"Oh" little nodded and looked at it. Suddenly, I felt a slight jump in my heart, and my arms moved quietly.

Put your little hand in your arms, hold on to the sky, and look around to see your eyes. Just when you look at it, you feel that you moved again that day. He doesn’t care so much. Hold on to the sky and look at the billowing clouds carefully, and you feel that your eyes easily passed through the clouds with a thickness of dozens of feet and directly saw the face.
Small vision is not very good, but the bottom of the Baizhang cliff was clearly seen by him at a glance. There was a big pool. The water in the pool was dark blue. It looked like a complete jade slate, but there was a thick white cloud rising from the pool, slowly rising and slowly rising. At the top of the Baizhang cliff, there was a cloud that was washed away by this white cloud, and it suddenly melted and disappeared. The white cloud just emerged from the dense fog and quickly dispersed.
"Come here! Fairy aura! " Some people in the group in the west have already cried excitedly. This fairy aura is stronger than richness, and the purity of those masters is better than the vitality of heaven and earth. It is indeed a rare opportunity for the practitioners to practice. This day, the practice is enough to practice for several years on weekdays. The key is the bottleneck and difficulty in many methods. With this day, the fairy aura can quickly break through. This century-old gathering meeting is really the dream of practitioners to seek benefits. It is no wonder that Huangshan is full of talents from generation to generation, although its strength is not top.
"Hey Xiaolin, have you been to the cliff?" Looking at the blue pool, I always feel very strange and easy to ask. I haven’t seen the answer for a long time. I turned to look at my little girl and sat cross-legged to the sky with a face of serious absorption of fairy aura.
"Hello, Xiaolin?" After yelling for a long time, I found that my little girl ignored him and felt a little depressed. Then I looked around and saw where everyone was sitting and absorbing aura. Even the heads of the six sects were so nervous that I couldn’t find a speaker.
Little depressed, he can’t do it. Although this opportunity only comes once in a hundred years, he is blessed. He is chatting, and he feels that his arms are moving again. This time, he is very strong and almost took it out of his hand. He suddenly got a fright, put his hands into his arms and firmly grasped the sky.
At this moment, he is suddenly younger than he misses. If he is younger, he can definitely tell him what to do here. Unfortunately, he closed it a few days ago, and he is going to let Xiao practice hard for a few days out of a little humanitarian spirit, which will hurt him.
Far away came the long voice of Songfeng. "Dear Taoist friends, pay attention to the magic weapon. All Huangshan brothers will quickly form a cloud array in Huangshan!"
As soon as the voice fell, I saw that from the deep pool, colorful lights suddenly erupted, and the majestic posture came straight from the Baizhang cliff and filled the whole day in an instant!
At this moment, the whole summit scene is dazzling, and it is hundreds of times more beautiful than the fireworks in the world. All the practitioners have put their own stunts out in an attempt to grab the baby all over the sky. Suddenly, the red, yellow, blue, blue, purple, black, gray and green light covered the sky, and the baby looked up and shouted "Shit!"
There are probably hundreds of people in Huangshan Brother who have already tied up a large array in the first place. The center of the array is long and long, and they are mumbling and slowly promoting the Huangshan Cloud Array with their younger brothers-the so-called top array of sending treasures in Huangshan Town.
The little "depend" is not overwhelmed by the scene, but simply because of the words in his arms. At this moment, it suddenly seems to be more restless than the small arms. The little hands struggled desperately for a long time, and finally they couldn’t catch it. They heard the word "sou". At the same time, they rushed out of the tunic and flew high to China. First, the little tunic was torn and a big mouth showed his fair chest.
But no one has noticed that he is gone, because the word day has already flown.
At this moment, it was a magic weapon hitting the wonderful scene, but it suddenly stopped because of the appearance of the word day.
Known as "the biggest scam in the whole fix true world", after ten thousand years of silence, this is the first time that the whole fix true world has shown its great strength!
