It is said that if Qingwei Zhenjun was not busy at the other end, the field would not be much better.

Beihai longgong
The dragon mother is in her bedroom, and when she hears the news from Shenzhou, she can’t help but smile with relief.
"Sister Qingwei of the Virgin has made great achievements!"
Say and see graceful turned into the room to see the layout as if the statue of the Virgin of Yaochi in the palace of God was hazy and majestic.
The Dragon Mother of Beihai knelt down and prayed devoutly, saying something in her mouth, and there seemed to be a bluebird singing in her ear.
"The empress knows."
Penglai xiandao
Goddess eyebrow Hao eyes with a bit of joy and anger "didn’t call me! I can play very well, too! "
Xuanzhenjun looked at quite a few childish islanders and couldn’t help laughing. "We should prepare a gift to congratulate Qingwei, a friend and a friend."
"Uh-huh XuanZhen you’re right ~"
A peaceful, quiet and secret pure land with Buddha’s light.
Master Jin Chan’s eyelids jump slightly, and the mood of the teenager in Gujingbodo is difficult to calm down.
"This horror must be broken …"
Sigh a long time, Zen will spread all over the peaceful and pure land.
"… enemy again!"
"It’ s not shallow to die with pests and poor monks!"
Abandoning the sacred heart and adding all kinds of magic to the holy throne may not be able to overwhelm the situation even if it is done by itself. There is also a fairy who is said to be more powerful.
"The epigenetic awesome, epigenetic is! The poor monk has always known the number of days, and he knows how to advance and retreat. Although he was also a poor monk, he should come to congratulate him at that time! "
"Hope is a generous friend …"
Yingzhou Changliu Xianshan
The dream emperor stayed in the mountain for a long time, and the owner could not help but suffer a moment of silence.
The abbot, Cheung Chau, Sang Chau, Ju Ku Chau and other local forces reacted quite well.
It’s shocking to be able to force back and abandon the sacred heart when you’re an immortal, or to be in the state of a magical throne.
The key is that there is another top player who is even worse!
It seems that some credit for cleaning up the dust on purpose has been "ignored", of course, this is also inspired by people
Chapter seven hundred and twenty-seven The furore will be fixed.
"Brother is really good at creating momentum for me ~"
Guizhen temple
Qing Wei shook his head and smiled at Qing Chen, who took a cool seat. It was quite funny and nai.
Clear dust at this time a breath is very ordinary, you can see that it is a not weak dharma body, and there is no fairy breath at all.
"The little help from Brother Shenzhou is nothing now that Brother Bird has made a stand against us."
"Steady development is what my brother wants now."
Qing Wei couldn’t help laughing. "It is said that the moderate wind prevails among contemporary seniors, but I didn’t expect that my senior brother is also a person in this way."
"I’m too radical to talk about past lives, otherwise I can or can’t stay in the world for ten thousand years."
"I figured that the Daoist should be reincarnated as a’ Heaven Xuandaojun’ and found that it was no problem."
There is nothing wrong with returning to the truth and sending Daojun close!
Clear dust when it comes to this tone was somewhat depressed.
"It was only at that time that I didn’t know what to do, but I took the initiative to prove it. It is also possible to take advantage of Jack nife’s reincarnation to realize the time and enhance the inside story."
"But I realized that I might have been in a hurry when I saw Jiuchen Xianzun in Shenxiao Palace …"
"If we wait until the breakthrough of Jiuchen Xianzun at the end of the Middle Ages, we can prove that it was beyond many people’s expectation that Tianxuan Daojun might not be able to protect me together."
There’s nothing wrong with Daojun’s mind to bless the younger generation who say that they are at the doorway!
Unfortunately, there is no if!
Qing Wei can realize that Qing Chen is in a good mood, and this one is quite emotional. He soon recovered his peace of mind and looked at Qing Wei indifferently and laughed.
"There is nothing wrong with it now, although it is a pity to waste tens of thousands of years."
"My brother thinks that everything can be done slowly and quietly, and there is nothing wrong with showing off slowly. It is enough to have a teacher younger brother. Haha"

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