The holy Buddha is the honorific title for the strong in the holy spirit period, and the strong in the holy spirit period have no fixed place, even a big family like Kou’s family is hard to find, so how can we propose marriage face to face?

The special envoy of Kou’s family is not incompetent. He first dealt with Jiang Chengye kindly, and then sent someone to investigate, but what made him helpless was that they not only didn’t …
Chapter 783 Aoki Tree Demon 1
? Chapter 783 Aoki Tree Demon 1
This volcano should be an active volcano, because at this time, smoke is still billowing from the crater, and magma erupts from time to time.
"At the bottom of that volcano, there is a fire dragon. In the early days, the God Emperor occasionally wandered in the magma river deep underground. Now it should be here. Go and catch it." The old woman said to Xiao Lingyu …
Chapter 784 Aoki Tree Demon 2
? Any monster beast, including Super God Beast, will fall into weakness after launching its own talent magical power. According to the noble degree of pedigree and the strength of cultivation, the degree and time of weakness will be somewhat different, but in the best case, there will be no more 10% strength in its heyday.
The fire dragon in the early days of God Emperor could not beat four virtual shadow monsters, but now it has less than 10% strength, and naturally there is no possibility of winning. It is surrounded by four virtual shadow monsters again and can only make an angry roar.
"Work for me for 100 million years, and I can still leave you a way out." Xiao Lingyu said to the dragon that was suppressed intensely.
One hundred million years is not a long time for the strong in the period of Emperor Shen, especially this fire dragon, which sometimes sleeps for tens of millions of years.
So, after sizing up the situation, the dragon ordered his own dragon, and accepted Xiao Lingyu’s blood soul very well.
The blood soul sinks into the dragon ball of the fire dragon. As long as it is slightly disloyal, it is detected by Xiao Lingyu, and Xiao Lingyu can instantly make it stunned.
"Let’s go to the spirit beast bag to recuperate first." Xiao Lingyu said, and took out a senior spirit beast bag.
After a little hesitation, the dragon plunged into the bag of the spirit beast.
Xiao Lingyu put away the beast bag and the mirror of Yin and Yang, and then sat cross-legged beside the underground magma lake to absorb the divine power in the crystal to restore strength.
More than three months passed before Xiao Lingyu stood up again, and the old woman appeared beside him.
"Let’s go and find the next target." The old woman flew to the ground easily.
After just a few days’ flight, the old woman stopped in front of a big lake completely shrouded in fog. She said, "There is a fog-hidden shrimp demon here, which was also in the early days of the Emperor of God. It can raise clouds and spit fog, is good at water system magic, and is also good at creating dreamland and hiding tracks. Apart from being highly toxic, its attack is not surprising. It is easy to catch as long as it is not allowed to run away after encountering it, and it is timid and afraid of death.
Xiao Lingyu did what he said, plunged into the fog, and then invited the food with super sensing ability to help find the hidden shrimp demon.
Less than two hours later, the fog shrouded in the Great Lakes suddenly surged into the lake. In a few moments, all the fog disappeared, and Xiao Lingyu, Chihuo and a shrimp-like monster beast with a small size were exposed.
The fog hidden shrimp demon was then put into the bag of the spirit beast, and Xiao Lingyu had another monster beast in the period of Emperor Shen, and this fog hidden shrimp demon was really very timid. Unfortunately, after being surrounded by four imaginary monsters, it couldn’t escape at all, and there was no powerful talent avatar like the fire dragon, so it could only yield to Xiao Lingyu.
After three months of meditation on this big lake, the old woman set out again with Xiao Lingyu.
"The next one may be a little troublesome to deal with. It is already the peak of the middle period of the Emperor of God, and it is only one step away from the late period of the Emperor of God, and its attack power is very strong. If you attack with all your strength, you can show the attack power comparable to that of the strong in the late period of the Emperor of God. You have to be careful."
The old woman warned Xiao Lingyu while flying.
After flying for a whole month, the old woman stopped again and pointed to a dense forest not far away and said, "It’s a tree demon, but it’s not very big, and it’s extremely inconspicuous in this forest. It has many doppelgangers in this forest. If you want to find it in your realm, you can only take the initiative to attack the big trees in the forest. As long as you hit its doppelganger, it will disturb its ontology and then lead it out. "
"It has cultivated the heart of Aoki, and it can rely on the power of the earth and nature. Even though you are not afraid of those virtual shadow monsters, you should be careful. Even if your body is comparable to the best artifact, how can you block the power of the earth and nature in this celestial world?"
"It has two weaknesses, one is that it is afraid of advanced flame attacks, and the other is that its heart of Aoki has just been cultivated. If it is used to communicate with the earth and nature, it can only insist on a strong tea time at most."
With the old woman’s advice, Xiao Lingyu entered this forest like a forest.
Going deep into the Woods, he constantly bombarded the trees that looked taller. Every time he made a move, a large number of trees turned into sawdust all over the sky.
This lasted for nearly two hours, and the tree demon was forced to appear by Xiao Lingyu.
The tree demon’s body is like a willow tree. It is not tall, but it has many branches. At this time, those branches are like slender long snakes pouncing on Xiao Lingyu.
Xiao Lingyu covered the whole body with chaotic shadow fire and poured his skill into the mirror of Yin and Yang.
When those branches touched the chaotic shadow fire, they all shrank back as if they had suffered a bludgeon.
This tree demon is really afraid of advanced flames!
Before the tree demon can attack again, the mirror of Yin and Yang has absorbed enough energy to release the four virtual shadow monsters.
At the same time, the four virtual shadow monsters went all around the tree demon.
The tree demon felt the breath of the four virtual shadow monsters, and naturally waved branches to stop them, but all the branches were swept away from the virtual shadow monsters, but the four virtual shadow monsters were not damaged at all.
The field of the Four Elephants was immediately laid out, covering a large area around, and the tree demon already felt that his strength was limited a lot.

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