It’s hard to imagine that if this attack falls, Yan Qi, who is good at mental attack, might just let him be beheaded.

Gao Jian was worried that he had to stop Wenke from moving, and all his thoughts and actions were expected by Wenke, who felt the violent breath roaring behind him, and Wenke’s mouth was slightly raised
Millimeter omen Wen Ke quickly turned around, his body was flexible and his strength was faster than when there was no wave, and his speed rushed to the fierce Gao Jian.
At this time, Gao Jian really became very fierce. His expression was fierce and ferocious, aggressive, and his broad palm was full of strength. This is the tiger’s characteristics, quickness, sensitivity and strength
Wenke will see these changes in his eyes, and his face will remain unchanged. He directly rushed to the high fitness front to raise his sword and split it across his chest.
Gao Jian fell into the trap when he saw Wen Ke return. He voluntarily gave up his strong defense and fell into a situation where he had to fight. The retreat was completely sealed, so he had to cross the rubicon and grit his teeth.
Qiang Qiang!
The nails of both hands suddenly skyrocketed and became sharp and hard. Tiger Claw Gao Jian clamped Rapier’s sword with both hands.
Wen Kegen doesn’t intend to fight with Gao Jian head-on. The simplest and most complicated point is that fighting with tigers is both interesting and interesting. If she wants to kill tigers.
Wen Ke light and easy Rapier body up at the same time will lift his right leg high legs almost formed a word Ma Cai severely fell slender straight * * At this time, it became a lethal weapon with a strong wind aimed at Gao Jian’s head and smashed it.
Gao Jian holds Rapier’s blade with one hand and his left hand hurriedly blocks it. However, the strength contained in this blow is not small. When the two sides contact each other instantly, Gao Jian falls to the other side involuntarily.
Wen Ke didn’t let him go. He followed Gao Jian closely, and his legs kept swinging. He was quick, hateful and extremely agile, making it difficult to guess where she really wanted to attack.
This is Wenke’s advantage. Everyone knows that she has super strength by virtue of Rapier, ignoring her physical advantages.
Gao Jian is the most obvious representative of his real fear. Rapier called Wen Ke a vase because she thought it was a lucky and beautiful woman.
And the facts prove that you can eat food indiscriminately and don’t talk nonsense.
Wen Ke’s heart is extremely proud. She is very strict with herself and always insists on everything. She pays far more than people see, and a vase is equivalent to completely denying all her efforts.
Since you think I don’t like the vase, I’ll take action to make you change your mind.
Suo Wenke just took the initiative to loosen Rapier. He is good at fighting skills and attacks Gao Jian’s slender legs. Every kick in the black trousers can see that the beautiful leg arc must be a very beautiful scenery if it is not too strong.
Although Gao Jian has worked hard to fight back, it is still a little laborious and negligent to attack Wenke like a storm, which makes Wenke kick his left face and fly out directly, feeling his head shaking.
Wenke stretched out his right hand in situ, and Rapier felt the master calling the blade to shake and break free and fly back happily.
Hold Rapier Wenke’s breath slightly short. Don’t look at her strength and speed just now, but her body has consumed too much after all, and some injuries have not recovered. At this moment, there has been a thick sweat on her forehead, and her physical strength is worse.
Just now, the attack has expressed the sulking in my heart, and now I can’t fool around any more. I must save all my strength and solve him as soon as possible
Soon Gao Jian wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, and his eyes flew. His left face was bruised and he didn’t say anything. Gao Jian directly threw his hands at Wen Ke with cold light claws.
Wen Ke raised his sword to meet the sharp Tiger Claw blade, rubbed out a little spark, and then stabbed it at the beautiful face of the national color. I have to say that Gao Jian is really cruel and cruel
Wenke gently turned the blade to stand in front of the attack and then moved forward, but he couldn’t break through the two palms.
At this time, the battle became particularly fierce. Gao Jian couldn’t wait to want revenge and severely destroy this delicate flower in front of him, while Wen Ke was thinking about how to solve the battle in the shortest time.
Such a long-term war of attrition is very bad for Wen Ke, and the hard work can’t account for the wind and the energy is not enough, so we must do it quickly
Gao Jian suddenly struck the blade, and the great force swept Wen Ke’s arm. The trembling feeling almost made her sell her sword. Although the head finally stabilized her mind, the defensive loophole has appeared. Gao Jian has a right mind and waits for no man to wave his fists like the wind, and he keeps attacking before Wen Ke.
Wenke tried his best to dodge, but he still suffered from the loss of his left shoulder and let Gao Jian hit it hard. The moment of pain almost made Wenke faint and feel that his arm was dislocated.
But at the same time, it also gave Wen Ke a chance to fight back. Holding a sword in his right hand, he swept away the past and succeeded in breaking a wound on Gao Jian’s chest.
At the same time, the two men retreated back. Wenke was pale and frowned, biting his teeth hard to prevent himself from making a painful sound. At this time, his left arm was sour and painful, and his roots were hanging down, so he couldn’t work hard.
However, Gao Jian’s chest wound looks like serious blood, but he still has a strong body, so the wound is far from threatening him.
It seems that Wen Ke’s physical strength is a little tired. Gao Jiangen didn’t give her a break and continued to attack crazily. This time, Gao Jian changed his attack mode again, which didn’t make the tiger strong and agile. He became a poisonous snake.
Snakes have extremely fast reaction and flexible mobility. Although lack of strength is a defect, it is enough for Wenke now.
Before high fitness, a huge snake with dim light and shadow suddenly appeared, which is different from Wen Ke’s dealing with wild animals before. There is no entity, but an illusion condensed by energy
The snake with a faint light jumped on Wenke, and it was her current power that was seriously insufficient. Compared with the snake, it was about to let it chase Wenke and had to release its own few energies.
