"Zhouyi, you’ve been a toilet for so long. Come and help me move a wardrobe and boxes. I can’t move them, just waiting for you, a strongman."

In Zhouyi Hygiene, the surge of emotion surge inside Ye Qingcheng cried outside, but somewhere in Ye Qingcheng’s personal object, Zhouyi, has started a revolution at the moment. If you go out at this time, it would be really shameful. Even if Ye Qingcheng is thick-skinned in front of Zhouyi, you will definitely feel embarrassed. Isn’t this just telling Ye Qingcheng that you are a pervert?
"Teacher Ye, you wait a little for one person to have three urgent things. My horse will come." I heard Ye Qingcheng calling Zhouyi mouth outside and hurriedly promised.
After a few minutes, Zhouyi finally calmed himself down. When he went out, he went to Ye Qingcheng to get a few big boxes from a stool. She saw that Zhouyi had not come out for a long time so that she could move them herself.
"Teacher ye, let me do it! I’m here today to help you move things. If my labor force doesn’t make good use of it, it’s a wave. "
Zhouyi came out from the health to the leaf behind the whole city and said with a smile
"Then come on, or I’ll really wave your strength."
Ye Qingcheng turned around when she heard Zhouyilai. She was about to sit on the stool, but she didn’t expect to fall off the stool when she was not steady.
Leaves the whole city exclaimed a hectic grabbed Zhouyi before landing.
This is a good opportunity for physical contact. Zhouyi naturally played a diving like some football players shamefully, so two people fell to the ground as soon as they did, and Ye Qingcheng was impartial and just pressed Zhouyishen for a close contact.
He thought it was a good place to enjoy, and he hoped that this ambiguous gesture would be kept forever. He felt that his soul seemed to be on cloud nine at this moment, and he didn’t know where he had fled. That soft feeling and that charming aroma were being sucked into his brain constantly.
Zhou Yi fell motionless. Ye Qingcheng realized that he was pressing Zhou Yishen and hurriedly got up from Zhou Yishen. In his heart, he secretly scolded Zhou Yi, a rogue whose face suddenly turned red and delicate.
"I’m sorry I didn’t hold his things steady just now. I packed them all. Please help me move these boxes of cabinets. I’ll take a shower first. I’m busy sweating just now."
Ye Qingcheng scolded Zhouyi hooligans in his heart, but it is not good to say so. After all, how can you blame others for falling down by yourself? After she got up, she hurriedly took a bathrobe out of her pocket and ran to take a shower, but Ye Qingcheng panicked and forgot to take her own clothes.
"It smells good, so full and soft."
Zhouyi recalled the scene just now, listening to the whole leaf bathing in the bathroom, and the rushing water was more rippling.
It took almost half an hour for Ye Qingcheng to come out of health in a bathrobe.
At this time, Ye Qingcheng’s long black and bright hair is half hidden in a white bath towel and half exposed. The white cotton bathrobe covers her exquisite and beautiful body. Her white and tender skin is saturated with water as if it were translucent. Her face is full of temptation and moving.
No wonder it is said that beauty is the most beautiful when she takes a bath. Zhou Yi can’t bear to let Ye Qingcheng, who is wrapped in a bathrobe, have the guts to rush to hug Ye Qingcheng. Of course, Zhou Yi shamefully admits that this can’t blame her for her weak will and blame Ye Qingcheng’s charming body for being too irritating.
Ye Qingcheng went to Zhouyi, which was hot and almost bedroom-eyed, and her face was slightly hot. She quickly took a suit from the suitcase and fled back to the health. Zhouyi, a teenager at the beginning of love, was in the same room with her. She naturally felt that it was inappropriate to wear a bathrobe in front of him.
"It’s all your fault, you little rascal. You didn’t react so much just now. Can I rush into the bathroom and forget to take my clothes?" Ye Qingcheng entered the bathroom heart dark Chapter 76 see no evil.
Zhou Yi’s eyes are still chasing Ye Qingcheng’s curvy calf and convex-concave figure. He feels his body temperature rise again at this moment.
"see no evil see no evil"
Zhou Yixin mused for several times that he had to rush into the bathroom and go to the stool to help move the cabinets.
It didn’t take long for Ye Qingcheng to come out again. At this time, she changed into a casual dress with a simple shirt and jeans, but it sounded purer than Ye Qingcheng’s beautiful white rabbits on her chest, which made Ye Fei secretly swallow a lot of saliva
"Are you tired? Come to the living room and have a drink. You have to help me move things upstairs."
Ye Qingcheng called Zhouyi to sit on the sofa in the living room and brought him a bottle of coke.
"Teacher Ye is really a freak. Your grandfather is the school manager of our school. You are a famous car like Cadillac but you live in such a place?"
Zhou Yi took a sip of his drink and said to Ye Qingcheng, who was sitting on the sofa next to him and drinking orange juice, "The famous white-collar apartment here is actually a place where low-income migrant workers live in Hangzhou. Living here is really not worthy of your status as a beautiful woman. Didn’t you get a dirty look when you came here with a Cadillac?"
"You don’t respect the teacher if you don’t save me a few times. Remember, you have to call me Teacher Ye. Don’t leave a sentence about beauty and a sentence about beauty. Besides, I am getting old."
Ye Qingcheng scolded Zhouyi and retorted, "What’s strange about my living here? My grandfather is richer than your father, right? But you, the gentleman of the Huanyu Group, are still riding a bike to learn. It’s not strange that I’m compared with you. At best, it’s a drop in the bucket."
"Beauty can’t shout and hum, and then you have to call me a good husband," Zhou Yixin thought, but said, "I learn cycling not to be mean, but to exercise. It’s not surprising that you don’t live in school with your grandfather, but rent out this kind of apartment to resist. It’s a bit strange."
"Come on, you’re really going to get to the bottom of it."
Ye Qingcheng hesitated a little before saying, "I just graduated from college and came to school to live with my grandfather. I didn’t expect my grandfather to glow. In the second spring, I was dancing with a park. My grandmother was in contact with the old man. I didn’t want to disturb their happiness in my later years. I rented this room at that time. I was in a hurry to find a bad place to rent in Hangzhou, so I rented it here."
"So that’s it. You’re really filial. So you should have better rental conditions now?" Zhouyi continued
"Of course, the conditions in the West Lake Academy of Fine Arts are better. Situxuan knows that I live here and I want to move to a place. I don’t want to get into any trouble," Ye Qingcheng explained.
"Let’s live a new life somewhere else. The past is over and I won’t let anyone hurt you." Zhou Yi said seriously with Ye Qingcheng’s eyes. Of course, he also knew that Ye Qingcheng was worried that it was not unreasonable that Situxuan was imprisoned for a year and a half. This vicious guy might do something after he got out of prison.
"Well, it’s time for a new life. Now I think it’s clear that he and I grew up together with affection but no love." Ye Qingcheng said, "Help me move home and let’s go to a bar for a drink."
"If you are not afraid of drunken promiscuity," Zhou Yi nodded with a bad smile and agreed.
"You are my student, don’t you dare!" Ye Qingcheng has round apricot eyes.
"Teacher Ye, don’t be so unique. Drunk promiscuity is not necessarily me."
Zhou Yixiao’s answer provoked Ye Qingcheng to be anxious and angry and urged Zhou Yi to help her move things.
Zhouyi stopped joking. It’s okay to move Ye Qingcheng’s things upstairs. Otherwise, there are not many things, or he will run back and forth several times on the sixth floor. Even if he is in good physical condition, he will probably be tired and falling apart.

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