Chapter 17 Woman, shut up!

Sitting on a tree pole, Zhang Tao pays close attention to his surroundings. If there is a blind guy breaking in at this time, the consequences are really unimaginable
"This time I saved her after she lost consciousness. I wonder if I can let her let me go? But it’s cold enough for her life. Can you give it to her? But the stub is a copy? There is no point in giving it to her. What should I do? " When Zhang Tao was thinking, there was a crow in the sky.
Zhang Tao looked up, and it was a terrible thing. After all, it was a huge flying animal in the depths of Yunlong Mountain. If this animal was like a cow’s wings, it had ten meters of wings to incite the wind and shout like an eagle crow and a tiger roar.
This animal seems to have discovered that Zhang Tao actually swooped down from the sky and Zhang Tao was surprised, otherwise there should be no carelessness in this deep mountain.
Peng trees dumped Zhang Tao to avoid this animal attack, but obviously Zhang Tao underestimated this animal ability. A huge claw actually grabbed Zhang Tao directly and then took off.
"Sunday ice body!" Although the huge claws hold Zhang Tao, they are powerful. If you don’t protect yourself, even the bones will be crushed.
"Also said to help people keep an eye on it now it seems that I am trapped? Is this animal going to eat me? What’s the joke? "Zhang Tao is not afraid of his body. Although he is free to move, it is just relaxing and enjoyable to enter the Missuta.
Animals may have suddenly felt Zhang Tao disappear and circled for it, but after a while, they still didn’t find Nai chirping and flew away.
Zhang Tao estimated that when he walked out of the Mishu Tower, Zhang Tao was surprised to find that there was water around him. "Is it just water?" Won’t be "
In order to prove his idea, Zhang Tao got up. breaking the surface dumped her head and splashed water droplets. Zhang Tao opened his eyes and suddenly froze "Ha ha me"
"ah!" At this time, the sharp sound of Yunlongshan sounded like a small needle piercing Zhang Tao’s eardrum. How uncomfortable it was
Consciousness covers your ears, but it protrudes your eyes more. That’s what the so-called water comes out of hibiscus. What kind of body is this? Water droplets covered her white and tender body, and the twin peaks stood proudly. The deep red double points stimulated Zhang Tao’s eyes.
Perhaps it was Zhang Tao who saw it, so he was shy, and his body slowly became more delicate and charming with each other. Even Zhang Tao was thirsty, but at the moment, a huge force rushed out and Zhang Tao flew out with a lot of water without responding.
At that moment, her face seemed to be restored to its former style. "I, I, I, I didn’t mean to be caught by an animal, and then" Zhang Tao hurriedly refused to send her back and then explained.
But there was no sound behind. Zhang Tao was worried and planned to turn around and see, "Are you still turning around?" This sound is full of anger and a hint of shame
"Er, I’m really sorry about the poison statue girl. Oh, no, it’s not the poison statue. I didn’t expect such a thing." Zhang Tao hurriedly explained, but he was a little clumsy because of nervousness and put his foot in his mouth one after another
Maybe I heard it wrong, as if there was a chuckle behind me and then it soon disappeared. The sound "You stay away, I want to get dressed" seems a little soft and lost. It just sounded hoarse, and it really sounded good.
At this time, of course, Zhang Tao did not dare to refute nodding like a chicken pecking rice and then quickly left "this time is really embarrassing". Zhang Tao can also hear his heartbeat and will unconsciously recall the scene of just poisoning the body. Although I tried my best to expel this picture, it was difficult because it was too amazing.
After taking a few deep breaths, I finally calmed my heart, and at this time, a water was clearly in my ear, followed by the sound of dressing, and suddenly the picture in my head reappeared, which made people daydream.
"You can turn around." Poison Zun Yin returned to calm and became a little cold and cheerless.
Zhang Tao just turned around and saw the shadow flash, and then his face suddenly burst into a hot "er" Zhang Tao covered her face with a face of injustice.
"I let you keep an eye on the lookout. You actually stole from inside? Sure enough, it’s hard to prevent thieves, "said the poison statue here seems to be red again, but it soon recovered.
Zhang Taoyu, but he didn’t refute it. He also read it and now he still says fart. "So we go home now? Your poison seems to have been suppressed? "
"Well, thanks to you, the cold of heaven and earth helped me suppress it. Now it’s a big deal. Let’s go home." Poison Zun said and jumped out first and Zhang Tao followed closely.
"By the way, my name is Poison Cloud. Don’t call me Poison Zun after you." Poison Cloud said softly, as if whispering slightly. It’s very quiet around, otherwise it can be heard.
Zhang Tao nodded his head and recited the name several times. Two people just returned to the poison center. Zhang Tao once again came to an unexpected guest because of the poison.
"Er" Zhang Tao is of course more familiar with this person because he is his last hope-nine days and one less!
But the poison cloud doesn’t know it, and it’s also fearful to see it appear in nine days. Is he like through his own poison array? Is it digging a tunnel? Or from a high landing?
"Are you from? How dare you break into the sacred place? " Poison statue said coldly, but consciously blocked Zhang Tao, which was only discovered in nine days.
"The young master is the young master behind you. It’s really a shame for the young master to be caught by a woman." Nine days and one little nai said.
Poison cloud slightly one leng suddenly thought of Dong Tao saying that there is a powerful master behind Zhang Tao. I didn’t expect it to be true that he could enter the poison array unnoticed. It is obvious that he thought that she had vowed that not everyone could break into the poison array. Now it seems that it is really a glimpse.

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