Sammul He smiled bitterly. "Then we can’t stay inside for a generation, can we?" Said his pupil with a shrink "shh! They are in front! "

His keen perception has captured the fluctuation ahead, which is different from the powerful spirit capturing the essence of the other party. He determines the distant situation through the fluctuation of the surrounding aura.
(second, it’s time to ask for VIPs! Ask for strength, rest in peace, and everyone has to give strength! Seriously, I’m sleepy now. I got up early last night and asked for flowers. I slept for four hours at night and got up after six in the morning, which is the first in the new list! Fortunately, some friends supported me, but I hope to support me. You are readers, not readers. You have tried your best to rest in peace. No matter how tired you are today, you will make a promise in the middle of the night. I hope everyone will also contribute. In addition, please invite loyal friends and friends to add a group of 651654. There are still a dozen people who will be full. Maybe we should make a temporary arrangement and set up a vip group first. Finally, we appeal for everything again. Section 77 Underground undercurrent (The third night asks for everything)
"the amount? You sensed that they were just ahead? Not discovered by them? " Purple pupil is stunned. He repaired it even higher than HeTian. He didn’t sense each other. Sammul He did it, but he didn’t dare to find out what he was doing. He also tried to hide his body and energy from being discovered by the other party. After all, he could sense each other, and he would surely be able to sense him.
Sammul He nodded faintly, and the sound was still small. "They should have two people ten meters away from us."
"Two people? Then the other person should be you. "
"Well, it should be that she can’t stop!" Sammul He suddenly stopped.
Purple pupil didn’t stop and hit his body. "Sammul He, what are you doing? Just stop." Before he finished his words, Sammul He put his hand over his mouth and at the same time, his aura burst out like a bloody flame surrounded them.
"shh! Don’t talk. "Sammul He looked a little nervous.
At this time, the middle-aged man at the bottom of the tunnel turned his head and looked "strange"
"What’s the matter?" A woman next to him whispered that her hair was maple leaf red, and she was tall, tall, forward and backward. She was a rare beauty, but she was only twenty-five years old.
"There is no possibility that a hamster got through from behind" and he smiled faintly. "You are careful and hurt you."
The sword in his hand once again raised a circle of golden sword quarrelling like a tornado and hit the hard land towards the opposite land like tofu, which was easily torn into pieces by sword quarrelling and quickly got through the tunnel.
"Meowed Sammul He, how long do you want to cover it?" Purple pupil was covered by Sammul He and felt uncomfortable.
Sammul He carefully induced a this just move the palm of your hand "now almost by the middle-aged found each other good strong perception or he didn’t detailed induction".
"Can we continue to chase now?" Purple pupil grumpily stared his one eye.
"Don’t worry, wait for a while." Sammul He shook his head.
Purple pupil can’t get angry and hum his head for a while. "It’s my uncle Pupil’s courage to go forward. How did you meet such a timid person?"
Sammul He regards him as complaining about his contact with Zitong these days, and he knows his character well. Zitong is a man who likes to complain and boast.
I waited for about five minutes for Hetian to "go"
Purple bell suspended two people, and the front two people walked all the way along the tunnel for twenty minutes, and the purple pupil accidentally hit his body again.
"I said, Sammul He, why did you stop again and please say hello before you stop!" Purple pupil wants to get angry very much.
"Stop it. It’s not that I want to stop, but that the other party has stopped."
"The other party stopped?" Purple pupil was stupefied and then the divine light flashed in his eyes. "You mean he has found the underground current?"
"It’s probably so. What he didn’t get through the last wall was that when he waited, he agreed with the other two to act together in an hour. Even if the three of them estimated that there was always a deviation between them, it wouldn’t be much worse."
"Then what shall we do?"
"We can get everything ready-wait!"
Said Sammul He’s hands into claws and played two golden dragons with five claws, circling around for a week, quietly wrapping him and the purple pupil to set off the two men with great power.
I don’t know how long it took, but when the purple pupil felt the urge to doze off, it came from the tunnel on the top floor and thumped like a muffled thunder, and the whole tunnel shook.
"What’s the matter?" Purple pupil a tingle look became serious.
Sammul He is eyebrows slightly wrinkled aura ears carefully a listen to face instantly changed "bad! It is an underground undercurrent. "
His words haven’t finished yet. The cold underground river flooded the whole tunnel like a lang tide. It was like Ma Benteng rushing towards them. The only thing he could do was to grab the purple pupil hand and pull out the sword behind him with his right hand and stick it in the ground!
For a moment, his tunnel became a running river, and the underground undercurrent rushed to the surface like a burst of its banks, like a silver hose circling the snake-shaped tunnel quickly.
Sammul He feels that the facial features are tearing the underground undercurrent like lang tide. Wave after wave slaps his face. If it weren’t for the support of your sword, his body would have been washed out by the underground undercurrent, but even so, he wouldn’t last long. The huge impact of your sword was slower than the ground. He wanted to shout. Purple pupil just opened his mouth and then poured into his insides. It was very uncomfortable to protect his body. The golden dragon with five claws also kept flashing its roots. It wouldn’t last long.
The purple pupil behind him is not much better. The huge shock wave makes him feel uncomfortable. He is like duckweed in a rainstorm, but his ability is still blown by rain and wind.
"Boo hoo"
His lips moved slightly as if he were chanting something that should be the password to start the purple bell.
Finally, when Sammul He was about to hold on, the purple bell suddenly released the light of purple and gold, and then both of them felt that they had entered the purple bell when their bodies were light and reappeared.
"Wow!" When I came in, both of them were retching for a while before they fully recovered.
"Niang! It’s just a giant lang! The underground undercurrent force is a bit too big "purple pupil slightly pale swearing.
"Well, don’t complain so much. Get back to health and get ready to move forward." He Tianyin is a little strange. It seems that his mouth is not his usual. Just now, the shock wave almost made his face unconscious, and the impact force can be imagined.
Purple pupil nodded his head and said nothing more about recovering his body, so he drank "Purple Eye!"
He drank so much that he just dropped the purple bell and suddenly became so transparent that he could see the scenery outside!
"How surprised? This is the purple eye purple bell, just like my eyes. "Purple pupil smiled smugly and then said," Sit tight! Go! "

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