Chen Han, with a knife in his hands, stands on the ground, motionless as a statue.

At the same time, 7 orifices spewed out large thick plasma, and all the skin cracked, and the muscles exploded into blood fog all over the sky, plopping down.
KouXun jumped in alarm loudly, but the ice pupil was ahead of him, clinging to the cold of life and death, and the panic and anxiety between his eyes were unspeakable.
"It’s okay … you won’t die, you won’t …"
The consciousness penetrated into his body, and the ice pupil found with horror that Chen Han’s injury was extremely heavy, and the skin burst and the muscles were damaged. It’s all right. These are insignificant injuries for him. The key is that his whole body meridians and bones are fractured, and there are countless fine cracks in his internal organs, and even Yuan Shen has cracked several holes.
In fact, even the injuries of meridians, bones and organs are not too serious injuries, and the key Yuan Shen injury is fatal to any practitioner.
"Elixir! I have an elixir … I won’t let you die! "
"Big sister!"
Looking at the ice pupil with an unusually flustered look, he took out more than a dozen pills with different curative effects and stuffed them into Chen Han’s mouth. On the contrary, Kouxun was much more awake than her and quickly stopped him: "Chen Han will be fine. Didn’t you find that his injury is recovering quickly? His magical charm is still working, and I’m afraid it’s not much worse than the ordinary elixir. You just have to give him the elixir for treating the Yuan God, and don’t forget that he knows how to control the Yuan God. "
Usually, once Yuan Shen is damaged, he can’t repair it through his own ability. Unless there is an elixir to treat Yuan Shen’s injury, it will cause extremely serious consequences.
It is likely that the repair will plummet, and even the injury will worsen, leading to the amusement!
However, the Dan medicine for treating Yuan Shen’s injury is extremely precious, which is almost the most precious of its kind, and its value is one hundred times more valuable than those that supplement the true yuan and treat internal and external injuries in the body, so it is impossible for ordinary people to get it.
However, there is a kind of practitioners who can repair themselves after being hurt by the Yuan God, that is, the special people who have cultivated the mastery of the Yuan God.
Chen Han obviously belongs to this kind of person. As long as he can wake up now, he can heal himself.
Although he was badly hurt by the Yuan God, the most he did was spend more time, not as panic-stricken Ice Pupil imagined.
From the panic, I recovered from the ice pupil. I couldn’t help but feel a little angry on my face. I ruthlessly stared at Kouxun and took out a Dan medicine and stuffed it into Chen Han’s mouth.
"If you dare to say anything about today, this seat will make you more painful than death!"
After a serious warning to Kouxun, she took a deep breath and quietly reached out her hand to Chenhan’s spirit. In her opinion, it is impossible for anyone else to come over now and explore Chenhan’s memory unnoticed. Of course, nine years ago, it was for Chen Han’s profound experience, but now she is inexplicably curious about himself and wants to know more about this mysterious man. Even she doesn’t know why she has this idea.
"The teacher elder sister, you …"
"Shut up! Get out of my seat. Do you want to die? "
"Yo … isn’t this the ice pupil elder sister of Tianxuan Peak?"
The voice of banter suddenly wafted, and a figure drifted to this side, which suddenly disappeared from the selection of new people.
He was wearing a purple gown, and his handsome face was full of pride. Kouxun, who was very different from him, couldn’t help but frown: "Strange, where did this guy come from?" At the beginning, he was taken to meet Zhang Jiao, and later he was not assigned to any peak. Where have you been all these years? If he is valued by senior teachers and trained separately, it is impossible for him to appear here? "
Bing Pupil didn’t know him at all, so he gave him a cold look and shouted, "Who are you? We’ve never heard of you! "
"Senior Martial Sister, he is the arrogant and rude guy whose talent has increased by more than two products, and he was directly taken to meet Zhang Jiao by Senior Brother Yu Linyi." KouXun call said, the in the mind looking forward to the ice pupil give him some color to see see.
"Cast inflammation? More than two talents increase? "
"It is the younger brother."
"get out!"
Bing Yan didn’t give him any face at all. He said coldly, "Don’t think that if the increase of more than two products is valued by the palm teachers, you can be presumptuous in front of this seat and get rid of it. Get out!"
In contrast, Yan Zhu, without any fear, looked at the cold in a coma.
