Although this strength is nothing, but it is also a thoroughly remould oneself, from an ordinary martial artist to an honorable person, which is an improvement.

Zhang Tao shrugged his shoulders. "You will see it soon." This shock to Zhang Tao has been experienced too many times. It has become a common practice for Zhang Tao to win in this way. He is confident and holds his chest with his hands.
Soon Mo Xiangdong opened his eyes full of clothes and saw him turn over with a face of joy and excitement. "Master, thank you, Master, I succeeded." Mo Xiangdong was so excited that Yu Gen didn’t notice that he was free to move.
He also didn’t notice Mo candlestick’s and Xiaowei’s shocked expressions. Generally speaking, it takes fifteen days to move a finger. When someone comes to sneak attack, there is a dead end. Moreover, after breaking the orifices, it depends on both spiral qi and attribute qi. The first mate is just like taking drugs. It is almost impossible to break the orifices at a time, otherwise it will take more efforts to make further progress.
Moreover, the strength of martial artists who help break the orifices is generally slightly lower than that of their peers, and it is not 100% dangerous to break the orifices. Otherwise, there would not be so few mainland experts in Dongyue.
"Thank you, Zhang Gong, for recreating grace to the east." Mo Xiangdong came to Zhang Tao after excitement.
Zhang Tao’s true spirit will lift "You’re welcome. You must have a chance to break through in the future." After that, Mo Xiangdong bowed to Zhang Tao again and then went back to Zhang Tao’s face to be a new smile, and Mo candlestick also smiled. It is normal for Mo candlestick for Zhang Tao to do such a thing.
"Xiaowei adults such as? Can our commitment be fulfilled? " Zhang Tao said lazily that it would be more difficult and less difficult for Mo Xiangdong to break through the first level in the future, but he was alive and kicking at once, which was a miracle in a miracle. Xiaowei had never seen such a situation in a hundred years.
Xiaowei’s face was uncertain, rain or shine, and finally he sighed, "Teacher, please be worshipped by your younger brother." Mo smoothed his beard and smiled. Although Xiaowei was the chief of Mo family, he was not worried about doing well with Zhang Tao, which was the most important thing. Zhang Tao’s potential and breakthrough strength were all objects that Mo family had to make friends with.
Moreover, if Xiaowei can learn more from Zhang Tao, it is also a matter of great interest for Mo family.
Xiaowei, a proud expert, saw that he really sighed to himself. Zhang Tao also admired his mind. If he killed and denied anyone, no one could treat him like this. "Please don’t call my teacher, just call me Zhang Tao." Zhang Tao also knew in his heart that if he hadn’t leaned against the ghost emperor, he would never have reached such a level.
Just talking about breaking one’s mind is not necessarily a matter of ignorance, but Xiaowei is quite stubborn. "No, you are better than me, and I am your brother before I have a bet. I don’t need to learn any skills. I just need to be with you."
Xiaowei’s stubbornness in this respect made Zhang Tao smile. In some places, the old man has a lovely place to see Xiaowei say that Zhang Tao did not object but chose the default.
Xiaowei instead smiled and smiled directly. Behind Zhang Tao, it was as respectful as a brother. Mo candlestick was a ha ha smile. "Congratulations."
"It’s very kind of the heads of the fathers" Zhang Tao hurriedly fuels, but everything he can achieve now is a success. "Let’s go and see your brother Mo Lengfeng." Say that finish, see Mo candlestick and gently wave his hand and suddenly Zhang Taoxiao disappears in situ.
Once again, I have come to the Mo family to welcome guests. "See the patriarch’s adult." Even if I am proud and cold, Mo Lengfeng has to put away my cold eyes and kneel down sincerely. Mo Lengfeng can hate everyone in the family, but it doesn’t include closing the patriarch because he knows that if it wasn’t for the patriarch, Mo Heng wouldn’t dare to do such a thing.
When Mo Lengfeng came to welcome the guests, it was natural that it was a long time since he saw tears in his eyes. Mo Lengfeng suppressed everything and broke out. Later, when he saw his father Mo Xin, his hatred grew stronger and stronger. Mo Xin looked at his children and felt a sigh in his heart. I didn’t expect that his children could do it to such an extent. I was gratified.
Of course, he knew that Mo Lengfeng had killed a foreigner into the clan. Although he was lying in bed now, he was not frightened. Seeing that the foreigner was reunified, Mo Xin also shed tears. This Mo family dedicated himself but was put in prison. The dying old man finally got rid of all the knots.
Don’t ask for a gentle smile. "Get up," Mo Lengfeng and other talents are up. At this time, Zhang Tao discovered that there was an old man lying on the bed. The old man’s face was wrinkled and he could be weak. He said, "The clan chiefs still hope to cough when they visit Mo Xinfa."
Seeing Mo Lengfeng’s father, Mo Xin, feels like this. Mo Lengfeng’s eyes are reddish. Although he is his father’s experience abroad, he is also guilty in his heart. Seeing that his father’s medicine can save Mo Lengfeng’s hatred for Mo Heng is even stronger because of Mo’s family regulations.
Don’t ask for a sigh. "You don’t have to be polite. If I hadn’t been shut up for many years, you wouldn’t have suffered so much. Moheng, I have already punished you, which is also a guilt and compensation for you."
