"Speaking of which, have you been outside all this time?"

Zhou Jia nodded
"I haven’t seen the younger generation for a long time, and I haven’t thought about going out for fun. It’s a coincidence that I have a feeling."
He has really been away for a long time.
Stroll around the door.
By the way, see if you can meet Yuanxing.
What a pity!
Source star seems to depend on luck. Sometimes you don’t want to, but you can meet you and take the initiative to find it, but you have no idea.
of course
During the trip, he also noted the news from all sides.
Appear as a new black iron master when it feels right.
Change direction
The new black iron will certainly attract everyone’s attention.
But at this time,
All eyes are attracted by Shicheng, and people care about a new black iron
"After the advanced black rail, you will have a rest period of three years, and Zongmen will not send you to do things."
"I may give you some in three years."
"If it’s an island or a stone city, it’s a hindrance, but sometimes it will help the military to fight bandits, even it will be dangerous."
"Leave it to fate!" Zhou Jia doesn’t worry about something that hasn’t happened yet but take the opportunity to ask questions about spiritual practice.
"How long does it take for the elder Shen Huang to break one?"
"People are different from each other at the same time".
"If it is short, it will be three to five years, and if it is slow, it will be 20 years."
"Of course, if you can use foreign objects or kill the black iron fierce beast with your life, the speed will be faster."
Three or five years?
A decade or two?
Zhou Jia frowns
The magic formula, Taoist Famenji and Buddhist martial arts are combined with the secret method of Mu world, which is divided into eleven sad ones.
Thirteen-pulse seven-wheel naming
Divide foot, root, navel, abdomen, heart, throat, forehead, top, genkai and Dan.
The first is the easiest and the tenth is the most difficult. Although the difficulty has not increased much, it is really exaggerated that the first takes so long.
No wonder people have been repairing the tenth place since the day of their creation.
The two chatted casually, like a pair of old friends.
Different from the past
Zhou Jia’s achievements in black iron and iron are gone, and the attitude of being high above others is gone, and the two of them have less scruples when they meet on an equal footing.
Three people are chatting and entering the Tibetan Garden, and one person is far away.
There are very few outsiders here, and Zhou Jia can’t help looking back.
"Brother Le!"

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