The serpent’s flame burned and twisted and struggled, and the dim light and shadow soon vanished, but before Wenke could relax and speed up, Gao Jian had rushed over and his arms were stretched out limply.
Wen Ke fought hard and waved Rapier’s surprise. The situation appeared on the verge of hitting Gao Jian’s arm in an instant. The two arms twisted and twisted in a strange way, like they were attached to the surface of Rapier without bones, and then they continued to rush toward Wen Ke.
Wenke couldn’t help but get a fright, and soon realized that the mystery of the sword light directly bombarded Gao Jian.
Although snakes are really very responsive and flexible, their defense and strength are much worse. Gao Jian has retreated a few steps and still won’t give up. He has already seen that Wenke’s strength is getting weaker and weaker.
At this time, Gao Jian is like a humanoid snake, which constantly flutters and attacks in soft bones.
This attack made Wenke feel bored and waved out. Rapier couldn’t hurt Gao Jian, and her own mobility and reaction had to be high to prevent the other party from suddenly attacking. It’s hard to support.
Bullet Wenke took the initiative to meet Gao Jian’s position and killed the past. Rapier was filled with anger
Shua shua!
Light flashed from Gao Jian’s hands, followed by dozens of tiny poisonous snakes, which have not yet been domesticated. Wild animals are stronger than ordinary poisonous snakes but have the ability to Rapier.
Blood-spattered Wenke cut off all poisonous snakes and stabbed Gao Jian in the head with their swords.
And Gao Jian leaned back so fast that there was no difference between his body and the rope. His head got out of his crotch and his hands rushed over so fast that it made people feel very uncomfortable.
Wenke grabbed Gao Jian with one hand, raised his sword with his left hand and right hand, and beheaded it. When the blade was about to fall, it was held by the other palm.
Due to the tiny scales attached to the surface, Rapier actually broke the palm of his hand directly, and Wen Ke’s strength became weaker and weaker, so he had to choose to retreat, but Gao Jian had already noticed the opportunity and descended crazily.
Both hands and legs can attack. Wen Ke struggled to resist with Rapier, and his face was calm.
The attack on his back made Wen Ke unable to help but open his mouth and spit out blood. The situation that a little blood splashed on his high fitness made him more excited. The feeling that Rapier holders would die their own feet made him more satisfied.
But at this time, Wen Ke became calm and looked at Gao Jian in a low way, "Finally finished."
Gao Jian’s expression suddenly became weird and stared at Wen Ke warily. "What did you say?"
"What do you think I just had to bear your attack? Look at your body and you will know who lost."
Gao Jian’s face sank. He didn’t believe Wen Ke’s words. When he looked down at himself, he suddenly found that he was covered with dense Mars. These glittering blood beads in the beating Mars were burning.
Chapter 499 Sacrifice
See the body dense Mars Gao Jian face suddenly ugly.
"This, when"
Before she could say the words of doubt, Gao Jian suddenly thought of Wenke moving forward and facing her constant attack. She didn’t choose to escape, but fought back violently. At that time, the color of Rapier looked strange. Was that when she left traces?
Although he didn’t feel pain, Gao Jian didn’t think Wenke was joking with himself. These flames stained with blood are definitely more dangerous than ordinary flame.
Gao Jian immediately started his own energy to disperse these flames, and the light brilliance wrapped his body. These lights crowded out the flames and kept shaking, but they did not dissipate very tenaciously.
"Don’t waste your energy. If the sacred blood sacrifice to exorcise evil spirits and clean fire could be cracked so simply, I wouldn’t have to pay such a big price."
Wen Ke lowered his eyebrows and stared at the loss of luster in his hand. Rapier slowly reached out and rubbed the smooth and beautiful blade, which was like treating his lover with earnest and affectionate touch.
"Don’t scare people. What can you do to tickle me with that little energy left? It’s not enough. I’ll take your life now." Gao Jian made Wenke move and stimulated him. I don’t know if he felt scared and shouted and rushed to Wenke.
"Even if it’s really bad, I’ll drag you down-"
This famous fear Gao Jian gradually became fanatical and crazy, and even forgot his own ability to simply condense all the energy and wanted to completely destroy Wenke in this way, but in fact he didn’t know that this was the real trap
Wenke really launched an offensive with his own Jingxue and Rapier’s essence sacrifice, and such an attack can really exert a strong power, but there is enough energy to support it before.
If Wenke still retains 50% strength, then even if the follow-up will fall into a long-term fatigue period, the exchange effect is huge, which can completely kill an ordinary star demon king
It’s a pity that Wen Ke’s remaining energy is less than ten percent. Even if the sacrifice increases the attack power, it is not enough to make Gao Jian suffer heavy losses.
In this situation, Wen Ke must find another way to improve his chances of winning. After several reflections, Wen Ke finally decided to give Gao Jian a psychological blow. From the moment he woke up, he noticed that he was clean and angry, and now Wen Ke is playing psychological warfare by mystifying himself.
And seeing Gao Jian as he is, Wen Ke has succeeded.
It’s a fluke to do this. After all, the psychological influence is too illusory and not as intimidating as a tough fist. But-this is the last thing Wen Ke can do. Through the pre-battle and a few words, she can feel that Gao Jian’s psychology is extremely arrogant and conceited, and he is ambitious.
Generally speaking, some of Gao Jian’s eyes are naturally higher than the top, which makes him easy to be careless and his psychological endurance is very fragile
When things develop out of his expectation that the route is no longer under his control, it is a threat to him. His psychology is very easy to collapse. When a soldier no longer has a clear and firm consciousness, he is not far from death.

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