When he saw the ice pupil in a very ambiguous posture, he was very concerned about holding Chen Han in his arms, and he frowned and quickly stretched out. He laughed: "It turns out that the elder martial sister is trysting with her lover, so it’s no wonder that I don’t want my younger brother to be an eyesore here. Hehe … This is a famous iceberg beauty ice pupil. For hundreds of years, two brothers, Cheng Tian and Xuan Long, have been useful, but the ice that failed to melt has actually melted one day. My brother is really gorgeous.
Ice pupil eyes flashed a trace of panic, and Chen Han, who was tightly held in her arms, was thrown to the ground. She Huo Ran got up and stared at Yan Zhu, and she was stunned. "What are you talking about?" It seems that you really think you are a character and dare to provoke our patience. You will regret your stupidity. "
Now, I’m afraid the ice pupil himself is not very sure, but as a bystander KouXun, already can see that she is interested in Chen cold.
However, she has always been aloof and aloof, even if it is impossible to show her cold, how can she not be ashamed and angry when she is exposed?
Yanzhu is dead!
Kouxun sighed in his heart for no reason, and the amazing genius who exceeded the increase of two talents seems to be unable to escape from the ice pupil fairy.
Just then, Yan Zhu had a jade card out of thin air, and sneered, "Bing Tong, dare you kill me? Tai Xuanling is here. Why don’t you touch one of my hairs? "
Too mysterious?
Ice Pupil and Kouxun look sluggish at the same time. This is one of the identity decrees of Taiyi Xianmen, which is only limited to holding the edict. The whole sect has only three pieces. There is no such thing as calling the shots, and there is no effect of dispatching troops. However, inside Taiyi Xianmen, this thing is tantamount to a gold medal for avoiding death. Unless Zhang Jiao and the core elders come forward together, no one dares to touch the commander.
Tai Xuan Ling has magical effect, or it is a magic weapon in itself. Once it is attacked in any form, it will be recorded, and the top management of Taiyi Xianmen will find it at the first time.
If Ice Pupil attacks Yanzhu, even if he doesn’t kill him, he will be found, which is a real violation of the rules.
"Too mysterious … Zhang Jiao gave you too mysterious?"
Bing Pupil’s teeth itch with anger, but he can’t do anything about it. He secretly resents: "Damn it! A guy who has just increased his talent by more than two products can have too mysterious spirit, and Chen Han is much worse than him. Why don’t you give him too mysterious order if you know it? With the imperial edict, at least no one dares to touch him in his master’s school. Even if someone touches him outside, he should think twice, and he will be found by Taiyi Xianmen and seek his own death. "
Suddenly, she came to her senses and stood on the spot, glanced at Chen Han, who was lying quietly on the ground, and said, "Oh, my God! What have I done? KouXun saw all that just now, and … Why should I think of him? I don’t know if this damn Yan Zhu will talk nonsense everywhere. If he is heard by the first and second brothers, he will definitely find Chen Han’s trouble. "
Unconsciously, she found that she had turned to caring about Chen Han and thinking about his future. Suddenly, she became more and more angry and kicked Chen Han who didn’t know life and death.
Screaming came from the cold mouth of Chen, who was clearly in a coma, and his body jumped away in a flash, only to find that his almost completely destroyed body surface had healed by eighty percent.
The final blow of the five-color snatching is really strong. Even if all methods are exhausted, even Yuan Ying is burned, which only weakens the power of snatching thunder by less than 30%. The rest of the attack tore several holes in the outer armor of the first fairy. No matter how strong his body is, it can’t compare with defending the fairy, right?
Although there is also a layer of Chinese fairy weapon armor, the attack power that penetrates into the body almost makes him stunned.
The physical trauma is the second, and his recovery ability is unparalleled. Unless the physical body is completely annihilated, it can be repaired. The key lies in the heavy blow on the Yuan God level.
That first-class elixir for treating Yuan Shen’s injury has undoubtedly helped him a lot. Even if he can repair Yuan Shen by practicing the Xuan Ling Shen Arrow tactic, he must be awake, right?
Without the treatment of that Dan medicine, Yuan Shen’s trauma improved a little, he couldn’t wake up from the coma, and the force of Yuan Shen kept escaping from the cracked place, and eventually he only had a dead end. That Dan medicine made Yuan Shen better, and he just woke up from a coma. He has just been lying on the ground, and he is actually working to repair Yuan Shen with the mysterious arrow tactic method.
Of course, even if it is the supreme magic method from Xuanyuan Huangdi, the injury at the level of Yuan God is still too heavy, and it is impossible to fully recover without two or three months.

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