I chose room 33 on the third floor when I chose a room.

The choice of this room is the layout of this room, which I appreciate.
Purple beds, blue curtains and white ceilings make people feel like they are in the sky.
And purple is my favorite color, room purple, main purple, mysterious blue, refreshing white, pure and simple.
Walking to the balcony, you can also see the sea breeze beating against the window and whirring all over your ears, which makes people lose their irritability. Why can you see the sea? There is a sea holy place in front of the hotel, and the school has arranged sea activities, but I don’t know when.
The door disturbed me when I was enjoying all this.
"Come in"
The man who saw the bearer was dazzling.
"It’s you." I leaned against the window when I saw someone coming.
"Wow, Bing, you are so carefree." He came to me and touched my hair and said.
I gave him a black eye.
"Okay, no kidding. How about this room?"
"Not bad"
"Oh, by the way, just call me next to you in my room."
Then he looked at the window and his eyes were so complicated.
"It’s the sea." His eyes became very sad, but he was very naive and became very hole.
Hyun-hyun thinks it’s the sea again. I don’t know where Xiao Bing is now. I’ve been looking for him all these years, but at that time, we were so young and all grown up. It’s so hard to find him. I don’t know if she is looking for me now. Xiao Bing, I’m sorry, I may not be able to fulfill my promise at that time, because now I have ice. I hope you can find you happiness, too. I should put this memory behind me, because I want to give Bing happiness.
I don’t know what happened to Hyun, but suddenly he looked at me and put his hands in his pockets, fumbling for something.
"What’s wrong with the sea? What’s wrong with the sea?" I asked him in a fog.
"No, I remembered something." He shook his head.
"Is it Yu Hai? I have the same thing. Can you tell me anything? "
"Really, but that was when I was a child. It’s worthless. Now I want to be with you." He touched my head and told me affectionately.
"Okay, don’t change the subject. I won’t force you if you don’t tell me."
"Yes, I’m here to tell you that we all just arrived here today and waited for dinner to solve it on the first floor ourselves, and then we can move freely. You can go to bed or walk."
"I see, then I’ll sleep first, and then I’ll go for a walk."
"Well, I have to inform others, too." Then he left my room
I stayed at the window for a while and my thoughts were taken away.
"dazzle also happened when I was a child. I don’t know his story either, but he doesn’t want to say that I don’t want to explore whether it is Xiao Leng. Our promise can’t be realized, but I still want to find you and make it clear to you.
Looking at the sea one by one, everything came back to me.
I leave the window and don’t want to stay in memory all the time.
After lying in bed for a while, I fell asleep. The bed was very comfortable and smelled of cherry blossoms. The cherry blossom story was so beautiful but so hurt.
Chapter 47 Jewel Lee recognized me? !
I don’t know when it is. I know I should have slept for a long time
This is the phone ringing "What’s the ice doing?"
"Just sleep what is it? Xin "
"There’s nothing we want to eat. I want to ask you if you want to eat."
"No, you go and eat."
"Oh, yes, everyone else is here." Then I hung up.
I got up and went to the wardrobe. I didn’t have any clothes, and I didn’t buy a nightgown or anything that made me dizzy.
I grabbed my robe and went to the bathroom to take off all my makeup. I took it with me because he took a hot bath and surrounded his robe and made myself a cup of coffee.
Although we have to eat on the first floor, after all, our school is an aristocratic school and hotels must be high-end. Otherwise, how can those big ladies stand it? We still have all the coffee and rooms.
I changed my clothes before, and I walked out of my room with sunglasses.
I met Jewel Lee in the corridor leading to the parking lot. She still pretended to be weak and weak. I can’t imagine her at that time
She also saw me, but she didn’t know it was me. She looked shocked and didn’t know what it was. If it was my face, but I wore sunglasses, if it was Ling Zibing, she would never see it.
I passed her sideways and suddenly she said, "wait a minute."

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