Chapter 15 treasure hunting at the bottom of the lake

"Are you sure you want to join?" The leader of the team looked at Rogge with a look of surprise and inexplicably. He really didn’t expect that such a young boy would ask to join the team.
"Can’t you?" Rogge retorted and looked at the captain unblinkingly at the same time.
"You this melon Eva see you at a young age bravery is quite big, do you know what we are going to do? What we do is very dangerous, you know? If you have nothing to do, go home and find your mother! Don’t lose your life here. "A wretched uncle with a round face directly insulted Rogge.
The blade is reversed and wiped!
For a moment, Rogge was still in the same place. "Don’t shout like this and make your grandfather upset!" "
Rogge has a feeling of oppression in his heart these days, and he can’t help bursting at the moment. I can’t figure out why there are such boring things in this world. If you don’t take a good road, you have to learn from dogs and get in the way and don’t teach them some lessons. They are still screaming all the way around you.
Then there was a sudden silence in the crowd, and no one could hear the breathing.
Because they never expected that this thin teenager would have such a good skill, because just now, when the teenager drew his sword for one minute and two seconds, the original wretched uncle had collapsed and sat down. He was extremely afraid to touch his face, and his face had five more blood stains at the moment. If the teenager had been a little ruthless just now, it would not be the uncle sitting there, and it would be a dead body lying there.
Silence in the past, the crowd suddenly felt an uproar. Everyone looked at the teenagers as if they had seen evil spirits. How could there be such a terrible teenager in this world and how could there be such a quick move? Because their roots didn’t see how the young sword was pulled out, they didn’t see the bright sword that passed away. They thought in their hearts that the sword in this young man’s hand must be a natural enemy peerless sword with a hero, which is called a pair of the world.
However, they all think wrong. Rogge shuriken root is not a peerless sword, but a dim and ordinary iron sword. At the beginning, the blacksmith’s shop spent 150 gold coins to build this sword, and the price of three bowls of beef noodles was not really a world double.
"What happened? Do you still want to refuse me to join? " Rogge is too lazy to look at others anymore. A group of laity!
Just now, I saw Zheng Zheng, the captain of the beard, at the moment, it seemed as if God Se was in a trance. It was only a few seconds later that he heard Rogge. He didn’t react until he looked at the young man in front of him with a face of surprise and immediately smiled.
"Yes, of course, you are welcome to join the team. Together, we will be able to bring the Gracilaria lemaneiformis at the bottom of the lake. If no one wants to join the team again, we will move!" Uncle beard captain shouted loudly at the moment, and he also thought in his heart that with the help of this young man, the winning rate will even double again. Maybe this time they will think about it, thinking that he will be happy in his heart and have fantasized about sharing the gold funeral.
Seeing that anyone in the crowd wants to join the beard captain shouted, "Then let’s go. Let’s follow up on the 6-year-old lake, kill the dragon king and get the Chinese alpine rush!" Divide the gold! "
Rogge counted about 50 people, which means there are more than 200 people here, and there are 50 people left at the bottom of the lake, and the 150 people are all without clods.
"The team is ready for the lake."
Captain beard went to the lake first, and with a splash, he suddenly sank into the bottomless lake.
At this time, Rogge suddenly remembered one thing. He forgot to buy water drops. Water drops can hinder water power. If people are in water, they can wrap people all over without being harmed by water, but they are human beings. If they are in water, they can do anything, such as killing people! Fixed water drops call big six is something that can be seen everywhere, and it is also cheap. Usually dozens of gold coins can be bought in grocery stores.
"Dude, etc. Who has fixed water droplets? Who has fixed water droplets? Lend me one! " Rogge shouted
A young man who was just about to dive hesitated for a moment, then he turned to Rogge and took out a glittering jade pearl from his pocket.
"Give me this one!" Give the extra water drops to Rogge, and the man burst into a sudden disappearance of the water.
"Go in" Rogge to small * *.
Meow ~ ~
Blackie didn’t say anything and then disappeared into the shape.
