"You! You! I will kill you! " Lan Yao beheaded and didn’t know what to do. She felt that her neck and cheeks were burning because of shyness. She must be very red. Because of that kind of shyness and burning, she almost shed tears. She was angry with herself to a large extent and was careless. But at this time, she must be angry. Then the best object to be angry is Yang Ye.

Yang night one leng neck a terrier smiled a "can’t? Kill me? Give a reason first! "
"There is no reason! Is to kill you! " The blue demon chop has completely become a little woman at the moment, and that kind of unreasonable strength broke out and said that she really raised her arm.
"You speak some truth? The Tang Dynasty was also a legal society! " Yang night put hands and tried to get up and feel physically weak, or "you said those words yourself and I didn’t force you!" I didn’t mean to eavesdrop! "
"You said! Who told you to listen! Damn it! " Finished orchid demon chop completely angered by yourself, this is too shameful to happen so suddenly that she doesn’t know how to take off her clothes and take a look at Yang night.
Yang night also has to explain something. The blue demon chop is ashamed. Don’t give Yang night a chance to humiliate yourself. Your finger has quickly reached out and directly pressed Yang night’s neck.
Yang night body suddenly twitched violently, and tens of thousands of volts felt quickly all over him, which made him feel like walking on clouds and general stimulation, and then he felt weak. After such a night, Yang suddenly felt that his insides, head and limbs could not be turned into a vast universe …
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When Yang night woke up, it was already dawn. With one eye open, Lan Yao cut a Zhang Chunguang smiling face, and she smiled apologetically in front of her, as if there was something else.
However, Yang Ye didn’t have the time and courage to look at it carefully. He quickly turned over and sat up. He moved behind him in horror and stared at the blue demon who was laughing very abnormally. He stammered, "What do you … what do you want?"
Blue demon chop continue to smile "red Bi are you awake? It’s my fault I shouldn’t have ordered you. "
Yang night was really scared and ran back all over. This blue demon chop is too abnormal! There must be a conspiracy!
Where is the plot? After the blue demon beheaded Yang night, he regretted that Yang night had been around for more than half a night. I thought it was because I was angry with myself and suffered, but Yang night was really unreasonable. The world is so wonderful, but I am so grumpy. Is this good or not?
So waiting for Yang night to wake up, Lan Yao chopped to please Yang night and make up for her mistake last night, but where would she flatter? The more you try to please, the less you get to the point, but the more awkward and unnatural you want to laugh, which scares Yang Ye.
Laughing for a long time, I saw Yang Yefei, but I didn’t appreciate it. Instead, I stared at him as if I would eat him. So Lan Yao was discouraged and closed his smile. He turned his head and said in a low voice, "Okay, it’s okay. Don’t eavesdrop on me after I was sorry last night!"
Yes! Mistake or Yang Ye?
But Yang night is not in the mood to pay attention to these. Seeing that Lan Yao’s beheading has returned to normal, I feel relieved. Instead, I smiled and reached for Lan Yao’s beheading shoulder and said, "Nothing, nothing, how can I be angry?" Don’t smile at me like you want to bite. Look at how good you are now. I’m used to you. How cute! "
So let the blue demon cut one leng, then his face was slightly ruddy and shallow, and he bowed his head and glanced at Yang Ye, muttering, "I told you, don’t remember a word you forgot for our department last night!"
Yang night just woke up. Oh, no, I just woke up. My head is still a little heavy. Suddenly, I saw that Lan Yao was so shy and shy. I really didn’t notice that Lan Yao could be so cute and so beautiful! This kind of beauty promotes blood circulation and beauty from the outside, which makes people feel pity. This kind of beauty is from bone to skin. and a moment that ought to have lasted for ever …
Lan Yao beheaded and caught a glimpse of Yang Ye staring at her all the time, and she looked like she was flirting. She couldn’t help but feel her face. Hongxia instantly faded and she held out her finger and stared at Yang Ye coldly and said, "Look again?"
Yang night immediately withdrew his eyes. He always had a fear of the blue demon chop, didn’t he? Is more like the real strength according to Yang night in situ three orchid demon chop is not necessarily an opponent, but he can’t and orchid demon chop begin and that kind of fear is also true involuntarily afraid … Men and women men are afraid of women is not so happened!
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The scorching sun is still dizzy, and the Yang Yelan demon beheaded and took a closer look without any trace of awakening or recovery.
