"There are two thousand horse thieves ten miles away?" Du Hong gasped "Castle Peak …"

"It’s hard to say whether it’s true or not." Tengqingshan looked at the speed of trucks and carriages and inwardly sighed.
The truck is running hard, but the speed is still slow. If there were black armor soldiers here, a gust of wind would have roared away, but a truck would be in trouble.
"Ha ha you still don’t believe it? It’ s really good to see the coffin without tears. I’ ll slowly chase you now and let you see for yourself whether it’ s true or not! " The sound boomed in the heavens and the earth, and there was no doubt that the man was definitely a vigorous master.
Tengqingshan looking back-
It’s true that the horse thieves are running slowly in the van. Poor speed. The horse thieves can chase quickly if they want to chase.
"It seems that there is really an ambush" Tengqingshan frowned.
"This trouble" Du Hong also worried.
"Hum, kill your dead brothers as little as possible." The big boss rode a horse and chased him slowly. He led three thousand brothers here. There were one thousand horse thieves who had horses, but now two horse thieves shared a horse because of the slow pursuit.
This makes two thousand horse thieves run behind one thousand horse thieves.
"When the two sides are closed, they can’t fly!" The master laughs more and more proudly.
The team ran for their lives, but after a while, everyone’s face changed
Rumble ~ ~ ~
The violent ground vibration came from the front.
"There is really an ambush and there are still many people!" Zhu Chongshi is looking at the distance, and the dense shadows in the distance are rapidly approaching this direction, and the ground vibration in that direction can be detected from this distance, so you can imagine that the number of horse thieves is amazing.
Zhu Chongshi looked ahead and looked back.
The big boss behind is leading the army to follow leisurely.
"This horse thief in Xuyang County dared to really move the goods protected by the Black Armored Army." Zhu Chongshi secretly hated him. This batch of goods is very important to him. He thought for a long time and asked Ma Zhuchongshi, a black armor soldier … The root of the weak horse thief gang was slaughtered by the Black Armored Army.
And the powerful horse thief gang should know the black armor army!
Once Bai moves the Black Armored Army to protect the goods, he will face revenge from the Black Armored Army! Zhu Chongshi believes that powerful horse thief gangs should have scruples and will not start work.
But …
Zhu Chongshi forgot!
What horse thieves do is to take risks one by one. Maybe some powerful horse thieves have scruples about the Black Armored Army not starting work, but … Xuyang County is the most chaotic of the thirteen counties in Yangzhou, and the power of one horse thief is the most rampant.
It’s normal for a crazy horse thief gang to appear
"How do you know who killed them when they are all killed by Yuan Zong?" Everyone sneered at this scene and the team stopped in the distance.
Because there are horse thieves at both ends of the road
On the side of the official road, it’s farmland, muddy fields, and people will sink in when they step in, whether it’s war horses or trucks, once they get in, it will be difficult to move forward, and there will be tens of millions of horse thieves coming in, and there will be nowhere to escape.
"Ha ha … I am very polite! I want you to leave all the goods and gold and silver! I’ll let you live. "The big voice echoed.
"You can’t give you the goods, this hero," Zhu Chongshilang laughed. "So I’ll give you 102 thousand silver! Heroes, you let us leave with the goods … so that everyone will not hurt the gas. After all, once the dead are killed, it is not worth it. Now heroes, if you don’t die, you will get 100,000 taels of silver. Isn’t it better? "
Horse thief’s side
"Big Brother, that man is right. If we need more silver, it won’t kill us." Someone next to him glanced at the big boss and shouted at him. "Third, your mind is full of shit!"
The master immediately said, "I said the goods and all the gold and silver, and I will let you live!" "
Just then-
"This should be a gang leader," said Teng Qingshan, riding a red-blooded horse. "Don’t be such a demagogue! Let’s keep the goods, gold and silver? I’m afraid we just promised that you will come and kill us when you collect the goods. "
That’s exactly what the boss thinks when his face changes.
Because …
If you dare to rob the Black Armored Army of goods, gold and silver, it is impossible to let the Black Armored Army live. Otherwise, the Black Armored Army will take revenge.
"You listen to me!"

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