In the eye are also flustered for a moment or Yang night first.

"Mom, are you … awake?"
Bai Jingjing nodded in the dark, and Bai Jingjing was also very nervous. She knew that Yang Ye had too many questions to ask her, but she didn’t know whether to answer them or how to answer them or what the consequences would be.
Yang night took another step to the room and said softly as he walked, "It’s good to wake up! Mom, do you know that everyone is worried about you? "Talking, I turned and stretched out my hand to touch the wall.
"Don’t turn on the light!" Bai Jingjing window suddenly leaned out and let out a cry, startled Yang night and looked back at Bai Jingjing inexplicably.
"Don’t, don’t light." Bai Jingjing’s voice was weak and she hesitated to repeat. She was afraid of lights. She didn’t know that in a piece of light, she was like facing Yang Ye, like facing those problems, like facing … she would bite the hand that feeds her.
Yang night leng moment white Bai Jingjing meaning low smiled a backhand door took a few steps to sit in the bedside chair looked at Bai Jingjing said "good little mom, no lights" said, pointing to a bed "little mom come back to bed to rest and … since you wake up, I think we can talk"
Although you can’t see people’s facial features and expressions in the dark, you can see the shape and movement of Truman. Bai Jingjing hesitated in silence and slowly walked to the other side of the bed and sat down on the other side of Yang night.
Yang Ye listened to Bai Jingjing breathing slightly and knew that she was very nervous, so she tried to relax her tone. There was a strong doubt in her words. "Mom, you … woke up early, didn’t you?"
Bai Jingjing didn’t speak in silence. Silence at this time is tantamount to acquiescence.
"Then why didn’t you tell us that you had woken up? What are you running from? " Yang night heart anxious relentlessly cross-examine.
Bai Jingjing gave a wry smile, "Ha ha Yang night, do you know what I’m running away from?" He turned slightly to face Yang night, but he couldn’t see each other’s face clearly, but he could feel their eyes. "Because I know what you want to ask me, I can’t answer you." W α р finishing.
"Can’t answer? What? " Yang night was a little surprised. He knew Bai Jingjing Duocong but didn’t think she would give him a negative directly.
"Yang night, I know you must have guessed everything, so I admit that I hurt your father Yang Zhenkui, I admit …" Bai Jingjing said the sound was getting smaller and smaller, bowed his head and suddenly raised his head and shouted at Yang night. "But why don’t you save it? What? If you can save Nan Rongjun, why not save your father? "
Yang night listening to Bai Jingjing shout smiled "ha ha mom I haven’t asked you what you actually ask me in turn? Blame me in turn? You’re so funny, "he said, getting up suddenly and getting fierce." Now you have to tell me something, right? Give me a reason why it hurts my father. !”
Bai Jingjing stayed in wait for a while and looked up at Yang night without a trace of fear. The sound was "nothing, nothing" than the hole.
Yang night leng Bai Jingjing eyes glazed over in the dark and tears flashed through them.
Yang night two-step walk over, bent down and stretched out his hands to hold the bed and looked at Bai Jingjing. "Hehe, my mother didn’t hide it. She escaped tonight, and Mu Mingfeng will bring people here. Maybe we all have to die."
Bai Jingjing stupefied but a little twist a head to see Yang night said doubtfully "Muming wind? Mu family? What happened to them? "
"Mom, don’t you really hurt my father?" Yang night was also surprised that the man behind Bai Jingjing was not Muming Wind. Who was that?
Bai Jingjing shook his head and suddenly raised his hand to cover his mouth and began to cry and said vaguely, "I … I didn’t expect you to save him now … I killed Zhenyan Yang night. You killed me!"
"Mom ….." Yang night watching Bai Jingjing more and more don’t understand this woman in front of her beg for death? What?
"Don’t call me! Don’t call me that I don’t deserve it … I don’t deserve it! " Yang night such a call Bai Jingjing more sad hands over his face and bowed their heads and cried deeply.
"Mom, I call you that because I don’t believe that you are such a person. I hope you can tell me who forced you. What are your difficulties?" Yang Ye said with his hands out of bed and straightened up. "Mom, I believe you, and you have to believe me."
Bai Jingjing still cried and sighed at night, and gently stepped around the end of the bed and put his hands on Bai Jingjing’s shoulder. "Mom, everything is messed up now, and I can’t figure it out, but I have to find the culprit. Tell me what your difficulties are and I will help you."
Bai Jingjing straightened up slightly, leaned his head against Yang Yeshen and continued to cry. It seems that Yang Yeshen or Bai Jingjing himself has not cried like this for so many years. This time, for many years, he pretended to be strong and collapsed. After years of ups and downs, he finally had a dumping object. Bai Jingjing felt that all grievances and pains flooded his heart and tears could not stop flowing.
"Who is the little mother?" Yang night holding Bai Jingjing head gently asked.
