"But I already know such a person now, even if you let her hide, I …"

"Then if I told you that I had removed her, I would actually let her stay with you. Don’t you know?"
Phoenix shallow wanted to think is really such a truth.
But it’s so sour to tell her that someone in the dark is staring at that taste …
Update 758 today Chapter 758 My man is the most manly!
Phoenix shallow think feel unhappy injustice to smoke two tone way "I think you all bully me … I want to learn martial arts"
Jun Mo Ying’s gentle and comforting gesture disappeared in an instant, and she scoffed at her with contempt and suspicion. "You’ve been talking about this little thing for a long time, but it’s a pity that you can’t remember it at this time."
Phoenix shallow a startled stare big eyes, this man’s tone seems to be really not a joke but really despise her!
"Do you think I’m just saying?"
"If not, just tell me when you learn to beat Qingyu."
Chicken shallow gas hand to rub his face "jun ink shadow you so unfair! She is your dark guard martial arts. I am 19 years old this year. How many years do you want me to practice as a beginner before I can surpass her? "
What’s more, a man with a shadow moon and a wooden hand can’t be worse. How can she practice day and night?
"Nineteen?" Your ink shadow eyebrows a pick seems to be moved by her words.
Just when Feng Shao was wondering about his doubts, he listened to him thoughtfully and said, "Last decade, it was really nineteen this year, but why does this little face still look as tender as fifteen or sixteen?"
She leaned over and kissed her face while pinching it.
"Rogue!" Feng was ashamed and ashamed with anger. "Tell you something serious. What are you thinking!"
She’s embarrassed to say that it’s uneducated. The ancients came from 10 to 15, and women’s skin usually ages after 25 years old, okay? But just have to maintain it before-although she hasn’t done such a thing yet.
But how old is she now?
She is now saying that she and Qingyu are good at martial arts!
"Is it serious?" Jun Moying nodded and no longer teased her, but her face was still moving irregularly with big hands. It seemed to be a pleasure to pinch her like this.
"But," he said, "I don’t want you to win Qingyu, but if you can’t learn self-defense, you can accept my arrangement. I don’t want to see you have an accident twice. Are you white?"
Deep and remote dark eyes are close at hand, and the color of eyes seems to suck her whole person in, and the tie nodded.
"Well …"
A moment later, she was furious and roared, "Jun Moying, you are a beautiful man!"
"Well," Jun Moying shamelessly affirmed the fact that the lip corner was hooked with a breathtaking smile, a pleasant smile and a low smile arc. "But … Shallow seems to get caught every time."
Feng Shao rolled his eyes and raised a deceptive smile. "That must be. Who makes the emperor look better than a woman?"
She knows that this man doesn’t mind saying that he is handsome, but he will be angry if he says that he is better-looking than a woman.
Sure enough, your ink shadow turned black in a second.
"I am very feminine now, which makes you have this illusion, huh?"

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