But that’s because others have ruled out the danger. Goethe trotted to the front of the golden palace. He raised his hand and touched the corner of the golden pillar that needed three people to hug. Again!

Gnome male-"I, I … huh? Cheat! Damn it! "
Goethe suddenly swore.
Because he found that’ touch’ was wrong.
Goethe can always find out something that others can’t find. When Goethe put his hand on the three gold pillars, he immediately found something wrong.
The surface of the gold pillar is indeed gold.
But inside …
But it’s a stone!
Goethe touched his gold pillars, walls, roofs, eaves and so on. Everything he could touch in his field of vision turned out to be "covered with gold"!
Don’t believe in evil? Goethe raised his hand and grabbed the 【 Blood Abuse Blade 】. A small gold pillar cut a corner.
Bang, bang!
Moment 【 blood abuse blade 】 fell to the ground.
【 Blood abuse blade 】 full of grievances!
Drop me again!
It’s not my fault!
The sword sounded in Goethe’s ear, but Goethe ignored these moments-
Goethe Wayne, a high-ranking ruler, has fallen into the bottom of his life, including a talented person, a worker who is seriously responsible for cleaning, a person who is about to retire but has been crossed, a person who is good at bottle gourd ladle, a person who hides his name, the only lucky person in the Wayne family, the fourth heir in the Northern Territory, the real owner of the Bay, a potential maid chasing after the target, a dual-status policewoman, a crazy female doctor maker, a cold female knife friend and a female puppet friend.
What is more cruel than not getting it?
Of course, I think I got it, but it’s illusory
"Ha, ha ha"
"Sunshine foam is color, just like being cheated, I am happy …"
"False! False! "
"It’s all fake!"
"Damn it, Nice, you wait!"
"Is it over when you die?"
Goethe, who crouched in front of Bao Jinda’s temple, gave a gloomy smile. The blade of blood abuse almost jumped up when it shook.
Then it shrank up.
It tried to keep Goethe from noticing itself.
But no
Moment Goethe picked up the blood abuse blade 】 【 refers to a play.
What hit me again?
What’s wrong with me?
【 Blood abuse blade 】 Full of grievances
"Where is the scabbard? Why don’t you wear a scabbard? "
Goethe said while playing again.
【 Blood abuse blade 】 more wronged.
You threw the scabbard!
I didn’t throw it!

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