a smile and said, "Hassan has finally waited for his chance. He has always wanted to prove himself!"
Iguodala nodded. "Yes, he is a hard-working guy and has excellent talent."
At the end of the short pause, Stoudemire wait for a while saw that the 76ers had changed to haweis for an unknown rookie. Is this teasing him? I’ve never heard of it. Maybe NBA official website materials don’t have a photo frame with a big white border?
He couldn’t figure it out in his stomach, but the horse suffered.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-three The Knicks (final)
In the Wachovia Center Arena, it was like laughing at him, and his face was embarrassed.
"What the hell is this new guy?"
Stoudemire couldn’t understand the guy behind him who seemed to have sworn enemies with him. All kinds of active winding defenders were like a piece of candy.
Pinch JR, pinch Snicks, and there will be no attack power in the second array.
The Knicks players suddenly found that the second array of the 76ers was so difficult. The defensive end was like an iron bucket array, and the Knicks could not break the formation of the 76ers without breakthrough ability.
Fortunately, the 76ers lacked organizational skills in the second round, and the two teams fought a defensive battle. The iron game between you and me once became very ugly.
Collins was calm when the scores of both teams rose slowly. Anyway, he gave the bench to keep the lead.
However, Wooderson has not made up his mind about changing JR and Stoudemire. It is not his original intention to chase after more points during the absence of the main force of the 76ers.
So his mind was racing, thinking about the cracking method and applying for a timeout.
Five minutes later, the main players of both sides returned to the field. At this time, the 76 ers were still leading by 4: 32, and the two teams added up to 17 points in the first half of the second quarter. The audience on the playoff stage was almost asleep.
Fortunately, now the main force is back, and Knicks Anthony has actually returned to the field two minutes ago.
Lori hasn’t got 76 men out of Tang Wenlong, Meeks, Iguodala, West and Gasol. Tang Wenlong and Iguodala take turns to control the ball and organize the attack, while Meeks’ perimeter fixed-point battery is perfect.
The Knicks’ offense is still bad, but the 76ers are gradually finding their hands.
First Gasol hooked the ball, then Iguodala scored, and Meeks made a 3-pointer, 5-0, which brought the difference to 13 points.
JR’s 3-pointer was interfered by Tang Wenlong, and Gasol grabbed it without rebounding.
The 76ers’ position attack pulled Tang Wenlong’s strong one-on-one hit, Jr. Tang Wenlong dribbled on his hips continuously, then crossed over and rushed to the bottom of the Knicks basket, flying up against Chandler’s waist and abdomen, and scored a goal against the basket as hard as a stone

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