Seeing the blazing scene of cobalt-based talks about conditions, the offensive is more urgent, but the cobalt-based skin is thick and thick, and it is extremely difficult to get it for a while.

To tell the truth, cobalt-based companies are extremely reluctant under such conditions.
But the fact is that cobalt has no choice.
If they don’t shine, they will panic in him. Cobalt is convinced of this.
Although the top level is promoting the three-clan integration, it is nothing to have a little conflict.
No one will stand up for him if he dies here.
On second thought, Co-based agreed.
There’s nothing wrong with giving the seal to Chijing.
Anyway, this seal can’t be used by anyone but the Daxi people.
And even when the time comes, I will enter Tianmen City in the south with Chi Jing and Shui Zhi and enter the small universe of heaven.
Shui Zhi and Chi Jing are definitely going to rob other treasures in the small universe of heaven, but this does not prevent him from planning.
When the time comes, it will be decided to capture the heaven, the small universe, the blazing scenery, and the water wisdom will have to spit it out for him if he eats my money.
And when he comes back with an army, he can panic in the water, wisdom and passion, and then he can have a good nausea.
"Okay, what about that thing? Keep it for us for the time being."
"Just this seal"
Seeing the opportunity, Cobalt-based directly threw this side’s commanding seal to the rear, and the Shang Long made a sword to grab this commanding seal, but it was broken by Shuizhi and Chijing.
Chi Jing and Shui Zhi are also knowledgeable, and the horse sensed that the heaven guards and the seals were extraordinary.
"Well, if you have sincerity, then take it." Chi Jing hey hey sneer.
In an instant, the fire was overwhelming, and at the same time, it attacked Shang Long.
Shang longma, who was besieged by three people, fell into an extreme disadvantage
Especially in the palm of blazing scene, a small mirror explodes out the fire faster than others.
It took only three seconds to blast Shang Long into vomiting blood.
Cobalt-based is big.
If Shang Long is wiped out, he will be able to accomplish his great plan with great contributions.
With a handful of blood on the corners of his mouth, Shang Long also laughed. It’s time for desperation!
Chapter one thousand one hundred and fifty-two One peach leads three scholars
Tian ting Xiao Yu Zhou dong Tianmen cheng

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