Chapter 15 Who hurt you

Nangong Yichen sat motionless in his chair, and the food smelled fragrant, but he lost his appetite.
Shan Yue deserves to be mofei’s younger brother. He saw at a glance that the arrow poison is by no means better than all cloud flying, and it is by no means as simple as a rich man. The more reason he has for Ye Nishang, the more suspicious he is. Ye Nishang is very grateful to her, but she is not a little flustered in the face of strong kou. Is her calmness a weak woman? Several questions swirled in his mind.
It’s not difficult for him to kill them all, but the safety of the hedge and the seeds and buds will distract him. He doesn’t want the two beautiful girls to be hurt a little before his eyes
When he was 18 years old, he wanted to practice martial arts, pestering his father to invite him to be an out-of-the-world master. Father, please be Minstrel’s "Jade Kunlun" and Jiang Songjiang Xinfei. Master is a natural indifferent person who doesn’t care about fame and fortune, but his martial arts attainments are in the top ten in Gulan. He didn’t know that his father was so eager to move this master, but Master devoted all his efforts to him. He wondered where a child of several years old and a child pampered by the royal family came from. This perseverance should be eaten by ordinary people who can’t bear hardships and learn what they have learned all their
Yes, he knows that although he is the first emperor, his feet are much harder than ordinary people.
When he was a child, his second brother, Nangong Yifan, and the daughter of Prince Chun, Yin Xiaoxiao, had better die in the kingdom of Chun, and the princess died soon after her grief, and Yin Xiaoxiao was given the title of "Star and Moon Princess" by the emperor and fostered in the palace.
Xiaoxiao is a lively girl who comes back from her room every day, and the two brothers play with her. The palace is very big, leaving them laughing and shadow everywhere.
Later, Prince Chun’s collateral younger brother inherited the title request to welcome back to the princess Nangong Yichen. After knowing it, he cried and made a scene and refused to persuade his mother that "raining is the Yin family’s blood and there is no reason to stay in the palace". He said surprisingly, "I married her and she will not leave the palace." After laughing, my father actually acquiesced.
Xiaoxiao often asks him "Brother Yichen, when can you marry me?"
As soon as he patted his chest and said, "I will marry you when you grow as tall as your mother." Then she squinted and ran to eat. She thought that eating more would make her grow faster.
Once he just came from the swing, and a maid-in-waiting sent him a heart check. He was just about to eat it, and he came out from nowhere. "Brother Yichen, I want to eat it," she said, pointing to the snacks.
"Princess, if you like handmaiden, I’ll get it for you." The maid-in-waiting said with a smile.
"I’ll eat this if I don’t want it," she said.
"I’m not hungry if you like it." Nangong Yichen sat watching her eat.
"It’s very kind of you, Brother Yichen," she slurred as she chewed. Suddenly, she squatted over her belly. "I’m so painful, Brother Yichen." Her little face was wrinkled into a ball of sweat.
"Come on," he shouted, only to find that the maid-in-waiting just now didn’t know where to go.
"Brother Yichen, when I was hiding in the rockery, I heard someone tell the maid-in-waiting that I must watch you eat this dish of snacks, or which empress should please you? So I came and robbed you. It turned out that they were not kind enough to harm Brother Yichen. I wanted to grow up quickly and then marry you, but I couldn’t seem to grow up." Her weak voice became lower and lower.
"Xiaoxiao, you will be fine. With me here, I will let my father save you." He shouted that people who watched him play in the distance found something wrong and rushed over.
"Go to the physician" he roared.
"Brother Yichen, I will never eat indiscriminately again, so will you, or you won’t be able to grow up." She managed to squeeze out a smile and then fainted.
He can’t remember who carried her back to the bedroom until the long Hu physician shook his head and sighed, and his eyes never opened again. Then he slept for a long time in the dark at the moment.
The body of the maid-in-waiting was found in the lake, and he knew that he could not find the murderer.
