It’s really …

"Continue to monitor if there are conditions to send equipment or personnel to conduct on-site inspection.
In addition, withdraw from the planet to Levich, Li Qingping and others to keep in touch, and they must return in the shortest possible time.
You know more about other precautions than I do, "Cai Shaochu said.
Hang up Weibin communication Cai Shaochu had an idea of retiring from ultra-remote emergency connection at that moment.
In the end, Cai Shaochu resisted the idea.
It is still uncertain about the status of retirement.
In this situation, Cai Shaochu thinks he can hold on!
The northern star domain of Eldar, the base defense Command Center of the asteroid Bear 1142.
At present, the Big Bear 1142 asteroid defense is under the command of the deputy commander Tadazhen.
Where is the commander?
Nature is taken away by the nearby star domain police commander, Tower Shichen, and pounced on Planet Y.
Because the commander is a strong seven-guard star and he is a five-guard commander, he didn’t take him because he couldn’t see it. He was in charge of commanding the asteroid defense of Bear 1142.
Although Ta Shichen said that this blue star Terran team will not come to the asteroid 1142 with a high probability, and the asteroid 1142 has two delivery channels, and two high-level star-rated strong people can come to support it in a short time when there is an abnormal horse warning.
Just tell him to be careful.
And in the next few days, the troops will arrive at asteroid 1142, and the number of this large force may be 100 stars.
Although Ta Shichen gave Tada Town a lot of reassurance, the deputy commander of Tada Town was sitting in the base defense command center every day for three or four days after Ta Shichen took people away, and he was afraid that something would go wrong.
Fortunately, it has been four or five days, and there has been no situation to make Tada Town feel at ease gradually.
"Report commander too found a team is approaching our star at high speed.
At present, the number of people detected is five, and the Taian troops have gone to contact. "
The adjutant’s sudden report made the deputy commander Tada Town look nervous.
"Order all combat troops to enter the combat readiness communication office and be ready to send warning messages for help at any time. Once it is determined that it is the enemy, no matter how strong or weak the horse is, it is an extremely cautious guy."
This is also the reason why Ta Shichen left him as a guard.
This guy is timid, afraid of death, very cautious and very suitable for prevention
At that time, the atmosphere of the whole command center was frozen.
After all, the asteroid Ursa major 1142 is not strong now.
A minute later, the first message came from the patrol unit in Taian.
"Preliminary observation shows that this squad is my Eldar clan, and it may be a military squad of our clan wearing our common army armor."
This first message made Tada Town breathe a sigh of relief.
As long as it’s Eldar, there’s no danger.
According to commander Ta Shichen, the garrison commander of the nearby star field, Mu Sheng, the elder of the main seat, has visited Ursa Major to command this small-scale campaign of encirclement and suppression of Blue Star Mouse. Recently, a large number of combatants will gather from all sides, and it is normal for teams to come over.
However, Tada Town is still very careful and has not lifted its alert.
The identity of this team must be confirmed.
Five minutes later, the patrol troops from Tailiao ‘an sent a second message: "It has been confirmed that the Ministry is my Eldar identity, and the planet 217 from Ursa Major is a reinforcement.
There are secret orders from the Northern Star Domain Military Region. "
"Verify the North Star Domain Military Command"
"Report to the commander that our rank is not enough and we are not qualified to verify the orders of the Northern Star Domain Military Region."
"Then order this team to wait for you in situ, and let people send his military command back to the planet base defense, and they can only enter my planet after I verify it." The warning of Ta Da Town was extreme.
His harsh demands in Ta Da Town may cause this small team of officers to be furious, but I didn’t expect the other side to agree.
Let the five members of the patrol force outside Taian ‘an go back to the planet base defense with the military secret order of this team.
The other fifteen members stayed in place to accompany (monitor) this seven-person special warfare team.
Everything is going well.
This small team is very cooperative with the team sent by the Northern Star Domain Military Region.
When the time comes, the secret order will be brought to me, and he will know the authenticity after a test. And Ta Da Town thinks that after getting the secret order, he can directly contact the nearby Star Domain garrison headquarters or directly verify the military orders to the Northern Star Domain Military Region.
Although you will be criticized, be careful and make a big mistake.
It’s Tada Town, but I don’t know if it’s Thaksin’s security patrol, including the captain, who was hypnotized by Xu’s retreat three seconds after meeting.
The three strongest stars are just three satellites. When they meet, they will retreat from the new star of soul resonance, the new star of mind shielding and the new star of hypnosis at the same time, and directly hypnotize the three satellites.
Including two other stars, are also hypnotized in one second.
In the remaining 17 quasi-planets, I was directly allowed to retreat to the group for hypnosis.
There is no way to make a retreat. At this time, a group of people are wearing Eldar armor, and at the front are two real Eldar.
Very close at the same time, Yanzi and Langbiao took off their masks to reveal the truth.

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