"You … who are you? I’m a concubine of the fierce king. How dare you punish me? You ….. "When Zhou saw two old women come in, they became more and more scared and trembled.

The smiles of these two old ladies make people feel like tarsal maggots.
"Shi concubine? We don’t know what you’ve done, but obviously you’re not small. "
"Yeah, whose backyard harem can enter this dungeon? Don’t talk about your status as a concubine. What do you have to say? Why don’t we have a job and you suffer less? "
"I didn’t I didn’t do anything! You can’t punish me, I am wronged! " Zhou struggled hard, but it was a pity that she struggled like a chain in vain.
"I’ve seen a lot of hard words, and I’m much worse than you. You’d better weigh whether you can stand the toss."
"What nonsense to do with her? Are you really a concubine? Now he is a prisoner. "
Older woman disdain 358 Chapter 358 Double agent
"Hey, hey, then."
The two women approached Zhou with grinning faces.
A few outside Feng Ling soon heard Zhou’s screams, which sounded like pain.
A few people can’t help but shake their heads. "It is said that a woman is really malicious, otherwise I don’t know what the means are."
"Hey needle? Women like needles. "
"Who knows? It sounds miserable anyway, but it deserves to be so vicious. A woman should cut her."
A few guards idle KeYa Feng Ling occasionally nod.
At night, the two old women were tired, and Zhou was finally going to vomit.
She hurts. She doesn’t have a good needle all over her body. Of course she does.
There is a way to say that torture devices are so devastating to her, a yellow flower girl, that it is unbearable for her to suffer both mental and physical blows.
"I … confessed. Give me a good time."
At this time, Zhou thought it was a different thing.
It’s said that bite the tongue didn’t know it was nonsense until the last moment. Can you die by lisping? How many people can bite off their tongues? It would have hurt when it was about to fall.
So she can choose to carry it or say it and die happily.
The two women glances relieved.
Glide with two guards came in is a surprise.
Listen to Zhou’s screams for an afternoon. It’s estimated that watching people is bloody, even if it’s not bloody, at least it’s scarred, right?
This will look at the messy hair, which is a struggle by yourself, and the clothes are probably messed up.
He’s incredibly good.
You look pale, even your exposed hands are intact, and there is nothing missing from your nails.
"You go out and get the reward" Lingfeng duct
The two women agreed and bowed and went out.
"Speak who told you to poison the princess? Who are you from? " Feng Ling asked.
"I … I’m a pursuit person, and I said that inviting the moon is someone else’s call, and I don’t have to do anything to pass on the news at any time." Zhou self-effacing way.
"So I told you to poison the princess?" Feng Ling frowned and said that it was not too cruel to forbid the sovereign to leave an heir.
"No … not positions is MuShi MuWanting" Zhou gnashed her teeth.
"Yes, she arrested my brother. I was born in a bad family. I lost my mother early. My stepmother gave birth to several children to support my brother. My brother was sent to Zhuang for several years. When I was drafted, she told someone to take him away and see my brother. She said that I would kill my brother if I didn’t do it." Zhou struggled. "Please, I have to ask you to help him."
"You said it was Mu’s?" Feng Ling frown more tightly.
"It’s her. She’s jealous that Princess Su is in favor and can follow the prince to have a son. She’s crazy," Zhou said.
"What you say is true? If there is a fake, you can’t even die well. "
"I dare not cheat. What’s the point of cheating now? I won’t poison Princess Su. He’s not stupid. Now that the civil war has been burned, can I add northwest? Mu Shi said that he killed my brother for two months without hearing about the death of Princess Su … The poison was lied to me because she didn’t want to get her hands on it before. That’s what she meant. She invited the moon to take away half of it, but she … She didn’t dare … "Zhou desperate way.
Glide didn’t have to ask when he saw what to say, and went out of the dungeon to report back.
"Ha ha double agent" Sue cotton listen to say with smile.
"Poisonous woman" Yan Gui said through his teeth.
"Report Zhou …" Feng Ling asked carefully.
"Dispose of it," Yan said.

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