"Zhou Shaoshao, the chairman of the Huanyu Group, grew up in Jingge Orphanage, and the orphan Zhou Shaoshao studied in Jingge, a sophomore majoring in business administration at Japanese University, to help people substitute."

Ivanova did not answer the question of Zhouyi, but told the background of Zhouyi and Jingge and asked, "Am I right?"
"Quite right"
Zhou Yi answered and then waited for Ivanova.
"My boss and I both arrived at the birthday dinner in Wei Zhang, your class. My boss is very interested in the two, but now he has some business to expand and wants to invite the two to join us. I wonder if they are interested."
Ivanova said
"May I ask who your boss is?" Zhouyi asked
"Sanye Hangzhou people all call my boss Sanye. I wonder if the two have heard of it?" Ivanova asked.
"Third Master, how can we not know that it is said that when children cry in the evening, others are scared by the name of Third Master?"
Jing Ge said flatly that he grew up in the street, of course, he had heard about the gangsters in Hangzhou, but he didn’t seem to like this name very well.
"Lin Yin Bar has been renovated and opened for business. It turned out that the boss has changed, and the sphere of influence of this Third Master has expanded rapidly."
Zhouyi thought that although he is not a gangster, he knows something more or less. Before Zhouyi had a unified gangster idea, of course, now he still won’t set foot in the underworld industry, even if he wants to play gangster, it will be later.
"Three yes? Beauty elder sister third master said that a knife cut down a fierce person. "
After the surprise, Li Hao quickly asked Ivanova that this little girl likes some Jianghu people, and unofficial history worships these Jianghu gangsters very much.
"These are not well-known and trustworthy people. Our third master is a very kind person."
Ivanova was not angry at Jing Ge’s words of drinking Li Hao, but smiled and explained that the woman was still sober and agile after drinking so much wine.
"Haha, Jing Ge and I are still students. What do we have to do with Third Master?" Zhouyi laughed.
"Zhou Shaoshao you YanChong two is not mixed with three yes, three yes hope two join together with him to work hard to enjoy the prosperity, this is a long-term cooperation and don’t worry for a while, besides, isn’t it sometimes during your summer vacation and winter vacation? Pre-social exercise is not a bad thing. "
Ivanova said
"Who is the third master? I’ve also heard about it. Then I’ll speak directly. If the third master wants us to join the mafia, is it my background and Jingge hemorrhagic Chapter 58? Happy together.
Zhou Yibai Ivanova means so he directly asks []
Zhou Yi’s idea about mixed gangs is that he can’t go all the way to the black. He prefers to be a red-topped businessman or a lean figure like Hu Xueyan. After all, it is best for a harmonious society to have an official umbrella. If it is purely mixed gangs, the danger is very high.
Zhou Fugui is an example. When he was young, he was indeed a big shot in the Northeast, but in the end, he was whitewashed for doing business and didn’t touch the underworld. Of course, he was born in a lean underworld, and there were some Confucian businessmen who wouldn’t be arrogant and overbearing. Zhou Fugui’s success was not accidental, but all the forces of Wei Zhang’s gangster Sixth Master were uprooted overnight. That is, when the Sixth Master official didn’t offend the officialdom, no one would come forward to protect him and his gangsters robbed his territory. Today, the gangsters may even face down a peg or fall into prison.
Of course, even a reasonable underworld has certain rationality. After all, not everything is reliable. Officialdom can handle a person. If he wants to achieve great things, he must have some drastic measures, and these dark sides need a gangster background. Zhouyi is not a person who plans to leave the white road, and it is difficult for him to stick to the rules and develop greatly. His position for his future is black and white.
It is not impossible for a bloody person like Jing Ge, an orphan with few relatives and even friends, to mix up a famous story. Of course, he needs a guide and an opportunity. After all, nowadays, the underworld is not as simple as killing and killing. To put it bluntly, mixing the underworld is to grab territory, seize business opportunities and break out industries. Many mafia bosses are involved in entertainment, restaurants, hotels and other industries. Of course, there are some situations where mesa can’t solve things and force can solve problems.
"This please Zhou Shaoshao and Jing Ge rest assured that the third master said the bad guys, and he will come to do the two and won’t meet for the time being. Since the two are people, I won’t talk in dark. The third master is indeed Zhou Shaoshao’s background and calm temperament. Mr. Jing Ge is bloody and wants you to join hands with him. Don’t say that even the province of Hangzhou and the whole south of the country can become our sphere of influence. If you want to do something in the future, there is no reason why you will not succeed."
Ivanova knew that although Zhouyi was very young, he was quite sophisticated, but he didn’t hide too much, but directly said the idea of Third Master.
Of course, her words are very tempting for teenagers who are in adolescence, because which teenager has no dreams? If there is an opportunity to go to the top of the world to overlook all beings, how many people who want to get ahead can refuse it?
Zhouyi didn’t express his position in a hurry, but when Li Hao heard Ivanova and Zhouyi’s remarks, he was a little excited. This little brother fantasized that he had become a gangster. When he went out to pick up girls, he took a few bodyguards with black suits and black glasses. Those beautiful girls were stronger than him. After seeing him, they were completely domineering and knelt down to sing for him, waiting for him to be lucky.
"I’m only nineteen years old now. Although my father doesn’t care about me, I promised my grandfather to behave himself for a while in recent years, because I don’t think it’s enough. I think we must have a close chance in the future, but I don’t want to let Jing Ge follow him without meeting him."
Zhouyi thought for a while and then said that he didn’t consult Jingge. Since Jingge said that it was all his life, he could go through fire and water by himself. Anyway, if he wants to achieve something big in the future, the mafia must set foot in it. Let Jingge’s mafia help him fight before he does it. If you really plan to become a generation, some things naturally need to be done by ruthless people. As the saying goes, you can play with black and white. That’s the master.
"That’s a good time for me to take Jing Ge to see Third Master Jing Ge. Do you mind?"

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