Especially when the founder and the other two sides scuffled, he relied on his external skills to cultivate the double peerless achievement method, and his bonus strength was extraordinary.

Has been the first in the crowd should be hard to a palm.
The first move in close combat is injury exchange, and then it’s almost the same move, and it hits the other side’s chest at the same time.
Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang
Two people back two steps at the same time.
Even if Founder now has two peerless achievement methods, one outside and the other with Buddhist Juexue can be perfectly matched.
Unfortunately, it’s not too long in practice, and the skill is still not too deep.
At the first blow, he instantly fell into the wind.
But what shocked Founder even more was …
"Shaolin Gong?"
Founder opposite two people at the same time frightened can’t help but cry out.
Founder intuitively felt that the other sound seemed familiar.
While the other side of the fundus pitfalls are more prosperous … Heart way Shaolin achievement method has been lost?
Yi Jin Jing has been learned by Shaolin outsiders?
Another shot is the winner.
The magic power of the cassock lurks like a storm towards Fangzheng.
However, more than ten strokes of Kung Fu founder have already been bombarded by the other side one after another …
That is to say, the dragon elephant that he is repairing now has great power and poor external work, which makes the other party feel afraid that it has failed to work, but even so, it is a burst of qi and blood tumbling, which is hard to resist.
Shadow appeared behind him.
Xu Xi low drink a way "abbot, you are no match for me"
Say it.
The newly-built broken sky is as strong as a dragon and twists and turns straight towards the other side’s key.
The other party’s palm is like a raging thunder, and the two sides’ gas strength handover is in a huge noise …
I deeply feel that the other party’s true qi is like Wang Yang’s surging waves, which is better than his obvious superiority.
But in the broken days, I can clearly perceive that my finger strength is as indestructible as the place where the drill screw passes, and I will tear the other party’s true qi out of a big gap.
Opposite can’t help but stuffy hum a dark red blood through the veil has been dripping down the lip corner and …
And Xu Xi was ecstatic.
Straight at this time, he finally realized that the mythical martial arts is really magical.
If the skill of the other side is unfathomable, there are five levels, and there is still an irreparable gap with him.
However, with the help of broken days and broken hands, the lethality of the same true qi has doubled … It takes three minutes to fully exert its own lethality of 70% less.
When he is more surprised, his skill is evenly matched on both sides. Is there a better target than this kind of enemy?
When he has made up his mind, even if he fails, he has to tell the winner with the person in front of him
And other players have also found the right enemy …
It seems that even she doesn’t realize that although the level is not much different from others, she is far superior to the players at the same level in terms of vision, strength or her own DPS.
One enemy, two sides, two levels, and the players are even, but they don’t fall in the wind at all.
Although Liu Lei’s firm but gentle sword is a beginner, his skill promotion is gradual, but Wushu can make people realize explosive growth in strength.
Let Meng Yuanzhi see the dazzling game of fencing, and it is also a bit of a slap in the face to calculate the enemy’s reaction.
The two men are quite competitive, and both of them are single-handedly pressing the enemy out of breath …
Liu Lei shouted angrily from time to time, "Lao Wu, stay away from me and don’t give me DEBUFF."
Combined with yuan-zhi meng is also a face of abandon.
He is really Wu Zijie’s skill in setting snow. It is really too bad to freeze thick ice on the ground. For him, it is natural, but for others, once the enemy and friends are unstable, their strength will naturally be greatly discounted.
While limiting the enemy, Wu Zijie was deeply disliked by his teammates, especially this guy’s cloud palm is extremely lethal in the gain of ice gas, and the range is also diffused around, just like a large AOE lethal weapon.
Unexpectedly, I was able to curb the footsteps of many enemies by myself.
Although those Wulin people occupied the absolute wind by dint of numbers, and even killed several reincarnators … but it did not hurt their morale at all.
Instead, one by one shouted, have a good time, and then wrapped it tighter
The strength of these Wulin people is not weak, but there is no absolute gap with them. Compared with the previous situation that Dong Fangbubai is a king of the Golden Wheel, they can’t even resist the courage.
This is slightly better than them, but it gives them play to the enemy, which is what they like best
As a result, many Wulin people are so sad that they can watch Xiao Yuanshan’s back disappear.
And they didn’t even have a chance to chase before.
Especially at the end of the war.
As the leader of the group of men in black was finally seriously injured by Xu Xi, he was attacked by Liu Yuanlang behind him and died at the fingertips.
When the blow succeeds,
Lu Yuanlang couldn’t help being dumbfounded, and even those Wulin people were in a state of chaos. Players took advantage of the situation and suddenly became popular.

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