You Huan is the elder of Lian Xin Sect, and he is the most outstanding one with qualifications. Even Zhang Jiao relies heavily on him, but he befriends Wen Yingchang’s eldest son, Wen Lingxuan. It is precisely because of this heavy relationship that the literati are not harassed and threatened in the territory of Lian Xin Zong, and they are at peace with each other.

This gifted Elder Youhuan came to Wen Lingxuan for a small gathering every so often, but suddenly disappeared a year ago.
Wen Lingxuan is a man who keeps his word and takes friendship seriously. Although his father asked him several times occasionally, he didn’t say anything, but it can be seen that he knows something inside. Until two days ago, Youheng, who was seriously injured, came to Wen Jia, had a secret meeting with Wen Ling Xuan for a while, and then he left and disappeared. Then Wen Ling Xuan also disappeared.
Next, the people who refined the heart Sect went to the literati and asked Youheng and Fengtianbao seal. The literati where Youheng was located certainly didn’t know, and as for Fengtianbao seal, they didn’t know at all.
This is a treasure!
Chen Han first made a conclusion. Secondly, according to what Wen Yingchang said, Feng Tianbao’s seal script probably didn’t belong to Lian Xin Sect, but was obtained after Elder Youheng disappeared for more than a year.
If Feng Tianbao’s seal is originally a refined heart Sect, he can’t get it in the hands of Zhang Jiao. Moreover, in his position in refined heart Sect, there is no need to make such a fuss for an ordinary treasure. It is certain that this is an extremely precious treasure.
In this way, many things are logical.
Youheng got the news more than a year ago, or was trapped somewhere unintentionally. In short, he got this Tianbao seal. So, he brought the baby back, and told some things to Lian Xin Zong Zhang Jiao, and the treasure made the Zhang Jiao die of mutual affection and fought against Youheng.
You Hengxiu was a powerful man with excellent qualifications, but he was not killed on the spot. He escaped with serious injuries and found his good friend Wen Lingxuan. It is likely that he had entrusted Feng Tianbao’s seal to him at that time.
Next, seriously injured, he left the Wen family to find a place to heal. Wen Lingxuan was worried that Huaibi’s crime would bring trouble to his family, so he left the family, but he didn’t expect to escape.
"But … there is one of the biggest problems. How can Lian Xinzong find here?"
"They only know that Youheng is on good terms with Wen Lingxuan, and it is impossible to think that he will entrust that kind of treasure to others casually."
"How can you be sure that Youheng has been to the literati, and how can you be sure that Feng Tianbao’s seal appears here?"
Chen Han is a mystery, unless Lian Xinzong has the ability to predict the prophet, or the writer has a mole.
However, the literati do not participate in the hegemony of power, and no sect will place chess pieces here. What’s more, the literati have no physical names, all of which are the blood of a family. It is not easy to place chess pieces here, which is why it is difficult to understand.
A little while later, the news from Wen Xi was settled, and Lian Xinzong targeted the Kuangdao Fairy House, temporarily thinking that this old rival had killed them.
Juxian League!
This is a newly established sect on Helan Star, which is claimed to be founded by writers.
In order to have some self-protection ability in this troubled times, we should take out all the wealth accumulated over the years and attract talents from all over the world to join the great cause of collusion. For the family that has just been attacked by Lian Xin Sect and almost killed, this behavior is completely understandable. There are often new forces established on Helan Star, and whether it can survive is another matter.
Usually, when a power is just established, the neighboring forces will send small teams, with the goal of testing the strength of the new sect.
If it’s too strong, it’s an alliance. If it’s too weak, take the opportunity to destroy it and take everything from the other side as your own.
Unfortunately, among the three forces bordering Juxian League, Lian Xinzong is in conflict with Kuangdao Fairy House, and Feixing Valley is preparing to send someone to sound out the reality of Juxian League, and immediately receives the gauntlet of Lian Xinzong and Kuangdao Fairy House. There is nothing else, because these two sides have discovered through various clues analysis that it is actually Feixing Valley that is secretly causing mischief and alienating each other, which will provoke a bloody battle between the two forces to reap the benefits of the fishermen.
The three forces are caught in a chaotic conflict, and they have no time or energy to pay attention to Juxian League, which undoubtedly creates a good opportunity for recruiting in the early stage.
