Ye Han gave a wry smile and said nothing, but looked at the small raccoon dog in his arms and touched his face gently for a while before shaking his head at Kyubi no Youko tian hu but still not saying anything.

"Will it fail?" See Ye Han shook his head Kyubi no Youko tian hu seems to be white what could not help but ask.
I also called you to smell the speech, but there was a wry smile and there was no answer. It took a long time before I said, "Well, we have to come eventually. We are in a hurry and Xiaoli is not injured. I have to take her back to heal. Help yourself!"
Ye Han came to Kyubi no Youko and tian hu to talk about Xiaoli, but from that conversation just now, he knew that Kyubi no Youko and tian hu loved Xiaoli deeply, and this kind of love has become very simple from excluding the original possessiveness.
In that case, what does he have to talk about? Now that Kyubi no Youko and tian hu have given up their true love and realized that they have to haggle over all this?
Maybe I can be less worried about not being immersed in emotional entanglement after all this.
I think that I have been immersed in emotional entanglement all my life, and I can’t extricate myself. Although I try my best to struggle, I can eventually fall into the emotional whirlpool forever.
See Ye Han didn’t continue to talk about ideas. Kyubi no Youko and tian hu didn’t pester much and nodded. "Well, then you go!"
Ye Han nodded his head and was about to leave when he heard Kyubi no Youko tian hu say, "Take good care of him, no matter what the final outcome will be, I hope you can take good care of her!"
Ye Han smell speech is a ash, but it is better to nod his head. "Don’t worry, I will!"
Hearing this, Ye Han, Kyubi no Youko and tian hu nodded at ease, but Ye Han looked at him and didn’t say anything. He turned and looked at the direction of the sea and hesitated for a moment, then drifted towards the north …
Kyubi no Youko tian hu looked at Ye Han’s departure direction and murmured, "I hope you don’t let me down … [973] [after healing]
Ye Han holding Xiaoli soon returned to the misty land to see the daughters playing with the boulder, shaking their heads with a wry smile, and then showing their bodies floating towards the daughters.
When the daughters saw Ye Han coming back, they all turned to play and blinked at him. They had already surrounded him, and their faces showed joy. However, when they saw him holding Xiaoli in his arms, their faces changed from joy to surprise.
See Xiaoli this high strength is in a coma and all the women can’t help but ask "what’s wrong with her? What happened? "
Ye Hanwen smiled and looked at the beauty in her arms. It took a while before she smiled bitterly. "She’s hurt!"
Hearing this, Ye Han, all Kunoichi couldn’t help but faint. Is she hurt? Isn’t that the same as not saying anything? Look at her pale face at this time. Everyone knows that she is hurt!
Seeing that all the women were puzzled, Ye Han suddenly sighed, "She was injured to save me. Now I want to hurry to heal her!"
"ah? Brother Han, are you all right? " Inflammation hin smell speech busy walked beside Ye Han a face of impatient and asked.
"I’m fine!" Ye Han shook his head and then added, "But she’s … it’s all because of me. She’s injured and hurt Dan now. I’m worried that she’ll fix it …"
Speaking of which, Ye Han seems to be a little hard to say. He shook his head and said, "Let’s go to the pool. You and I will protect her and I will find a way to heal her. If anything can happen to her!"
Daughters smell speech heart suddenly a tight actually hurt Dan? What the hell is going on here? She should have hurt Dan in her ninth-grade repair. You know, even if she is injured by a stronger person, she should not be seriously injured. Yeah, how can even Dan be injured?
What did Ye Han experience before? How can a man who can hurt Xiaoli let him be safe? Arguably, the target of injuring Xiaoli people should be Ye Han. A person who can hurt Xiaoli people can’t be stopped even if Xiaoli tries his best to stop him from hurting Ye Han, can he?
This matter can’t be that simple!
Daughters soon came to a conclusion, but in view of Xiaoli’s serious injury, they will temporarily erase their doubts. After all, the injury waits for no one. If the treatment is delayed, it will be a big trouble.
