But the loser does not lose the battle!

She will slowly calculate this account with Huang Lao!
Finally, I found the reason from the fact that Gulan was still alive. I burned my old cold eyes for a tight moment and looked at Su Ling’s thin lips tightly sipping the cold and hard radian. Then I crossed my face without saying a word and surprised Gulan. I slowly walked to Su Ling’s side, and then the iron wall stretched out and I couldn’t recognize the tone in her arms. "Gulan, welcome back! This is Wang Wangfei Su Ling! "
Huang Lao clasped Su Ling’s waist tightly. She looked up at his thin lips and said, "This is Gulan, you know!"
Although Su Ling had a moment’s balance in this introduction, Huang Lao just saw that she had turned around and looked at her Gulanshi, and she couldn’t help but be surprised at her appearance.
She has always been Su Ling, and this face is beautiful enough.
But seeing with my own eyes that Su Ling had been Gulanshi by all, there was still a moment when she was not confident.
Gulan is beautiful!
It’s not the exquisite beauty of Su Ling, but a kind of pure and beautiful like a lotus in the water!
Gulan is not high and Su Ling is almost the same, and he has just reached his chest before burning the old one!
But a long blue dress set off her white teeth, especially her excessively pure eyes, which seemed to wash her mind.
At that time, she was alone with Su Ling’s delicate posture and wronged cheeks. No one could help but rub her in her arms and care for her!
And Su Ling also has an illusion of bullying Gu Lan by herself!
Gulan’s oval face is as petite as a palm, and her sparkling eyes are as bright as night beads. Her skin is as bright as white jade, and her cherry is not small, and her skirt is wrapped in the breeze, and her figure is exquisite and clear!
Delicate and tender, graceful and graceful!
This is Su Ling’s evaluation of Gu Lan!
This woman does have the resources to bewitch a man with a ethereal air, which will surely make many men eager to know how worried she is with her wrinkled eyebrows!
Women are never confident when there is a strong enemy in the emotional world!
So is Su Ling!
However, she never knew how many people could be around her appearance!
In all fairness, although this is a world of looking at faces, Su Ling is not only gorgeous, but her most attractive thing is her stubborn yuppie nature and her story of making a name for herself!
In that future, will the man she attract be comparable to a Bai Lianhua-like Gulan?
In a short span of time, Su Ling’s thoughts circled in her mind!
While Su Ling looked at Gulan, the other side also looked at Su Ling!
When she decided to come back, she heard about Princess Gonna, but there seems to be a lot of difference between this princess and what she heard!
Brother Yan Chen doesn’t like her!
Brother Yan Chen is indifferent to her!
Say …
But after all, it is said that she has never had a strong force to hold her in her arms, which shows the feeling of heartbreaking when she belongs, or makes Gulan feel unbearable for a moment!
It coincides with a sticky hot air blowing Gulan’s shaky posture!
And Su Ling smiled indifferently!
Sure enough, a weak woman can arouse a man’s desire for protection most!
Otherwise, the original body held her by her side and burned the old one. What will flicker to Gulan’s side in an instant? Although it is a distance to hold her, this scene is so ironic!
"Are you all right?"
When Huang Lao held Gulan’s arm and asked her in a low voice, there was no reason to make Su Ling feel annoyed!
It seems that she has become a redundant person!
A lot of money!
Wengulan couldn’t help getting closer to the old burn and then gently shaking his head. There was no lack of grievances in his worried look. "Brother Dust, I’m fine! It’s … It’s a little dizzy! You and the princess have just come back and are very tired. Go and rest first! I am really fine! "
God knows how much Su Ling wants to look up at this scene and curse a’ grass mud horse’!
Didn’t Gulan say nothing? !
Why do you want to be so close to Huang Lao when it’s okay? !
Why don’t you faint now that you are dizzy? !
Damn it! Bullying her head? !
When she is a paper paste? !
Instant Su Ling is unhappy!
And once she is unhappy, it means that the whole Wangfu people don’t want to be safe!
Just for a moment, Su Ling moved her eyes directly from an eyesore to Gulan, and then she looked at Gulan not far away, panting and angry and staring at Gulan, not smiling. "Don’t look at it! Do what you have to do! Birao, you and Yushu go to the west wing to clean the room!
Clean the west wing thoroughly and throw everything out except my things! "

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