So she got up to cooperate with Su Wan and said, "Well, don’t be afraid that the martial arts of the Palace Association will protect you. Now let’s go and see what happened over there?"

Muqian should go toward outside walk.
Su wan got up and followed her.
Some people in the temple are worried about shouting, "Empress, you are pregnant. Don’t go there."
Su Wan turned around and cast a glance. It was Mrs. Bai Qin of Anguohou. She got up and rushed to Su Wan as she called. She said in a hurry, "Don’t let others pass, Empress."
Su Wan shook her head and patted Bai Qin. "It’s okay. I’ll go and see what happened?"
"Then I’ll go with you and I’ll protect you."
Bai Qin’s martial arts is very good. He stretched out his hand to hold Su Wan and walked out.
Su Wan also let her let a few people follow Bao Ping-an and go outside. After looking at each other, the ladies and gentlemen in the hall quickly followed her. Where can the Empress go? If she is in danger, the emperor will not let them go. Let’s take a look at the past.
A crowd followed Bao Pingan to a garden in the east of Yugan Palace. The lights were dim and there was silence, but there was a cry in this silence, "Don’t, don’t let me go, help me!"
This broken figure continued to come over and they couldn’t help looking pale.
Sue wan is not afraid to lead a crowd to the front.
When the lady behind her carefully followed the crowd to a lonely place in the garden, she saw a woman forcibly holding up a man in the flowers and plants. At this moment, she was facing the man’s hand, not only mercilessly kissing the man, but also violently stripping the man’s clothes, as if she were stronger than the man.
All the people in the garden were stunned for a long time and could not speak. They all opened their eyes and tried to look at the man who had crushed and ravaged the woman.
Sister, who are you? You are too fierce.
All the women who stared at the man with their eyes wide open wanted to see if she was sacred and dared to crush a man in the small and medium-sized garden of the palace.
But women don’t pay attention to the people around them. It seems that the crazy sample of tearing men’s clothes hard can’t wait to sleep with men.
While she was crushed, the man kept writhing, struggling, pedaling and grasping the pain and calling out "help! Help!"
Sue wan really can’t watch. Shen shouted, "Somebody help her."
Bao Ping-an waved his hand and two eunuchs flicker and ran over. Two people grabbed the female body and pulled her up.
Everyone didn’t see who she was until the woman was pulled up.
Miss Yuan Jia from Weiyuan Houfu, she, she unexpectedly did such a thing in the palace.
Is she crazy? Mrs. Weiyuan Hou’s face is crumbling and she can’t say how pale she is. The servant girl at her side quickly held her and worried about it.
Worry about calling "madam, are you okay?"
Weiyuan Hou lady shook her head.
At this time, Yuan Jia was pulled by people, and his clothes were messy and disheveled. His face was full of red colors, and his eyes were full of * *
The man who was previously held down by Yuan Jia has quickly climbed up and covered himself with lichen. He quickly knelt down to "help the Empress! Help the slave! I don’t want to live."
When he finished, he cried until he burst into tears, and said while crying
"I wouldn’t be so embarrassed if I didn’t have something to say. If I had something to say, I would be Miss Yuan."
When this was said, all the people in the back garden were sweating.
They finally realized that the man had been struggling and screaming in pain before.
It turns out that he is a eunuch. A eunuch is afraid of being crushed by a woman, and his heart is even more desperate.
It’s an insult to him. He’s gone. You’re stronger than others.
The more the eunuch thought about it, the sadder he cried. It was a despair.
When people look at him, they think that what he said before is really sympathetic and funny. He is annoyed and can’t let Miss Yuan lie down early and jump equally.
All around turned around and looked at Su Wan. Su Wan looked pale and looked at Yuan Jia.
Yuan Jiayou struggled and struggled and lifted his feet and kicked the man beside him hoarse and called "nothing!"
The eunuch who came here was pretending that he would be really sad after listening to Yuan Jia-hua.
Cry one’s heart out.
Su Wan stared at Yuan Jia and drank coldly, "That’s enough, Yuan Jia. You are so bold that you dare to run amok in the palace."
Yuan Jia has been an aphrodisiac at this time, and her mind has been confused. She didn’t know that she was afraid of shaking her head and turning around. She looked around and looked at a pair of women giggling in front of her, then stretched out her hand and pulled her clothes while pointing to Su Wan and said to the person next to her, "This woman is a jealous altar, and this woman doesn’t let Huang Nafei. Why?"
As she spoke, she gasped and cried, "Wait for me to wait and see if the emperor will marry you a woman all his life. Don’t slap yourself. I will see."
Su Wan’s face was cold and her whole body was gloomy. She walked over and moved quickly. Silver needles pierced Yuan Jiashen’s acupuncture points, and Yuan Jiaqing soon woke up.
Su Wan’s move was not to save Yuan Jia, but to make her awake and watch herself be punished.
Yuan Jiaqing woke up to see the situation around him and naturally thought about what happened before.
In fact, she is determined to seduce the emperor at the palace banquet tonight.

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