Biyou saw that xiao yue was more proud of his arrogance and broke into a burst of laughter. Only then did he lightly raise the sword in his hand. "Is there any monster who can live with you and me?"

Xiao yue turned pale. "You … you killed them?"
"Of course," Brigitte held her head high and smiled at her behind her. "Today, Master’s killing was really over to you."
A young man of about twenty years old smiled and turned out of the room with a discerning sword in his hand. This man has a pair of slender peach blossoms, which looks particularly annoying. After he came out, he first looked back and forth with frivolous eyes. This just hey smiled. "Master is such a beautiful demon, so he killed it, but it was a waste of time."
"Hehe, are you going to use your brain again?" You’re not angry. Instead, the young man knocked on the head and criticized, "Come on, do things quickly. Don’t let others see the little girl. Kill the three women first, then arrest them first and don’t let them go."
"Good" youth company promised to point to the door with a bright face. "Master, go in and rest, and I’ll come to you when I’ve warmed up."
This mentoring talk incredibly don’t look at small people. Just now, xiao yue went in and looked at Qi’s sword. It was this sword that made Qi clearly see each other’s strength. It seems that these four roots are within reach.
Xiao yue blushed and wanted to make moves, but she knew that she was not strong enough. She couldn’t help secretly looking back and looking at her little eyes a little red and didn’t speak. Ningqing was never wronged by a rich lady, and such a ridicule suddenly broke out!
My little girl doesn’t talk nonsense. The sword behind her finger suddenly flew up and turned into a bright sword. She went straight to the young man named Qi and shouted "Go to hell!"
Strange students are also full of humbled practice for more than ten years. Kung Fu didn’t come to work at all. The little girl’s flying sword struck so fast that she didn’t even have a chance to react directly. She was stabbed through her heart and fell to her arms and thighs on the spot. At the same time, she twitched two or two peach blossom eyes. At Ningqing, her head tilted and she died.
Brigitte you just took two steps, and the smile didn’t dissipate, and suddenly you couldn’t laugh anymore.
This is dead? Are you kidding me?
Yes, it is.
From the perspective of the celestial demon, it seems that it’s also a terrible thing for my little girl to have a celestial demon in her twenties as a master. Although the world is blocked everywhere, all the glory has been robbed by Xiaohe Tianyao, but now when she returns to the real world, the effect will come out immediately!
Small but I remember very clearly that Ningqing Kunlun Mountain said to myself in vain, "My strength is definitely not the second generation brother of the six schools."
This sentence has been made clear enough. If Ning Qing doesn’t exaggerate, then her skill at the moment should be second only to that of the heads of the six schools. What clouds, the Millennium and the fragrance, and Huang Beiliu should all be no match for her. Only such a talented expert looks like a human and animal disaster, but she has to sneak up on the sky without following the rules. I’m afraid there are really few people who can resist it.
The blue and secluded Qingcheng Sect is also a figure. After all, it is a master of the deep and remote word generation and a leader of the green and secluded people. This disciple Qi is also his proud brother, and he is also one of the top ten people in Qingcheng. I can’t figure out why his apprentice was killed by a little girl.
"You … you dare to kill people …" Biyou was so distressed that she was trembling and pointed at the little girl. "I … I must kill you!"
"Come on, come on." Ningqing waved at him as if to recruit kittens and puppies. "I’m looking for someone to practice before I fly my sword."
Brigitte you were so stimulated by her words that he almost vomited blood. Fortunately, the more he became angry, the more calm he became. He took a long breath and actually thought about it. "Although I didn’t pay attention when she just killed Qi, now that I can kill her with one blow, it must be powerful. The monster just rushed into the door. His strength is not high. There is still a man and a woman who are vain. Double eyes look as if fix true without getting started. It can be seen that this girl is the strongest of these four people. You know my strength, even if four strange experts join hands, I am absolutely not afraid. Then these four people will definitely not be my opponents. In that case, I can keep my hand. If I can kill them, I won’t expose my secret. "
Brigitte you thought of this and threw a magic weapon in your heart. This magic weapon is going round and round in the green, and it makes a creepy roar. It is actually a huge green crystal skull!
Although my little girl has the courage, she is not big enough. When she saw the skeleton, she was scared and ran to her little side. "What is this, little brother?"
"Hahahaha, you are dead today!" You’re proud again. "It’s no wonder that I’m forced by you, otherwise I don’t want to expose my secret and take out this fascinating skeleton! It’s absolutely forbidden to practice magic skills for me, so I must kill someone today and you will die! "
"wow! He is an evil practitioner! " Ningqing suddenly cried, "Little brother, you see that he is actually an evil cultivation? My master told me yesterday that evil cultivation, like the demon of heaven, is something that can be met but not sought. The master said that there is no evil cultivation in the field of repairing truth now, but I didn’t expect to meet one so soon."
"That’s right! I am what I said! " Brigitte you laughed with great pride "how scared? It’s a pity that it’s too late to be afraid now. I’m going to suck the souls of the four of you. After 7749 days of soul training, your souls will survive. You can’t be enslaved by me forever! "
Ningqing "bah" flew a sword with one hand and one finger and flew straight at the skull. "David Tang" hit the skull hard.
This time, Ningqing really ate the light of the flying sword, and suddenly, a dark light quickly returned to Ningqing’s hand, while the skull continued to spin while spinning slightly, and the green light became stronger.
"Yo, little girl, it’s really bad." Bi You also snacks a surprised. "This skull is so powerful that I’m afraid it’s not much better than your flying sword even if it’s personally shot by the head brother."
Xiao Chang took a long breath and suddenly looked up and said, "I want to ask you one last question. Where did you hide the Tiger King and them?"
He hasn’t been talking. At the moment, there is a rather overbearing momentum. Ning Qing and the two foxes feel very strange and can’t help but look at him.
It’s a little different at the moment when it’s always peaceful. His eyes are a little reddish and his mouth is tight. This gesture suddenly makes his face a little cruel and murderous. This look turns out that Ning Qing and the foxes have never seen it before
Biyou fumed, "Who are you? Why should I tell you?"
Xiao gave him a deep look. "You told me I could spare your life."
Blue deep and remote laughing face upwards "with you? You, a third-rate practitioner who hasn’t started yet, have the audacity to spare my life? Ha ha ha ha I don’t care how you get along with these monsters anyway, even if you want to spare me, I certainly can’t spare you today. "
Chapter 114 Wan Li rush about.
Chapter 114 Wan Li rush about.

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