You know, this Dan is no different from life for Yuan beast. Now Xiaoli Dan is injured, which will probably damage his life. This is no joke. If she is treated from time to time, her life and death are unpredictable.
Ye Han didn’t think of all the women. At this time, he was holding Xiaoli and had already jumped toward the square pool to blink. Then he saw a splash splashing his figure and disappeared into the pool.
Daughters looked at also dare not careless busy floating with a crowd jumped into the pool splashing several water figure has been lost.
Although Xiaoli Dan was stabilized at the beginning, after all, it hurt her. Ye Han, a Dan, did not dare to stay at the bottom for a moment, so he directly solved Xiaoli’s clothes and then injected his cold into her body.
Now that Xiaoli Dan is injured, Ye Han has to solve the flaws in the casting of his dress first. Now it is convenient for Xiaoli to be naked, so that she can not take advantage of her and ask for unimpeded casting.
You know, when Xiaoli was suddenly attacked when she was collecting Dan, she would definitely come and not react. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have almost let Dan fly away. If it weren’t for Ye Han’s reaction, I’m afraid her Dan would have been damaged already.
However, even so, her sudden loss of control has not only hurt her deeply, but also saved her life, which is already very rare. Otherwise, I’m afraid she would have died by now.
Ye Han, regardless of the damage, injected his own body cold into Xiaoli’s body. In this way, Xiaoli repaired the damaged meridians. Although it is more important to repair Dan, he received the attack body meridians at the moment before the exercise key, which had already been seriously damaged.
The damaged meridians barely repaired Dan for her, but it is extremely dangerous. He must repair the meridians in Xiaoli as soon as possible before he can start to repair her Dan.
Yu Dan’s mending is also very simple. It is necessary to straighten her somewhat displaced Dan so that her body can be restored to its state, and then she can be safe!
It is more troublesome to repair this meridian, because at the beginning, I was in a hurry to deal with the sun, the moon and the yuan, and when I didn’t have it, I repaired the meridian for her, which delayed a lot until now, and it was more difficult for her to heal completely.
When Lengling and others came to the bottom of the pool, they saw that Ye Han had healed in Xiaoli, so they didn’t dare to neglect it. Although it didn’t help much, it was still possible to protect the law for him. Moreover, although it seemed easier and more practical, it was not so easy.
You know, Ye Hanxiu is still much worse than Xiaoli. It is still very difficult for him to repair Xiaoli’s wounds in the realm of Yuan Shen, but there is a great lack of power demand.
Therefore, when they decided that Ye Han’s strength was not enough, they would lend their strength to him to settle the eye difficulties first. Besides, I think that with everyone’s help, they can still solve the trouble because of their own strength, and then they can practice again.
Although it will be a great sacrifice, they have no idea of retreating. Maybe they have strengthened a belief since then that everyone is a family, and they must live and die together, and no one can leave each other!
Xiaoli slowly healed Ye Han, but he really felt his lack of strength. But fortunately, it won’t delay the burning cold, refining the burning cold, refining the burning green and water, which made Ye Han feel at ease a lot.
With the gradual loss of strength, Ye Han also felt that the meridians of Xiaoli’s body were almost restored, and he also knew that all the women around him must be ready to support themselves at any time. He needed their help very much, but he could hold his teeth and try not to let them consume his strength without involving them.
After all, it’s hard for them to practice. If they consume their strength, it’s very troublesome to practice back.
I think in the first month’s free and unfettered days, he did a lot of double cultivation for all the women. Although it seems that they are happy, it is also true, so that they can secretly help them upgrade and let them repair this period. Although the speed is not obvious, it also has some effects.
And the daughters naturally know Ye Han’s intention. When he performs double cultivation, they dare not be too presumptuous. Although they can’t help but want to do something, they dare not move too much after all. Everything is his will first.
Yu Ye Han was happy to see the daughters so clever, so he worked harder to give them the happiest feeling.
Now a month later, many female practitioners have also been strengthened.

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