This is simply the most straightforward and stern warning. On the surface, it is directed at Daiguji, but it also shows its position in secret, which makes everyone have to seriously consider it.

"Duanmu brother Du Jie is a blessing to my Chinese people, so I’d like to be your guardian!" Ying Zheng came out laughing.
"Are you sure?"
"Brother Chen, don’t trust others easily!"
"I believe that your majesty is not that kind of person, after all …"
Chen Han’s voice stopped and he laughed a few times, which made many people feel cold. Then he said, "Even if something happens to my ancestors, the lintel of my Duanmu family is still fine, and those who have a heart can feel bad. It is unwise to put the whole force into it in order to deal with one person."
These words made many people look shocked, and hundreds of people backed away far away on the spot, as if telling Chen Han that they had no idea.
The retreating forces also include several palace divisions of Ise Jingu Palace, but Chen Han doesn’t believe them.
"Reese, Leitian, Wang Jian and Meng Tian, follow me to defend the south. If you are attacked, you will be killed on the spot. If you let one person go, I will definitely behead you!"
"I obey!"
"It’s cold in the morning, just give me Ling Yuzong from the East. If anything goes wrong, please come and see me!"
"Thank you, predecessors, today’s feelings are unforgettable!"
"Don’t bother, I’ve taken care of the whole venue!"
Arrogant voice sounded very abrupt, and lines of figures appeared on the spot across the void. Zhan Ji, a rhinoceros pan with a fairy product, smiled at Chen Han: "Brother, don’t worry about some small things, because who dares to behave in such a way here? Just take care of Duanmu dome, and leave other things to my brother! "
He is equal to Chen Han as a brother, and equal to Duanmu Dome, just like Ying Zheng. After all, their seniority is the same as that of Duanmu dome, and it is impossible to call their ancestors after Chen Han. Everyone can only pay their own way, and there is not so much red tape between those who fix the truth.
See the demon family to finally feel a little relieved, that is, when it is arranged here, a bluish-purple thunder blasted off from the robbery cloud.
At the same time, the original whole hijack cloud suddenly split apart, and nine hijack clouds with a diameter of 100 meters guarded the 300-meter hijack cloud in Fiona Fang, forming a strange cloud picture.
"This is … haha, the legendary Japanese robbery in Kowloon, a rare robbery in a thousand years!"
"Are you happy?"
Chen Leng smiled and glanced at Daiguji, the laughing Ise Shrine, and said slowly: "Today, if this day has been robbed, it’s better to say that if you can’t pass the Ise Shrine, you will be buried!"
Daiguji Zuoxu Yimu’s face suddenly changed and he snapped, "Chen Han, what do you mean? Is it easy to bully me when I am Ise Shrine? "
"I don’t like you, that’s all."
Didn’t intend to give each other face at all, Chen Han said lightly: "It’s a piece of cake to destroy your Ise shrine with my strength, let alone your verbal collision with me. Even if there is no reason, does the strong have to have a reason to kill the weak?" I’m stronger than you. I’ll kill you if I want to. The reason is as simple as that. If I don’t have enough strength, I’ll be a low-key person for Laozi. I’m afraid I’m only a fool like you. "
A sword of light went up into the sky, breaking the lightning that was full of Du Jie’s late peak, and the look of Duanmu Dome was as calm as water.
This first line of thunder robbery is only tentative, even the most common Du Jie’s late fix true person can block it, or the real thunder robbery has not yet started. Just now, just by releasing a blow, the transformation of Armageddon was completely completed, and the Kowloon Penetrating Sun Robbery, which is rare in a thousand years, was formed.
In most cases, those who fix the truth are almost as powerful as the natural disasters. In this case, the success rate of Du Jie is about 30%.
In other words, more than half of the ordinary people who fix the truth will be stunned, but this proportion is aimed at ordinary people who fix the truth. After all, only a very small part of those who fix the truth have increased their talents, and the same is true of those who have powerful magic weapons, the best panacea and the best mind method. Those who fix the truth with nothing are almost impossible to survive.
However, this proportion is different when it is put into the big forces. Take the Jingyun Club as an example. If someone in Du Jie immediately provides fairy wares and the best panacea, the practice is even more extreme, and their success rate in Du Jie is infinitely close to 100%.
However, what we are talking about here is only the ordinary apocalypse. It is rumored that some people who fix the truth will drop a very powerful special apocalypse because they kill evil too much or do too many things that go against heaven.
It is almost impossible for a person to fix the truth without killing people, but there is also a stress on killing people.
If you open the fix true person to kill millions of ordinary people for no reason, the future Armageddon will be stronger than the ordinary fix true person, and the chance of surviving under that special Armageddon is almost nonexistent. However, this is also relative to the ordinary fix true, Duanmu Dome has now broken through to the early Mahayana, and the fairy wares and storage rings are full of the best panacea, and it is also a Leigang fairy body with two grades of increase. Even if Kowloon penetrates the sun, what can you do with him?
Vanity, ten JieYun affects the aura of sudden increase, from Fiona Fang, Wan Li, the area expanded by five times, the area is expanded by dozens of times.
In this area, the aura of heaven and earth gathered at a terrible speed, and the cloud gradually turned from purple to black and turned into a strange bright purple.
Countless pieces of lightning are also changing, from purple to purple-gold, and the smell is rapidly enhanced at an incredible speed, ten times stronger than before in a blink of an eye.
Booming …
Ten purple and golden thunderbolts came down, among which the weaker nine thumb-thick lightning also had the attack power at the beginning of Mahayana. As for the lightning with a thick wrist in the center, its power is absolutely no less than that in the middle of Mahayana, and it is ten times more than the first tentative robbery of Lei Qiang.

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