At this time, the two teams’ lines were crowded into a mess, and the basketball bounced high. First, it was lit by David West, and then it flew up and bounced to the middle.

Tang Wenlong leaped high and neutralized Duncan against two long arms and took the lead in catching basketball.
14 seconds is just the last wave of offensive opportunities. After taking the ball, Tang Wenlong turned and looked at it. Because of the contraction of the Spurs, the outside line was empty.
A cannonball went straight into Ray Allen’s hands.
Ray Allen shot a jumper at the speed of light and hit a three-pointer!
Center a suddenly fell into a dead silence again, with 91 seconds left, 11 to 1!
The technicians forgot to put the red light on for 24 seconds when they cut it off. When they came to their senses, it was difficult to adjust the time back. I didn’t expect the 76ers to overtake the score at this last moment. It was three points and Tang Wenlong’s unusual active posture of rebounding and key assists in the frontcourt saved the whole 76ers.
Spurs fans cling to their heads and their faces are full of disappointment. The Spurs have no pause. The last attack must be served from the baseline. Even Popovich can’t lay out tactics.
But there is still a glimmer of hope in my heart. Maybe there will be an unexpected miracle in the last ten seconds.
The referee blew the whistle and Parker caught the ball at the baseline.
The 76ers pressed Tang Wenlong to keep an eye on Parker Spurs. At the last minute, it is estimated that he will definitely give the ball to one of GDP. Most likely, Tang Wenlong has a feeling that Parker should end the attack.
Although Tang Wenlong was guarding Leonard, he was always ready to help.
Parker pushed the fast dribble across the half court.
In 6 seconds, the Spurs players practiced running positions according to the conventional tactics. Parker and Duncan picked and rolled. At this time, the referee stopped whistling and let the players solve the game themselves.
Four seconds, Parker and Duncan pick and roll the strong line, and Tang Wenlong helps to defend it.
Parker was caught in the crossfire and almost didn’t fall down. The breakthrough of the baseline accessory was surrounded by Tang Wenlong and Billups. The situation was very critical.
"ah!" Popovich made it clear that if this goal is not scored, the Spurs’ efforts this year will be in vain.
"ah!" The fans shouted out one after another, but actually Parker was locked up and there was no chance for the ball to be pushed to the ground. The situation was very dangerous.
Suddenly, Parker turned around after making a wrong shot, and it turned out that he leaned forward from the cracks between Tang Wenlong and Billups!
"What?" Tang Wenlong turned his head only to find that Parker was too small to reach.
Parker leaned forward to shoot, his wrist pressed his fingertips and looked at the basket gently. His eyes were so firm and confident.
Basketball rolled in the middle of the game, and everyone’s heart was stirred up.
The battle hymn of the holy city is playing loudly, and it seems that there are glorious historical fragments. This vote is like a dream crossing the sky, like Parker’s most realistic portrayal of his growth in recent years.
He is also the soul of the holy city.
Parker just looked at the bouncing basketball and his heart sank to the bottom.
This is the ultimate fate. I chose to bounce out of the box at a low angle and missed the basketball. When I flew to high school, the red light came on at the end of the field.
Tang Wenlong roars a clenched fist secretly.
The 76 ers went into ecstasy and hugged each other and high-fived to celebrate.
Parker got up from the ground, and his mouth was full of bitterness. I didn’t expect to be able to throw this last one. He has done his best.
Duncan came over and touched Parker’s head.
"It’s okay, Tony always loses and wins, and there’s nothing he can do." Duncan smiled slightly. He had seen through too much.
"A season of hard work," Parker whispered, filled with unwillingness.
Spurs fans left Tang Wenlong and his teammates to celebrate for a while and then walked into the locker room.
3 is almost in the bag than leading the championship. The reason tells me that I can’t relax, but the actual nerves are always relaxed.
"What a wonderful night in the Holy City!" Whiteside wailed in the dressing room.
Everyone laughed and looked back on the game. The Spurs were almost in the lead, but they didn’t expect to be reversed by the 76 ers at the last moment. It was a feeling of ecstasy and comfort.
"The reversal comes from the team’s efforts. If there is no key moment, the situation may be different. You know the stadium is changing rapidly. I am glad that this time we are one step closer to our dream," Tang Wenlong said in an interview after the game

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