What else can Mo Xin say when he hears the heads of families personally explain? The truth is that Mo Zhen still feels guilty about Mo Xin. It is too important for Mo’s family. He must estimate the safety and punishment of the whole Mo family, but he must never be executed. Although he knows that he is sorry, he believes that they are not a family member. Chapter 686 Awakening Pool.
Mo Lengfeng and another man who is taller than Mo Lengfeng are both silent.
This man is a little more elegant than Mo Lengfeng, like a graceful gentleman, especially when a hair falls gently, which adds a sense of family. This man’s eyes are softer than Mo Lengfeng’s, but many faces are somewhat similar. Obviously, he is Mo Lengfeng’s eldest brother Mo Chang.
"The patriarch’s adult Mo Shanru?" Mo cold wind suddenly asked
"Brother is impolite" Mo Chang sounds like a spring breeze, but it is extremely gentle even when reprimanded. Mo Lengfeng seems to have great respect for his eldest brother and immediately shut up, but his eyes are still unwilling.
"Patriarch pardon my brother’s personality changed after decades of hardships. He didn’t mean to contradict the patriarch." Mo Chang hurriedly explained.
Mo candlestick sighed and shook his head to show no surprise. "Although his son Mo Shan is arrogant, he is not the godfather of his father. I have punished Mo Shan. I want to give you Mo Lengfeng a most suitable way."
Is it the most suitable way to raise your head when you hear Mo Zhen’s words? What is it? Mo Chang is also slightly surprised. It seems that the heads of the fathers value their younger brothers. You know, Moshan is the peak saint family, and it is also quite important, but Mo Chang also knows that his brother has been an intermediate ten-star saint for decades, far exceeding himself.
I still remember that when I defeated Mo Lengfeng easily, I kept teaching him to be like a sword. Now Mo Lengfeng is very different.
Zhang Tao can see that Mo Chang is a junior three-star saint. Although he is not strong, he is also a rare genius from other countries. If he has not been kept in prison, I am afraid that he has achieved more than that.
Bed Mo Xin is also quietly listening to "Do you know the Awakening Pool"? When Zhang Tao and Xiaowei hear Mo candlestick, they are all puzzled, while Mo Leng Mo Chang and Mo Xin are short of breath.
The foreigners around Mo Xian and Mo Xiao are all burning eyes. Their success is encouraging, but I didn’t expect Mo Lengfeng to get such treatment. If so, I’m afraid foreigners can really change, especially Mo Xiaoshen. How long has the younger generation been waiting for this day? Even if not, he is very excited in the face of such a great opportunity.
Seeing their expressions, Mo asked for a satisfied smile. "The four major families all have the awakening pool. This is a secret belonging to the family department. Xiaowei, you have not known it for many years, haven’t you?"
Xiaowei nodded his head consciously. No one found Xiaowei’s attitude towards Zhang Tao. "We are famous for the decline of Mojia Qiu, and our awakening pool is Qiuli, but anyone who practices Mojia Kung Fu will have a great strength when they enter the awakening pool. You are not qualified, but now I can give you this opportunity."
"Mo cold wind Mo Xiao Mo Chang! All three of you are rare geniuses from other countries. It depends on your own opportunities and potential to get to where you are today by your own efforts. "
"Thank you, chief of the fathers", three people were so excited that I didn’t expect to have such an opportunity.
You know, the Mo family can not only get the support of Dan medicine and equipment, but also the awakening pool and the teaching of the elders. It is absolutely the best place to practice. The speed of the people practicing is several times faster than that of the foreigners. Unless there is a great talent gap, the foreigners are no different.
Only a few talents from other countries will be allowed to enter the clan for investigation. After three years, they will be eligible to enter the awakening pool to increase their strength. Although theoretically, the awakening pool has the same potential for a younger brother, the number of places and opportunities are limited.
Awakening pool’s strength and potential, although it is not helpful, has great benefits, just like saving you years of practice.
"You don’t have to thank me. This is an opportunity that you have won yourself, and it’s also a recognition of your potential. Mo Leng Feng Mo Shan, I’m not going to punish him. His father is Mo Heng, and his family is superior and talented, so he has such a personality, but he is definitely a sharp weapon after my family. It is only when he has not encountered setbacks that he can hardly achieve great things. I hope you can help me to defeat his spirit," Mo asked.
Mo Leng Feng understands that this is also a disguised punishment for Mo Shan. What would happen if he was so arrogant and looked down on his own people? Moreover, it is an opportunity for the patriarch to enter the awakening pool for himself. If he can’t grasp it?
Mo Lengfeng, the head of a foreign clan, is not ignorant of the fact that people need to prove everything. Mo Heng Mo Lengfeng may not have the strength now, but when he has the strength, he will definitely kill him.
"Can you promise me?" Don’t ask him
Mo Lengfeng nodded firmly. Since Mo candlestick will let himself defeat Mo Shan, it means that he has confidence in himself and thinks of everything he has experienced outside. Mo Lengfeng’s eyes are firm and he will not lose this opportunity.
Mo candlestick smiled. "You are all loyal people of my family, and I won’t hide it from you. Come with me." Seeing Mo candlestick, the world surrounded everyone and suddenly the whole room disappeared.
In lying on the bed, Mo Xin shed tears. "At last, my foreigner can have a bright future." What an insult it is to think that Mo Heng refused to attend the ancestor worship ceremony that year? Up to now, this insult has gone with the wind, and foreigners can stand tall and say that we foreigners are also brothers of Mo family.

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