When I woke up, Yan Gui fell asleep by the pillow, sitting and sleeping …

Su Mian had a heart attack. Her temple is seldom so relaxed, right?
"It’s getting late when the temple got up." Su Mian pinched Yan Guibi naughty way.
When Su Mian woke up, Yan Gui woke up, too lazy to open her eyes and let her fool around.
This will be a turn over and Su Mian will be crushed. "Naughty" Say, kiss her purples for a long time before loosening.
Su Mian stared at him, his lips became more and more red, and his face became red everywhere. What a nuisance! Yan Gui of Judah was able to withstand it and was almost hooked up with her ten thousand amorous feelings again.
When they get dressed, they will see Xian Fei and Mu Wanting Wan Jingyuan sitting for tea and snacks.
"We don’t see you up either. We are going to pad our stomachs, but we can’t eat much at any banquet." Xian Fei laughs at Chapter 17, Empress Li.
"It’s the empress who has excellent snacks here, and I should eat some." Yan Gui found himself a seat.
Su Mian saluted leisurely before and after, and sat down by herself. A handmaiden poured her tea early, and her face was very calm, just like going to wait on the temple for a nap in the afternoon.
It’s called Mu Wanting and Wan Jingyuan.
"This is going to snow? It’s said that in June, children’s faces change when they say so. How can it be so fickle in the middle of winter and December? Get up early or sunny? "MuWanting looked out and laughed.
"Aren’t you all wearing cloaks? It’s not dark yet. Wait until the party is over. How much snow will it be?" Xianfei looked out. It was getting darker and darker, and the stars and snowflakes had drifted in.
"Empress doesn’t have to worry about going back to the palace." Mu Wanting laughed.
"That’s good. Let’s go early, too. It’s going to be much more troublesome to walk when the snow is heavy." Xianfei laughed.
When they answered, they got up and went to the Metallography Hall.
Naturally, some people were earlier than them, and the emperors were very early because they had Yan Gui and Yan Qi dawdled here all afternoon and refused to come to Yanling City early. They don’t blame this meeting for meeting Xianfei and his party. They walked over and said, "Xianfei is coming, and it’s going to snow. You don’t wear much."
Xianfei laughingly invited an Dao. "Male and female servants are never afraid of cold. Besides, it’s warm here. After a banquet, it will get warmer after drinking a few cups of good wine."
"Ha, ha, ha, good, good. Today, I want yuquan wine to move those 30 years of plum blossom fragrance out of the altar since Xianfei wants to drink it. It’s better than asking Xianfei to enjoy it!" Yanling city is pleasant and tight.
Cao six busy replied with a smile and directed Cao Fugui to do it himself. It’s a rare pleasure …
Xianfei will not answer the words and find her seat with a smile.
Sue cotton coldly looking at the in the mind is also shook his head.
It’s interesting to say that this position is exclusive. There is no one in this palace who especially likes female literati. Most of them have their own affairs to be stable.
If you want to say that he has a lot of concubines and wants to have a happy son, his daughter lives less, but he has a lot of pregnancies and a lot of them are not born.
Simply put, Yanling City has a problem: I am sick.
First came Shu Fei and Wen Guifei and Wu Zhaoyi and De Fei.
Their grandsons arrived with their daughters-in-law smiling.
Then the queen and the queen mother, the queen mother, or the old lady is really unpleasant. Su Mian pondered while saluting.
Although it’s a big party, it’s much simpler than offering sacrifices to ancestors early, and not all of them wear gifts. At the very least, the queen changed into a pearl-red homely dress. Although it’s also embroidered with phoenix by gold thread, it’s not a little more comfortable to look at it.
The popularity has expired, and many people in the imperial clan have participated. Some people came out late and were bullied by the already big snow.
In the golden phase hall, the warm wind bursts with different smells, and the clothes are fragrant and the temples are glittering with jewels.
Even when the Queen Mother, who always loves to keep a straight face, has loosened up.
Su Mian couldn’t help laughing. What is there to be happy about? Is it because the war in the south has subsided? Or is the grain harvest in the north good this year?
Looking at Su Mian, Kang Youdi still thinks that he is still a gentleman except for his sexual cowardice accident.
Now …
A person knows that a tumor in his body can be cured if it is removed, but he would rather maintain the skin outside the tumor so that he can’t see the tumor. Anyway, it doesn’t hurt for a while.

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