There is no suitable position on the road, and the armored vehicle simply drives to the sidewalk and crosses the green belt. After that, the wheels suddenly sink to the ground, and half of the car body is deeply immersed in the middle inclination angle of almost 45 degrees.

The engine of the armored car No.122 screamed a wheel at the same time, and it just pulled out the wheel from the pit and rushed out more than ten meters away to hit a dead cockroach and had to stop.
Seeing this scene, everyone laughed and joked about 122 driving skills.
In the dark, no one found that a white gas column like water vapor spewed from the 122 pit was full of fists, and the gas column was sprayed obliquely out of the ground just pointing to the refueling direction.
"What’s that!" Finally, someone found that the edge of the gas column was already on the edge of the dispersed gas mass, and the burning flame encountered a fire during refueling, which instantly ignited and leaked natural gas. A huge flame exploded, which shocked everyone’s ears with roaring meat and visible shock waves. Even the fire in refueling was almost extinguished.
Yip hon was shocked by the explosion, and his eyes nearly fainted. It took a long time to return to normal, but his brain was still dizzy, and his ears were buzzing like two cotton balls, and the leaves were less than half a sound.
The others in the car were not much better. Everyone looked puzzled. I don’t know where I hit my nose, and my nose was bloody.
The girl in the back was not much better. She slept all the time. The boy beside her was awakened by the explosion and cried with fear.
Look at the explosion column outside the car, which has turned into a thick fire dragon. The fire dragon spouts and rotates with the wind, swaying in the flame, burning the cable and falling from it immediately. As soon as the fire dragon turned around, it rushed to the surface of the wall of a nearby residential building. The benzene board was immediately ignited by high temperature and quickly spread around.
At the bottom of the fire dragon, it was originally full of dead giant cockroach eyes, but those huge insect corpses were like being kicked by a kick and pulled out of a dozen meters away by the explosion shock wave to form a piece with a diameter of more than 20 meters.
No.122 armored vehicle also suffered a wave, but it was overturned by the shock wave, although it didn’t fly out like a worm’s corpse.
Several bomb shelters and fire truck armored vehicles were smashed by flying insect corpses, and the huge insect corpses could not move.
Look at the fire truck behind the armored car on the other side, but there is no damage, but all the firefighters fall motionless and are sprayed with fire extinguishing agent from the water gun.
Yip hon mind a quiver gives birth to extremely bad feeling.
As a professional soldier, Ye Han is very familiar with all kinds of weapons and explosives. The explosive power just now is no less than that of a 23mm heavy Grenade. The killing radius of 23mm Grenade fragments is meters, the absolute killing radius is close to 30m, and the firemen’s explosion point is less than 20m!
That is to say, even if the fireman is not exploded, the direct wave will be shattered by the shock wave generated by the explosion, and his insides will bleed to death.
Yip hon a pull neckline mouth panting as if to spit out all the fear.
No.12 armored vehicle is closer to the explosion point than firefighters. If there is no armor protection, everyone will die in the explosion. Even if Yip Han has participated in actual combat, he can’t help but be cold-hearted.
Others witnessed the scene outside the car is no better than Yip Han.
I don’t know how long it has been dull, but the sound in Yip Han’s ears has finally subsided, and some sounds can be heard gradually.
As soon as he recovered his hearing, he heard Lai Jianguo in Taichung screaming anxiously, "Did anyone hear me? Ma answered me …"
"I you say" yip hon heavily spit out a breath, rapid beating dirty but how also can’t calm down.
He was ridiculously loud, but he didn’t realize that others in the car didn’t think anything was wrong.
"Who are you?" Long Jianguo asked questions
"I am Ye Han"
"Great, great!" Long Jianguo was so excited that he couldn’t help himself. "What happened? What happened to you? Why didn’t you say anything?"
"Maybe it’s a natural gas leak-my ear isn’t working well yet," said Yip Han.
"Are you all right? Are there any casualties? " Long Jianguo asked again
"I don’t know if everyone in my car should be all right. His car is not clear. The firemen’s army has been destroyed. There must be many casualties in these buildings." Yip hon told the situation nearby as accurately as possible
Just about to end the call, Yip Han suddenly heard a low buzz and quickly added, "There is still support. I need support!" "
"White my Ma Lian headquarters!" The situation is far more serious than Long Jianguo expected. He quickly shouted in Taichung, "One horse supports the fastest refueling speed!"

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