Xiao Xiao never came back. His face never smiled again. He refused to play with people, including Nangong Yifan. He clearly remembered that Nangong Yifan happened to be away on the day of the accident. He didn’t believe in the explanation or the reason. He kept Xiao Xiao’s words in his heart and never ate indiscriminately again.
He made up his mind to learn martial arts, and he wanted to avenge Xiaoxiao himself. He knew that the key to that person was not Xiaoxiao, but him. The Nangong Yichen wanted him not to die, and that person would not feel at ease. So he studied hard and practiced martial arts to make himself stronger and stronger, making people in the dark more frightened.
He became the best and coldest emperor of Gulan. He was unsmiling, and he didn’t say anything to his brother and sister, but he could talk to her kindly because her smart eyes were like the man in his memory.
He doesn’t marry, he doesn’t get close to women, and he doesn’t report it because of raining. Every time in the dead of night, he thinks about the sentence "Brother Yichen, I can’t seem to grow up", and his heart can’t stop hurting. He has grown taller than his father, but he can never be as tall as his mother when he is raining.
Now that man finally can’t help jumping out, he’s not far away from Ning. If he dies in Ning, he’s not only a menace to that man, but also likely to provoke a war between Ning and Gulan. It’s killing two birds with one stone, but you also underestimate me. It’s every cloud has a silver lining when you meet Ye Nishang and Shan Yuegong.
Shanyue Palace needs another medicine. I wonder if you can make it? The palace doesn’t want those people to go to see Yan so soon. Sometimes watching death approach little by little, but there is no way to escape, it will make a person collapse.
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Rainy ten years ago, Brother Yichen couldn’t protect you and didn’t give you an explanation, but I made an oath at that time. No one can escape responsibility and no one can escape punishment. If you are clever, open your eyes and look at who hurt you in those years. Brother Yichen will personally send him to hell.
Chapter 16 Wolf in sheep’s clothing
"Ayue Nangong Yichen rejects Wang Haoyi so much. Do you know why?" Cloud flying must ask.
"Hehe, it’s necessary to wash your dirty linen in public. Those thieves are not peaceful people." Shan Yue asked with a smile. "Since when do you like to mind your own business?"
"Lady Wang loves money very much. Isn’t that Nangong Yichen marrying her?" Cloud flying loves me, loves my dog. Why does she need so much money? Will she be short of food and clothing when she marries him?
"The woman flying in the sky is dangerous. Oh, don’t blame my brother for not waking you up." The intimacy between them is amazing
"That smell is intoxicating." He looked obsessed and twitched his nose as if to capture her residual smell.
"Be careful that you will die in this woman’s body," Shan Yue said viciously.
"Peony flowers are also romantic when they die." He is stubborn.
It turned out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He has never touched a leaf among thousands of flowers. This is all ready to die. The beauty is poisonous.
"Ah Yue Wang is very curious. Isn’t there a heartbroken valley talent who can solve her poison?" Cloud flying remembered a long-standing problem. In fact, he was going to wake her up after all the dust settled.
"Yes, what’s wrong?" The mountains and the moon are also puzzling. There are not many people with courage and heartbroken valley, and there are not many things with heartbroken valley. Is it a ghost?
"Feiyang, I suspect that the person who helped her is heartbroken valley. Our medicine sects are all cracked, and the medicine she sent must be inseparable from heartbroken valley. Do you dare to eat it?" He jokingly asked
"Are you sure she’s not trying to murder her husband?" Cloud flying looked at the medicine bottle in his palm. That girl’s mind is unpredictable.
"It’s a good medicine for treating cold syndrome. Did you hurt the bottom in those days? This thing is good for you and harmful for you." He threw the medicine bottle.
"She is still very heart-king." cloud flying was narcissistic again.
"It’s really delicious. Aren’t you hungry at this time?" I’m tired all day. I can’t get enough beauty.

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