Chapter 5 Day Vision ()
Chapter 5 Day Vision ()
The magic weapon flying all over the sky is the main fairy device or the magic weapon released by the people. It seems that when it suddenly encounters, it stops solidification. This moment is like a close-up in the shadow, and it is fixed in front of all the practitioners.
Every practitioner’s magic weapon is his own biggest secret, but now there is no secret, because all magic weapons present everyone’s eyelids in the most aboveboard manner.
Of course, many people have some feelings quietly in their hearts.
"Oh, the original devil furnace is like this …"
"Wow, Yukikaze’s flying sword is so handsome!"
"Well, it’s quite beautiful for lantian jade’s boss to wrap that roll of colored silk thread around man show hilt."
"Killing by Tianshan Mountain has always claimed to be a flying sword. It’s a lie for a long time. It’s a large iron bar, but he’s nicknamed Jun Jian."
"Grandma, how can I see that the flying sword night bead of my younger brother is the one I gave to my wife?"
When these sighs just came up, the word day spread out, and the whole mountain top was filled with white clouds, as if garbage had met a vacuum cleaner and been absorbed by the word day in a long line. The whole process was quite shocking. The long line was three or four feet thick and quickly gathered at the word day position. It looked as if a giant sperm whale was opening its mouth to suck several seawater around it into its mouth.
The whole process lasted for three or four minutes, and during this time, all the practitioners’ heads were in a state of short circuit. They watched the thick clouds on the summit being absorbed by this little thing, and there was not a bit left in the whole day. Perhaps the hidden peak was so clean and clear for the first time in tens of thousands of years, and even the slightest cloud could not be found. The sun shone brightly.
A moment …
"Hua Hua" was a commotion, and all the main magic weapons returned to their owners’ hands, while all the main magic weapons turned into light and rushed back into the depths of the cliff. From a small position, he clearly saw that all these magic weapons flew directly into the deep pool, but although they flew violently, the deep pool didn’t even splash a spark, as if there was a big hand that pressed the whole pool to death.
"It seems that this is what Xiaolin said banned" small quietly thought.
"What is this for?"
"Who are you, young man? Why did you absorb the Reiki Department yourself? You must let the old man have some soup!"
"What the fuck is this thing how to look like a? Who has refined a new magic weapon? "
"No, that’s okay. We’re not far from Wan Li. You have to give us an explanation!"
There is no doubt that even the six major schools were shocked. When the six heads came over, their faces became more and more expressive than a wonderful breeze. They came over and didn’t bother to take care of the large array of clouds in Huangshan Mountain not far away. They rushed over and stammered, "Small … small door master, this … this is how to return a responsibility? That … that thing is the word day? "
"I couldn’t help it." Little Nai "didn’t listen to his words and went to the sky. Look here." He pointed to his robe and tore my clothes. "
"But it … it … what does it want?" It is impossible to say that Song Feng has no problem. After all, this is a rare opportunity in a hundred years, and it was destroyed by a small one. However, he witnessed a small beating of the demon, and now he saw that the character was small. His image in his mind is already mysterious and tall, so he is determined not to offend the small one.
"I don’t know what it wants."
Words here to see the Chinese character day suddenly seems to have lost its strength and the soft collapse just fell in front of it.
I didn’t want to be shy when I picked up the sky. I looked left and right in front of the sky for a long time, but I just didn’t see the tricks and tried to turn the page by hand. As a result, I couldn’t turn the whole page as if it were a monolithic plate.
"Master … this this … can you let me be original?" Song Feng spoke very carefully, knowing that it is almost the most taboo thing in the field of repairing the truth to borrow treasures from other sects. Although Zitian has been recognized as a waste for ten thousand years, today Zitian has proved that he is not a waste, so it is a bit unreasonable to want to see it now.
But after all, his curiosity overwhelmed his scruples, and this little door owner named Yan seemed quite accommodating, and he finally got the words out.
"What do you want to see me? There will be problems when you read it. Don’t say I didn’t wake you. It’s a fate. If outsiders read it, they will be cursed. Manager Jia of our company has a real pain. "

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