What’s more, the salary given by the masters recruited by Juxian League is three times higher than that of the best-paid sects on Helan Star. Why don’t those wild practitioners who have no door and no faction flock to it?
Chapter 575 Stick policy
On the original basis, Wen Gu’s manor has been expanded tenfold, and the top-level array passed down by the Kirin family has been increased by dozens of times by means of mustard seed sumeru. This piece of inner space is full of tens of thousands of miles in Fiona Fang, and it has become the future headquarters of Juxian League.
Outside the mountain gate, there is already a sea of people, all of whom come to join the wild repair of Juxian League. The generous remuneration of this new force makes people greedy.
The minimum requirement for joining the Juxian League is Taiyi Jin Xian, with 10 pieces of medium-grade fairy stones each year, 10 pieces of top-grade fairy stones paid by Luo Jinxian each year, and 10 pieces of top-grade fairy stones for Luo Tianshang Fairy.
That’s the best fairy stone!
Helan Star’s top-grade fairy stone, which can hardly be found locally, is ten times as valuable as the top-grade fairy stone on the surface. In fact, even if you take a hundred pieces of top-grade fairy stone, you may not be able to exchange it for a gourmet fairy stone, which has a price but no market on the main planet.
The most important thing is that the Juxian League has a promise first, and any disciple who joins the sect can practice the advanced mind and tactics in the sect.
The little boy who has just been forcibly promoted to the early stage of Taiyi Jin Xian is sitting in front of the table like an adult, and his existence is tantamount to a living signboard.
Children under the age of 10 have been trained by Taiyi Jin Xian, and they must have taken rare Dan medicine or Xiancao. The potential of Juxian League can be seen.
A boy of 16 or 17 was standing beside him, holding his arms with a strange smile on his face, staring at every wild immortal who came up to sign up.
"He Jin Xian later, talent growth nearly a grade …"
"I’m sorry, although the minimum requirement of this door is the realm of Taiyi Jinxian, there is no increase above a grade, so we are not recruiting yet. Please go back."
The big fellow’s eyes were as wide as two bells, and he shook his fist at Wencheng violently. He shouted, "Little rabbit, don’t you dare to chirp again, do you believe I broke your head with one punch? Lao Tzu picked Jin Xian in the later period of Tang Dynasty. Why is he not worthy of Juxian League? !”
Zifa boy stepped forward and said faintly, "Taiyi Jinxian realm, the lowest talent increase, two conditions are indispensable, you can go."
"What did you say? Say again … "The big fellow was furious.
"get out!" The answer of the purple-haired teenager is simpler.
"Looking for death!"
"It’s you!"
The big fist is in sharp contrast with the small white fist. The young fist doesn’t even have half of the other one. However, the latosolic red energy contained in it makes someone in the place furious.
Booming …
Before the surging energy aftermath could swing away, he was imprisoned by the immortal power of the teenager, and he looked at the big fellow with a smile.
On the other hand, the whole arm was blown into a blood fog from the fist up, and all the ribs in the right chest were broken, screaming and flying backwards while spraying blood. Late pick Jin Xian was hit hard, at the same time, the other party was able to bind the aftermath of the two men’s fight, so as to make the wild repair present furious.
Can be detected from the energy attribute, this purple-haired boy is a demon race, and the demon race can be seen everywhere on Terran territory, but it has not been questioned. The key is that the strength of this demon race is too strong.
This skill shocked everyone, including some high-spirited Luo Tianxian, and some people were worried.
It’s easy to take Luo Tian Xian as a heavy blow to the late Luo Jin Xian, but it’s not easy to let the aftermath not leak at all in the case of heavy blow. At the very least, he is also a celestial fairy in the late period. This kind of strength is placed on Helan Star, which definitely belongs to the master among the masters.
Before long, a group of 100 eligible masters were gathered, who were brought into the gate by the children of the literati and walked into a small room.
There is only one person in the room, a handsome and evil-looking young man.
"My name is Duanmu."
It was Chen Han who sat in the first place. His eyes swept over the hundred people in front of him and he smiled faintly: "At the same time, he is also the great elder of Juxian League. Welcome to join our door. Now please make a blood oath to be loyal to our door, and never betray it."

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