"I, I don’t know who it is." Bai Jingjing cried and hesitated. "But he should be a Zhang family."
"Zhang family? Zhang Wenyu? !” Yang night a surprised quickly asked
"Not Zhang Tian" Bai Jingjing’s expression is indifferent. "Zhang Wenyu is too young to be Zhang Wenyu at all times."
"Zhang day? Who’s that? " Yang night more listen to more strange.
"It’s Zhang Tianshou’s younger brother." Bai Jingjing glanced at Yang Ye with tears but his expression was a little dull. "Zhang Tianshou’s younger brother is my ex-husband."
"What?" This Yang night is more surprised. I didn’t expect things to be so complicated. "Zhang Tian? Your husband? Before? Why haven’t I heard of this man? "
Yang Ye said this, which made Bai Jingjing look up at him strangely. "Yang Ye, how did you … never heard of Zhang Tian?"
Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and suddenly remembered his identity. He was a young man. Young parents and young masters would surely know these things and these people. So Yang Ye Ma touched his head. "I … I really can’t remember. You know, my little mother suffered a head injury when I ran away from home."
Bai Jingjing looked at Yang Ye and nodded his hand, pressed his nose and cried in a low voice. "You will remember Yang Ye" said with a painful expression. "Everything was just a day. He turned out to be a good man. After I married him for a few years, he became more and more ambitious and grumpy, which made me feel strange. Later, after I divorced him, he found me and let me get close to your father and put us away.
"Daughter? You have a daughter? " Yang night surprised is going to pull the hair.
"Yeah, but it’s shocking that your father doesn’t know," Bai Jingjing said, her voice hoarse.
Yang night leng forced himself to shake his head and raise his hands to stroke a hair. "I didn’t know that there was such a thing, that is to say, when you were close to my father, were you forced to endure or were you ordered by Zhang Tian?" You and my father really don’t have any feelings, do you? "
"no! No, no! " Bai Jingjing quickly shook his head "Yang Ye and your father have lived together for several years. I admit that I am my daughter. I am a mother after all! But slowly I fell in love with Zhen Zhen. He was such a good man. Knowing that I was Zhang Tian’s ex-wife, he still accepted me under pressure. Just when everyone scolded me in easy virtue, everyone was jealous of me for being able to marry into two giants in five families in a row. It was also when you were always rude to me. Zhen Zhen Zhen still took care of me so much that I couldn’t bear to be wronged. I really loved Zhen Zhen! " Bai Jingjing said excitedly turned around and caught Yang night arm "you believe me! I love your father Yang Ye! "
Yang looked at Bai Jingjing at night and nodded slowly. "I believe that I can see it from my mother, especially from my father’s mourning hall. I can really see that you are crying so sad."
Bai Jingjing shook his lips and grabbed Yang Ye’s arm and slowly bowed his head and cried for a few long sighs and then slowly choked up and said, "Real … Real, I wanted to talk to Zhenkui about these things many times later, but how can you let me talk?" How can I tell him that I approached him with a purpose? I’m afraid … I’m afraid Zhenkui will hate me for wasting your time! "
"I’m Bai Xiaoma, I believe you wrote me a hint from the mirror in your room that day, and I knew that I don’t doubt you. I believe you were forced." Yang Ye raised his hand and patted Bai Jingjing, holding his arm and hand. Bai Jingjing, who had been gentle and dignified, was crying unseemly at this time. Yang Ye could feel the pain and struggle in her heart. At the same time, Yang Ye’s anger at what Zhang Tian was growing bit by bit.
"I can’t hurt Zhen Zhen, and I can’t hurt my own daughter." Bai Jingjing said, staring blankly at one side. It felt like I lost my eyes. "I really didn’t expect him to save Zhen Zhen … I didn’t expect that! It’s me who killed Zhenkui … "Said Bai Jingjing or wait for a while, whose expression turned sharply to Yang night, and tears fell straight from her eyes." Yang night, you know? If it weren’t for this daughter, if I wasn’t worried about my daughter, I would have killed myself! I simply don’t want to live! Are you white? You are white! !”
In the dark, Bai Jingjing’s face is a tear mapping out of the window, and a little bit of light comes in. Yang night holds Bai Jingjing’s shoulder and sits beside her slowly. "I’m all white, mom. Don’t worry, I’ll go to the Zhang family to find that Zhang Tian to save your daughter at dawn! I promise! "
Bai Jingjing wait for a while looked at Yang Night with eyes bright and eyes dim for a moment. He grabbed Yang Night’s arm and hand and said softly, "Impossible, I don’t know, I don’t know my daughter …"
"I’m looking for Zhang Tianyao! I don’t believe that he is not afraid of death! " Yang night angrily shouted a.
"Yang night it seems that you really can’t remember everything." Bai Jingjing shook his head and said in a low voice, "Zhang Tian has been dead for many years."

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