Watching more than 50 people plunge into the lake, Rogge was left alone in the end, and the water burst again. It took a while for the lake to return to calm, and it seemed as if there had been no change since ancient times.
At the moment, there are still some people on the shore of the lake who haven’t left. Although they dare not swim, out of curiosity, some of them want to see the situation and see how many of those water people can emerge from the water alive. At this time, they have already decided that those who have gone will be dead bodies. Maybe it won’t be long before floating bodies will float on the water!
The lake and the lake are two different situations. At this moment, there are many people in Jinghu Lake. 6. The sound of the water is very soft and indistinguishable, giving people a strange feeling.
Rogge is also slowly swimming with the team at the moment, wrapping Rogge’s whole body with a layer of water vapor across the whole body. The light water vapor shakes from time to time, but the lake just can’t flow in. However, when Rogge reaches out his arm, the water vapor also deforms and swims with his arm. The water vapor layer around Rogge is like a soft and elastic thing that does not hinder people’s actions.
"Everybody stay close and don’t fall behind!" At this time, there was a dull sound coming from the bottom of the deeper lake. Rogge could hear that it was the captain’s sound.
Gradually, the light in the nearby waters became dimmer and dimmer. After five minutes of diving, Rogge and others saw something invisible. It seemed that everything was wrapped in deep darkness and the distant places were completely invisible.
At this time, a total of 50 people have landed on their feet, and they have reached the bottom of the lake.
At this time, Rogge gradually felt a little chest tightness, feeling that the whole body of water was constantly pressing hard on himself, and there was a feeling that the water vapor layer was about to be broken, but Rogge was still calm, and he was not affected except for his breathing.
Chapter 16 Dragon at the bottom of the lake
"Captain, how can I get there now? How can I find it in the dark around here? "
"Yes, yes, it’s too dark at the bottom, and it seems that there is nothing around here except darkness and darkness. Unless there is nothing at the bottom of this lake and there is no Chinese alpine rush, the dragon here will talk more about it. If so, it will be in vain."
At this time, Captain Beard looked around for a week, and the fruit was really dim. Except for stones and sediment, even a water grass could not be seen. There was nothing but darkness around him.
"Then let’s split up and search for you in four groups in four directions." Captain, the dull sound is gradually spreading, and it’s dark and dark.
"This ….. I’m afraid it’s a little bad. If there is danger, don’t shout. This underwater sound is too difficult. If one party’s business is wiped out, it will not be worth the loss." At this time, someone came out and expressed his concern
"Yes, yes, in case of an accident … I think it’s better to find it together. If you meet a dragon, you can work together to eradicate it."
It seems that there are still people in the crowd who are afraid of death but unwilling.
"I can’t see when I can find the bottom of this mirror lake. If I find it this way, I don’t know when I will find it. I don’t want to come again for the second time or the third time. In my opinion, it’s the first plan to do things separately with half the effort!" Captain beard is a greedy but courageous man. At this moment, he looks at others, and his attitude is very firm. It seems that he can’t pull it down for a while.
"I agree with the captain’s plan."
At this time, a clear young voice in the deep water, everyone looked at Rogge together, but someone suddenly looked like they wanted to kill Rogge.
"Arrogant young players haven’t spoken to you yet. Don’t let you regret it for life at the moment. You are crazy, right? Then go find it yourself! Don’t follow us if you have something! " At this time, someone with a very timid heart came out. He didn’t have the courage to speak to others, but he looked at Rogge as young and alone, so he put on a overbearing look that would kill you.
This man may have forgotten the situation just now, but Rogge scratched five blood stains on his wretched uncle’s face with a sword. If he didn’t have the strength, most people would never do it.
"Scold the hubris little lesson almost forget who you are. It’s really a bitch who has no father to teach and wants to share with us! Be careful, you’ll be killed later. "At this moment, someone next to you booed and looked at the face with a y and n smile as if you were going to secretly kill Rogge later.
"Shut up for me son of a bitch beside pension rang rang a fart! If you have something to do, ask me to find the Chinese alpine rush. If it doesn’t work, shut up the old man and argue with him to see me stab you! " Captain beard a face of combative suddenly angry together.

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