Then the crimson fire element can deepen again, purple, light gray, dark gray and light black …

Finally, Zhang Yang’s Taiyin force infiltrated into other body’s fire element energy, which turned black Yin into extremely heavy fire element energy.
Although it is still a fire element, it is not hot, but it gives people a feeling of yin and cold.
The Yuanneng Lake in Dantian, Zhangyang has also become dark and infiltrated, like a pool of stagnant water. The cold is more powerful than the original concentration, but it is much more powerful!
Therefore, the fire element energy of Zhangyang body is different from ordinary fire, but mixed with some unique fire element energy of black flame’s own lunar force.
Suddenly, Zhang Yang and Wu Yu burst into a muffled sound at the same time, and their momentum soared in vain! Black hair and wind float in the heart, and the whole cave suddenly set off a gust of wind!
"Break through the martial arts division!" Zhang Yang Wu Yu was ecstatic.
The cracks in the barrier of the two people’s abdomen will break the original shackles and enter another higher and higher realm, which will be the most suitable for cultivating Yuanneng liquid drops!
The rupture and expansion of the abdomen indicates that the two men have finally stepped into the realm of martial arts! If you want to show your breadth, you will be a real martial artist.
Zhang Yang regarded Dantian as the Yuanneng Lake was boiling at this time, and the black fire Yuanneng liquid all flowed to the border of Dantian like a raging army …
Yuanneng droplets want to expand the territory of Dantian!
Several deep black energy rivers lead to all directions, and a large number of energy rivers beat the border barrier of Dantian and made a "bang" sound. Zhang Yang’s body kept ringing.
Finally, the barriers in dantian were overwhelmed, and they were broken and expanded.
Just like a small world, Dantian is surrounded by Yuanneng River slamming barriers.
The abdomen is constantly ringing and expanding, and the momentum of Zhang Yang and Wu Yu is rising sharply.
There was a violent wind in the cave, and there were shallow cracks in the wall of the cave, but it was caused by the momentum of the two people.
The black hole transformed by the two people is like a whirlpool, and its suction is violent. The fire element with black yin property around it is even more crazy, and it pours into the pores of the two people …
The sky is small, and the moon is faded. At this time, the stars are brighter. Perhaps it is to save the most beautiful moment, and the day will enter the day again.
Finally, when the sky was dim, Zhang Yang’s body no longer made a loud noise, and his dantian was no longer expanded. The vast area of the black energy lake was like a large lake and sea.
Wu Yu’s body didn’t ring, and the ability to absorb yuan was weakened a lot.
At this time, the energy of the fire in the outside world has been calm, and the energy has gradually decreased. The momentum of Zhang Yang and Wu Yu is no longer violent, but has converged a lot
Finally, when the fire around the cave can be exhausted, two earth momentum suddenly broke out and the whole cave seemed to have a small earthquake
Martial arts masters can fight against more than a dozen samurai, and Zhang Yang and Wu Yu are not ordinary martial arts masters. They can break through the momentum better than most one-star martial arts masters.
The dust settled and helped each other. After a night of breakthrough, Zhang Yang and Wu Yu broke through the Martial Arts at the same time!
Become a star warrior!
Too many things happened in one day, and Zhang Yangke quickly became a martial artist, but he was attacked and killed halfway.
Or is it a teenager’s mind that Zhang Yang saved Wu Yu almost from death regardless of the consequences, but it was also because Wu Yu finally broke out with super strength that two talents got finished.
Of course, Wu Yu’s secret flame demon Ji Zhang Yang didn’t know whether it was later or not. Chapter 88 Damn it! Be calm!
Chapter 88 Damn it! Be calm!
Zhang Yang and Wu Yu made a one-star martial artist at the same time!
At this time, the sky is slightly bright, the sun has not yet appeared, and the cave is no longer dark.
Both of them are extremely heavy in yin qi, and naturally they will not be afraid of this slight air conditioning.
At this time, Zhang Yang and Wu Yu are still not dressed!
Zhang hug Wu Yu lying sideways on the stone, but breathing evenly, smiling thick and falling asleep, and Wu Yu curled up like a kitten with a small body curled up, Zhang Yanghuai clever and fell asleep with a sweet smile.
Both of them were too tired. They rushed on, fought, killed, robbed, fled and fought back. In the end, they almost lost their lives …
And after a long time, it’s not lingering. Just about to stop, it’s a breakthrough, Martial Arts!
Jumping to reason, both of them are not only physically tired but also mentally tired. Wu Yu’s nature almost made them break through the gap and even more tired.
Zhang put to good use twice, and she was seriously injured and killed crazily. In the end, she was almost stabbed to death by Qian Ling’s sword, which was beyond Zhang’s fatigue. Wu Yu’s one overdraft was very weak, and she had to go through a breakthrough in martial arts. She was even more tired.
In this way, the two of them smiled sweetly and fell asleep … forgetting the vendetta, the plot, the danger and their secret crisis.

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