Yang night watching twist a head shook his arm and smiled "I recover so fast?
Didn’t you say that the energy was absorbed? "
Lan Yao glanced at him lightly and replied, "After you fell asleep last night, I gave you a few acupuncture points to help you recover your strength and energy as soon as possible."
Yang night gave a wry smile "sleep? Mom, I passed out in pain! "
Talking to see blue demon cut the cold face turned and held out a finger Yang night frighten hurriedly motioning with his hand and said as he retreated "but thank you for your help! I dare not to think that I shouldn’t thank you for your kindness. You and I are the most beautiful in my heart. I want to say thank you. Every day in my life, you make me blush beautifully. Lovely women make me feel bad. Lovely women make me crazy. Lovely women work hard. grinding bean curd, I am your little German shepherd. I want everyone to give a little love. The world will become a beautiful person .. "
I don’t know what I’m talking about when I’m retreating to Yang night. I’m panicked and I’ve retreated to the door of the bedroom. I tripped over the threshold and quickly turned my body. After a straight body, I turned upside down with one hand, and then I bent over and fell to the ground.
Lan Yao wanted to laugh, but quickly held back and turned over Yang Ye. He raised his hand and made two gestures and said, "Come here!"
Yang night dazed, moved with trepidation, and rubbed past novels, saying, "It’s time for revenge! Let’s say no face, no finger poking me. "
Lan Yao chopped and snorted, turned around and pointed to the collapsed scorching sun and said, "Come and have a try when you are almost recovered, and see if you can make the scorching sun recover."
"Me? You treat me like a Buddha! " Yang Ye raised his hand in disbelief and pointed to himself, "How can I save him?"
Lan Yao grabbed Yang night and came to the side of the scorching sun and said softly, "Try the red dagger cultivation ability and try to instill it into the scorching sun to drive away other bodies and place scales in Long Xiao." Then he raised his hand and looked at his palm and said, "Our cloud clan ability and the fire clan are mutually exclusive. Among the cultivation races, your ghost clan ability is the strongest, and your ghost clan ability can also resist and restrain all its racial abilities."
Yang Ye nodded and interjected, "Oh, the ability of emotional cultivation is like blood type. Our ghost clan ability is O type blood, right?" It’s hard to say, but I have spread my hands with a wry smile. "But I don’t have a ghost. Jia Lanxiu also said that I don’t have a ghost. Even if I have a body that hasn’t been inspired, what do you want me to do?"
"No, it’s not red Bi. You’re not simply a ghost body now." Lan Yao shook his head. "In addition to not inspiring ghost energy, your body has a night attack bone to repair powerful evil energy, and I also injected my cloud energy into you last night when I helped you to control Long Xiao’s body scales in the hot sun. Your body has a lot of disposable ability, but you are still not skilled."
"ah? You inject cloud energy into me? " Yang Ye exaggerated and glared at him. "Then will I become a sissy?"
Lan Yao beheaded Yin and looked up and pretended to hit Yang Ye. She smiled and shrank a neck of Lan Yao’s pie mouth and slowly let go. She said, "Red Bi, you now have the most powerful evil energy. You should be more powerful than Long Xiao if you can transport it and are not controlled by it."
Yang Ye listened and nodded slowly and looked at the scorching sun and hesitated. "Will this scorching sun be dangerous?"
"I don’t know," Lan Yaochop replied very simply, "But if you don’t give it a try, we are here to execute and face the plot of the black domain master." Lan Yaochop also looked at the scorching sun in a dim way. "If he doesn’t recover, it will be a tired whole; Restored, we saved one more helper. "
"Is it too poisonous?" Yang Ye was a little annoyed. "How can you take risks when you are the main door of the red domain?" Said the eyes a bright "yes! You can go back to the hot sun in the red domain! "
Lan Yao cut a sad smile. "We tried our method and the red domain Lord. It seems that the black domain Lord didn’t intend to give us the opportunity to move reinforcements."
"Black domain master again!" Yang night fierce a fist.
"The red Bi, you must try. We can break the plot obstacle of the black domain master." Lan Yao cut and talked, and pulled Yang Ye’s hand to the scorching sun to pull a landslide.
Yang night deep a little nod.
Just at this time, there was a slight noise outside the door. Yang Yelan demon chopped and turned to look at the past. A figure stood outside the red wooden door.

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