? Xiao Lingyu stayed, risking a lot of risks to fight with the holy spirit of the Sami people. Originally, he wanted to see if he could do everything he could to deal with an ordinary holy spirit, and wanted to see the power of that seat. He never thought that he had won the true spirit of the other side, which was a windfall.

Holding each other’s true spirit in his hand, he moved the tubular hallows once.
This move is not a large-scale move, but just to stay away from the battlefield. After the move, it is still in this big desert.
He found a place at random and recovered for a few days, but he was not found by the strong Shamei or Haga, so he used his four successes to make a long-distance move.
He has been able to play against the ordinary holy spirit, and Xiao Lingyu is naturally not afraid to move to any dangerous place.
Now, Xiao Lingyu also has the plan to return to the narrow sense of God where the shemale and the shemale are located, but he doesn’t know the specific location of the narrow sense of God although he has the sacred vessels to help him on his way, which will make his way without direction and purpose.
In the next few days, Xiao Lingyu continued to make a big move. After each big move, he would stop to restore his skill, but he did not encounter any danger.
Occasionally, after the relocation, he will go around to find the route to the narrow sense of god and collect the materials he needs when he breaks through the eight turns.
The divine world is too vast, with endless territory and countless races. Naturally, there are countless natural materials and treasures for cultivation.
Xiao Lingyu can easily get to other places from a place where ethnic groups gather, which makes it much more convenient for him to collect materials.
Occasionally, he will stop and make a more in-depth sacrifice of the eight-legged Tai Chi Ding.
As for the magic weapon of the chair, the grade is too high, and it is very difficult for him to sacrifice and refine it. For the time being, he doesn’t have to consider refining it completely. If it weren’t for his inheritance, it would be difficult for him to drive it to fight even if he had recognized him as the main one.
As for the whip sacristy of the Shamei holy spirit, Xiao Lingyu will not let it go.
While offering sacrifices to the sacred vessels, Xiao Lingyu is constantly digesting the inheritance of the sacred vessels, and his understanding of the array is gradually deepening.
Because the soul realm has turned eight, Xiao Lingyu naturally needs to collect a lot less materials, but as the main material to condense the chaotic baby of eight turns, it is not easy to get it.
Like the previous seven turns, the main materials needed for the breakthrough of the eighth turn are also advanced goods, and they are extremely difficult to find. At present, Xiao Lingyu has turned hundreds of advanced cities of dozens of races, but he has not found them.
The materials were not found, however, Xiao Lingyu finally received a piece of jade slips that burned a large area of the divine world after leaving the Shamei nationality for two thousand years.
In the sacred area burned in this jade bamboo slip, there is a mark of the narrow sacred area where the shemale and shemale families are located.
In other words, Xiao Lingyu finally found his way home, which made him very happy.
Xiao Lingyu, who has been away for so long and worried about Huamen and her relatives and friends, is already anxious to return.
Materials can be found in the future, Xiao Lingyu decided to go back to the narrow sense of the gods first. With his current strength, even if he can’t beat Johnson Dugu, it is enough to protect himself.
With the direction and goal, the speed of the big move of the tubular hallows is reflected, and it only took more than two hundred years, and he has already traveled two-thirds of the way.
If it weren’t for every big move of the tubular hallows, he would need to stop to recover his skill. If he could move it continuously, it is estimated that he would be able to go back in two or three days at most.
After another big move, Xiao Lingyu, as usual, stopped first to find a way to restore his skill.
Looking for a suitable place to meditate and practice, he suddenly saw a group of monks coming rapidly from one side, and after that group of monks, another group of monks were chasing after them.
To Xiao Lingyu’s surprise, the group of monks in front turned out to be terran, but there were less than 100 people, while the group of monks in the back had hundreds of people, obviously alien.
There is a big gap between the two sides, and the strength of the group of monks behind is far more than that of the group of monks who look like terrans in front, but the strongest on both sides are also less than the realm of the king of God.
Xiao Lingyu is not a person who likes to make trouble. In this vast and boundless celestial world, there may be powerful characters at any time. Plus, he doesn’t know about this celestial world that has just moved, but he was going to leave directly, but he changed his mind after observing the group of seemingly Terran monks for a few eyes.
A flicker, Xiao Lingyu block in front of the group of seemingly terran monks.
The group of monks who looked like terrans were naturally very surprised at Xiao Lingyu’s sudden appearance, but they didn’t say "hello" and went around directly.
Xiao Lingyu frowned slightly, but didn’t stop it again. Instead, he directly displayed the chaotic field, and in an instant all the Terran monks and the foreign monks who chased them were shrouded.
The power of the powerful field immediately imprisoned all the two monks before and after.
Only when the mind moved slightly, the power of the field immediately came into play, and in an instant, the group of foreign monks were all crushed to pieces and turned into a bitter fog of blood.
Then, Xiao Lingyu put away his own field and came to the group of monks who looked like terrans.
The reason why they look like terrans is because Xiao Lingyu thinks that the smell of this group of monks is still a little different from Terrans, although their appearance looks like Terrans.
This group of monks are all with a soft breath and full of vitality. Men look handsome, but none of them are ugly.
Most importantly, Xiao Lingyu noticed that all of these monks had a natural charm. If he was not a chaotic monk, he had realized the chaos and nature, and he could not feel it.
Xiao Lingyu immediately killed hundreds of aliens, which made this group of seemingly Terran monks very palpitation. When Xiao Lingyu came towards them, they all looked make a fool of oneself.
Since helping this group of monks solve the crisis of being hunted down, Xiao Lingyu naturally won’t be bad for them. He walked into the crowd and came to a seemingly seven or eight-year-old child.
Turning around the child several times, Xiao Lingyu showed a face of satisfaction.
The child is not tall, even less than Xiao Lingyu’s waist, but his face is ruddy and shiny, his eyebrows are bright and purple, and he has two lovely dimples on his cheeks, which is very lovable.
However, Xiao Lingyu is not satisfied with the child’s appearance, but with his physique.
The child is a boy, but at a young age, he already has a strong masculine spirit, but at the same time he also has a deep feminine spirit. Obviously, he is a man with the body of Yin and Yang.
"This is a piece of rough jade. With a little carving, it will surely become a peerless wizard in time!"
Xiao Lingyu’s heart was filled with admiration, and at the same time, her mind gradually became active.

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